Amid more tragic news about underage girls being forced into prostitution comes a ray of hope this week, with Parramatta City Council deciding to defy the NSW Government by voting to ban all brothels and sex-related services as an acceptable land use. ACL is urging all other Australian councils to follow their lead – click here to read more.

Legalising brothels has been a clear failure everywhere it has occurred and Government policies which force brothels on unwilling communities are yet another example of this failure. Despite all the claims, legalising and regulating brothels does nothing to prevent child exploitation or harm against women.

This is further evidenced by heart-breaking news of a mother on the NSW south coast who has been found guilty of forcing her 16-year-old daughter to work as a prostitute. Click here for more details.

Meanwhile, ACL has this week voiced concerns that genuine solutions to stop child prostitution in Tasmania could be ‘swept under the carpet’ following the Government’s decision not to re-appoint Paul Mason as Children’s Commissioner when his term expires tomorrow (Friday).

In a recent report, Mr Mason made a number of worthwhile recommendations which put the welfare of vulnerable children above bureaucracy and vested interests in response to the appalling case of a 12-year-old girl being prostituted to more than 100 men. ACL is concerned about what will now become of these recommendations. Click here for more details.