17 September 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today called on the Palaszczuk Government to reject moves to take power away from elected politicians through a so-called charter of human rights.

“Charters of rights shift the balance of power away from elected parliamentarians to the courts, allowing unelected judges to issue declarations of incompatibility with democratic decisions,” Ms Francis said.

The Rudd Government held nation-wide community consultations into a charter of rights back in 2010 but rejected it after overwhelming community opposition.

More than 21,000 people signed a petition to the Australian Senate against having a charter.

Ms Francis said there was no evidence anyone’s human rights were under threat in Queensland and if they were, this should be worked through by the democratic decision making processes of the Parliament.

“Queenslanders don’t want to see the Americanisation of their political system where judges make laws from the bench, as was the case with changing the definition of marriage there.

“Having five unelected judges make law for the whole country was undemocratic and divisive. We don’t want to see that here,” Ms Francis said.

Ms Francis said charters of rights in Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory failed to protect the most basic of human rights, allowing unborn babies to be killed right up to birth.

“In Victoria, doctors’ freedom of conscience has not been protected by the charter nor has the freedom of religious organisations to maintain their religious ethos.”