Media Release: Tuesday, 13 June, 2006

The Government’s action to overturn the ACT’s civil unions legislation with effect today, was welcomed by the Australian Christian Lobby as not only protecting marriage but justified, because Mr Stanhope never had a mandate for it from the community.  

“Mr Stanhope could not possibly claim to have a mandate for this legislation, “ said the Managing Director of the Australian Christian Lobby Jim Wallace. “ He has ignored the opinion of the ACT electorate on this in the same way he did on the even more atrocious legislation to legalise homosexual adoption. It is quite right that it be overturned, as he has clearly usurped his authority as the Chief Minister, and is now continuing this charade in an attempt to take peoples minds off the mismanagement that has resulted in the need to close 39 schools in the ACT”

The ACL Managing Director was referring to the fact that it was well known that in the last hours of the public consultation phase, 80% of submissions had opposed civil unions, prompting homosexual activists to call for submissions Australia wide at the eleventh hour.

“We now call on Labor and those who might be considering crossing the floor in the Senate to support the Government’s initiative,” said Mr Wallace. “Although it is unfortunate that the Federal Government has had to intervene in this way, it must be recognised that Mr Stanhope has brought this on the ACT through both his failure to respond to the community’s feelings on the issue, and his cheap political brinkmanship.”

“It would be particularly disappointing if the Government’s initiative was overturned by some of its own senators crossing the floor,” said Mr Wallace. “Senator Humphries in particular has been very much supported by the Christian constituency and they would be extremely disappointed if he crossed the floor as a matter of principle on the issue of territory rights, and by his action left us with civil unions.”

Contact: Jim Wallace