The same-sex marriage debate was democratically resolved in Australia one year ago today. The question now is whether the concerns raised during the campaign were legitimate or scaremongering.  

Martyn Iles, managing director of the Australian Christian Lobby, says that recent developments show the concerns raised during the marriage campaign are true.  

“The ‘it’s ok to say no’ campaign raised three major concerns during the marriage debate: religious freedom, parents’ rights and the rise of gender-bending ideology.”  

“Recent weeks have been dominated by a high-profile campaign against religious schools’ freedom to operate wholly in accord with their convictions. Legal changes to remove some of these freedoms seem likely.”  

“In relation to the proliferation of radical gender programs, we have seen the rise of so-called anti-cyberbullying organisations like Project Rockit who expose kids to a strong political and gender-bending agenda.”  

“The rights of parents have also been attacked in other ways. The ALP’s policy platform appears to suggest that parents who don’t affirm their child’s chosen gender identity or sexual orientation at any given moment could be labelled domestic abusers.”  

“Most significantly, religious freedom is under attack, threatening the way of life for millions of Australians.” 

“Concerns regarding the commercialisation of surrogacy continue to persist as well. Women and children should never be used as commodities in the name of family equality. 

“ACL has also been involved in over 50 religious freedom cases where everyday Christians have been targeted for their beliefs. There is the story of a university student who was suspended for praying with another student; a general manager dismissed for his beliefs regarding safe schools and the case of David van Gend who was hauled in front of the Medical Board all for posting two tweets about gender ideology. These are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what we have seen at the coalface.”   

"It is time for the Morrison government to step up and resolve the unfinished business of same-sex marriage, to protect religious freedoms and the rights of parents which are now threatened, and stamp out radical gender-bending ideology,” said Mr Iles.