It is now about two months since the start of the flood crisis in Pakistan, with the country and its people remaining in desperate need of assistance. The floods, which began with heavy monsoon rains in July, have affected approximately 20 million people. The United Nations has rated the on-going flood crisis “the greatest humanitarian crisis in recent history”.

World Vision Australia, TEAR Australia and Baptist World Aid Australia are all running appeals in response to the Pakistan floods. ACL would highly recommend the making of a charitable donation to any of these organisations, or if you know of any others groups doing good work in Pakistan, perhaps you could mention them in the comments section below.

UK-based Christian charity Barnabas Fund, which also has a presence in Australia, has identified a particular need for Christian victims of the floods, who number in the vicinity of 150,000 to 200,000 believers. There is some concern that the Christian minority, who mostly already live in extreme poverty, could be neglected when general aid is distributed in the country.

To find out more about Barnabas Fund’s programs in Pakistan, which include sponsorship of Christian families who have been affected by the flooding, please click here.