Yesterday it was revealed that former One Nation MP and perennial candidate, Pauline Hanson had nominated as a candidate for the NSW Upper House.

Both major parties have been quick to distance themselves from Ms Hanson. The Premier has described her policies as racist and both sides of politics have vowed not to direct preferences toward her.

At ACL we recognise that there will always be a range of political views inside the church. As John Howard once famously put it,“God is neither Liberal nor Labor.” You could extend this to any political party. 

The church I grew up in boasted among its congregation a candidate for the Democrats and a candidate for One Nation obviously two parties with widely divergent views across a range of policy areas.

One Nation is no longer registered as a political party in NSW so we haven’t got any survey responses from them on our website. However Ms Hanson’s views on a number of issues are a matter of public record.  

In the same way that many Christians are concerned by the Greens’ extreme social agenda, I believe many Christians are equally concerned by Ms Hanson’s views on immigration, foreign aid and indigenous affairs.

In Australia we enjoy tremendous political freedom. 

Ms Hanson has every right to stand for election – and people have every right to reject her extreme views.

The Australian Christian Lobby welcomes the news that neither Labor nor the Coalition will be directing preferences toward Ms Hanson.