17 July 2015

The Australian Christian Lobby today called on the Australian Parliament to investigate the use and possible sale of human fetal tissue.

The call for an investigation follows the establishment of a similar inquiry by the US Congress following the release of undercover footage that reportedly showed a senior executive from Planned Parenthood discussing techniques used to acquire baby body parts.

ACL spokeswoman Wendy Francis said the recent controversy in the US had shone a light on an ethically dubious process.

“Many Australians would be unaware that it is legal to obtain and use human fetal tissue for medical research in Australia,” Ms Francis said.

“Given the Congressional investigation in the US, it would be prudent for the Australian Parliament to investigate this issue so that Australians can be assured that baby body parts are not being sold for medical research or other purposes.

“It is completely inappropriate for aborted babies to be used for any kind of research.  This shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

“If the practice is to be allowed then people need to be assured that money is not changing hands in the procurement of baby body parts,” Ms Francis said.