The Australian Christian Lobby has called for consistency in advertising standards following the passing of legislation yesterday that removes offensive advertising, like that promoted on many Wicked Camper vans, off Queensland roads. 

ACL Queensland Director, Wendy Francis, urged the Labor Government and the LNP to build on the bipartisan support for this law by considering new measures that will make all outdoor advertising kid-safe.  

The Queensland Parliament unanimously supported a parliamentary committee recommendation to legislate the removal of offensive advertising because of the need to protect children from sexualised images and messages.

The debate in Parliament yesterday also drew attention to the link between misogynist and objectifying images with domestic violence.

“All outdoor advertising, no matter the location, should be appropriate for viewing by children and should be free from sexualised images and messages,” Ms Francis said.

“Outdoor advertising is, by its location, an advertising medium of general consumption. It is on display all day and cannot be turned off, or tuned out.

“A G-rating for all outdoor advertising is the only approach that will be inclusive of all.”

Ms Francis said the real problem with the current advertising regime was that it was self-regulated and had no ability to enforce rulings.

“The current self-regulatory approach for advertising is inconsistent and completely inadequate to ensure community standards around sex, sexuality, and nudity are treated with appropriate sensitivity,” Ms Francis said.

“Fines for breaching the ethics code and for failing to comply with an Advertising Standards Board determination should be introduced.

“The Advertising Standards Board is currently toothless. There are no penalties for advertisers who have been determined to breach the Advertisers Code of Ethics.

“In addition, there are no penalties for advertisers who disregard a determination by the ASB and fail to remove the offending advertisement.”