In a good news story from Parramatta, in Sydney’s West, it appears that the real Christmas message is set to return to Christmas festivities – with political correctness being shown the door!

According to a recent report in the Parramatta Advertiser, “after some councillors baulked at the non-Christian, politically correct message in street decorations and Christmas cards sent out by the council last year, they decided to go all-out to put the “Christ” back into Christmas this year.”

This year, councillors have decided to have new banners with the Christmas message, as well as hiring a 9m-tall tree to dominate Church St mall. Please click here to read the full report.

Cr Michael McDermott has been the driving force behind the changes and was recently interviewed by ACL in the ‘Political Spot’ on the issue. Click here to listen to the program.

Cr McDermott is now encouraging other Australian cities “to take a long hard look at how they are celebrating Christmas and put the real Christmas back up where it belongs”.