Over 31,000 Queenslanders have signed a petition calling on the Parliament to scrap proposed abortion legislation and the Australian Christian Lobby has called on the government to keep their election pledge and not make changes to current safeguards.

ACL Queensland Director Wendy Francis said the community was clearly disturbed by the second radical attempt by Cairns Independent MP Rob Pyne to introduce the most dangerous abortion laws in Australia.

“Last year almost 24,000 signed a petition against Mr Pyne’s first abortion bill. With more than 31,000 signing this last petition awareness is growing of the impact abortion has on families and the community,” Ms Francis said.

“The petition comes on the back of the March for Life held Saturday and attended by almost 4,000 people, despite the heat. 

“Awareness of what abortion entails for the mother and her unborn child is growing. New generations are valuing life and wanting to be heard.”

A parliamentary report on Mr Pyne’s second bill is due to be presented Friday with parliament expected to vote on both bills in the first week of March. 

Ms Francis said the Labor Government was under no obligation to support this bill and would be seen to be breaking an election promise not to tamper with the abortion laws.

She said the community would also be looking to the LNP to stay firm on their pre-election commitment to leave current abortion laws unchanged.



Mr Pyne’s bills:

  • allow women to perform abortions on themselves without any support or counselling
  • remove safeguards that ensure abortion is genuinely the woman’s choice and not the result of coercion.
  • allow for sex-selective abortions and late term abortions of viable babies.
  • complicate medical advice being given to women by enforcing exclusion zones at facilities that provide abortions.