When Martin Luther King Jr stood on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC in 1963 and declared that he had a dream, there were plenty of people who said he was naïve.

The same is being said about 250 men from a regional Queensland city who answered a call from their Mayor to dream that their town could be pornography free.

With the ubiquity of porn online and it wallpapering our daily lives through inappropriate advertising and media, most people have given in to the status quo.

But not Toowoomba.

Mayor Paul Antonio acknowledged there would be negative comments.

"But we must begin a journey with one step,” he told the gathering.

“I think what we've focused on today is the real value of proper relationships. Pornography has no place in that."

Also addressing the gathering was John Minz, the chairman of Toowoomba Together, a local anti-domestic violence initiative.

"If the very explicit and humiliating and aggressive pornography is there at the click of a button, logic says it is a big problem.

"Our future is our young people, and the choices they make. How do we nurture that?

"As parents, and as a community, we try and give them the best of the world. Exposure to pornography is not good, it shapes wrong attitudes that will affect their future lives,” Minz said.

One small city has taken one giant leap in the face of one of culture’s most toxic offerings.

Civic Square Toowoomba is a long way from the Lincoln Memorial.

Nonetheless, a revolution has begun.