ACL is calling on the NSW Government to allow parents to know if their child’s school teaches the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program after the list of schools was mysteriously made secret in early July.

ACL NSW Director Mark Makowiecki said the list was removed without explanation or consultation with parents.

“The NSW Government has an obligation to work alongside parents, ensuring that the wellbeing of children is first and foremost,” Mr Makowiecki said.

“Safe Schools has caused widespread concern in the community, particularly among parents who are upset that their children are being taught gender is just a social construct.

“The ACL looks to the Baird Government to work with the Federal Government by implementing its directive to remove age-inappropriate sexualised material from minors as well as providing transparent information to parents.

“We all passionately agree that bullying is never acceptable for any reason.  This program however is about teaching contested gender ideologies, not about anti-bullying and that is why it should be removed.

“The ACL calls on the NSW Government to clarify the reason why the list is now hidden,” he said.

“Is it, as an Education Department spokesperson reportedly said, because of a ‘number of inaccuracies’ in the list or because schools were being ‘harassed’, as claimed by the Safe Schools Coalition of Australia.

“ACL is unaware of any school being harassed because their name is listed on the website.

“Parents wanting to find out if their school takes part in the controversial ‘safe schools’ program is not harassment; it’s being involved in their child’s education.”

In June the ACL expressed concern that the age-inappropriate sexualised program was still being taught in NSW primary schools, despite the Federal Government’s concern with the material.

Each day that passes new revelations about the full extent of the dangers of the program emerge.

A poll in Fairfax Media shows low support for “Safe Schools” with almost 90 per cent of respondents saying the program should be removed.


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