A commercial by the organisation Dying to Live promoting organ donation has borrowed one of the most important moments in Christian history to market a message many Christians would, given other circumstances, wish to support.

The act of Jesus dying on the cross for the sake of humanity is the personification of self-sacrificial love. It is an act revered not only by Christians but many people of faith. The fact that it is exploited for this advertisement demonstrates that it has broad cultural resonance.

So, it is regrettable that this profound expression of sacrificial love has been trivialised as a cheap device for grabbing public attention. A different skit might have communicated the message without alienating a significant portion of the very audience it intended to engage.

We would like to send a clear message to the director Richard Todd and Dying to Live that this mockery of Christianity is not supported by the community. He has done the cause of organ donation a disservice.

Sign the petition today calling for this offensive ad to be removed from national circulation.

10,000 signatures needed

Dear Dying to Live and Richard Todd;

Your promotion for organ donation has borrowed one of the most important moments in Christian history and used it as a cheap device to promote a message which many Christians would, in other circumstances, wish to support.

Your campaign has chosen to mock the beliefs of many people of faith in our nation. It hardly serves to recommend your message.

Unfortunately, we know from our supporters that many have been moved by the advertisement to remove their names from the organ donation register – the very opposite response to the one anyone would have wished.

It is a shame that your campaign has been overshadowed in the light of the offence caused to so many people. We urge you to remove your ad from circulation before it reduces the number of organ donors and endangers the lives of thousands of Australians in need of organ donations.