Parliamentary debate on the marriage amendment bill began on Monday night in the House of Representatives. Liberal MP Patrick Secker was among five Members who spoke, of which three spoke against any amendment to the current definition of marriage in the Marriage Act.

Mr Secker, the Member for the South Australian seat of Barker, said he believes that "marriage should be between a man and a woman, to the exclusion of all others."


He also spoke of the importance of politicians keeping their election promises, referring to the Labor Party's promise to retain the current definition of marriage.

Citing the situation in the US state of Massachusetts, where parents have lost the right to withdraw their primary school children from classes which teach same-sex marriage, Mr Secker also expressed great concern about what effect a change to the Marriage Act might have on the rights of parents in Australia.

To read Mr Secker's speech, click here. To read all five speeches given on Monday night, click here and read from page 108.