What society cares so little about the innocence of childhood that it uses larger than life sexual imagery to advertise condoms in the faces of kids?


Despite a Parliamentary inquiry in July putting outdoor advertisers on notice for failing to care about kids, they continue to thumb their noses at us all.

The latest is an Ansell condom advertisement which went up in an Adshell-owned bus shelter outside a Catholic school in Brisbane last week.

Adshell, to its credit, has removed the ad following a request by ACL’s Wendy Francis.

But the ad appears on a number of other outdoor advertising signs around Brisbane in full view of minors.

Wendy appeared on Channel Seven’s Sunrise program this morning debating porn industry representative Fiona Patten of the Sex Party.

Wendy made the point that the Ansell ad would be deemed inappropriate as a poster in a workplace.

Patten bizarrely told Mel and Koshie that the unrestricted guideline for publications is appropriate for outdoor advertising that children see.

That the porn industry through Patten is in bed with the outdoor advertising industry should worry thinking parents everywhere.

The Advertising Standards Board which is supposed to protect kids, is out of step with Parliamentary and community standards.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Social Policy and Legal Affairs, led by member for Moreton Graham Perrett, agreed that the public space needed to be reclaimed from sexualised outdoor advertising.

However, Perrett and his fellow committee members failed to recommend a G-rating for outdoor advertising.

We should not be surprised that the industry continues to get away with this sort of behaviour.

ACL will continue to push for G-rating for outdoor advertising.