Today’s announcement by the Palaszczuk Government to allow single people and same-sex couples to adopt orphaned children ignores society’s obligation to provide them with a mother and father.

“It is not like there is a shortage of married couples who cannot have children who would gladly provide orphans with the stability and nurture that comes from an adoptive mother and father,” the Australian Christian Lobby’s Queensland Director Wendy Francis said.

“By removing supposed discrimination against LGBTI Queenslanders and single people, a new discrimination against children was being created.

“This is particularly worrying because many of these children have already been dealt a blow in life,” Ms Francis said.

“They are, through no fault of their own, without biological parents, and are in need of a new permanent family. To deny them a mother’s love, or a father’s care, is compounding their loss.

“As we know, and social science proves, it is in the best interests of a child to experience the love of a mum and a dad, wherever possible,” she said.

“How can we offer them any less?”

Ms Francis said it was time to push back on rainbow ideology which assumes gender does not matter.

“Whether it is the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program that teaches children their gender is fluid or the push for same-sex marriage which says mums and dads don’t matter to children, rainbow ideology is a great social experiment which should be resisted,” she said.

“We can respect gay people and their relationships without causing children to miss out on their basic human rights.”