What do the Candidates stand for?

In light of the election occurring in Pembroke on Saturday 4th November, the Australian Christian Lobby asked the following 10 questions of each candidate who was contactable. These questions reflect the issues that are of concern to many voters.

Click on the issues below to read the answers of those candidates who chose to participate.

Hopefully this will help inform voters so they can vote carefully on Saturday. Share the page with your friends and family.

Your candidates:
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We did not recieve responses from the following candidates:

  • DI FALCO, Carlo (Shooters, Fishers, Farmers TAS)
  • HARVEY, Bill (Tasmanian Greens)
  • SIEJKA, Jo (Australian Labor Party)
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Euthanasia has been rejected multiple times by Australian jurisdictions, including by Tasmania in 1998, 2009, 2013 and 2017 because it cannot be made safe from abuse.

Will you oppose attempts to legalise euthanasia in Tasmania?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James At this time I do not think there are enough safeguards or measures to protect the individual and be made safe from abuse. I cannot support measures to legalise euthanasia in Tasmania.
Independent  Hans Willink No, after listening to the persuasive arguments provided by Andrew Denton and reviewing current Victorian legislation, I am of the opinion that there can be a model that provides for a dignified ending in cases of extreme and untreatable pain, near end of life, with sufficient safeguards. 
Liberal Party  James Walker

I have no comfort that any proposed model is safe from abuse and an improvement on the existing situation. My journey on this issue has been heavily influenced by a range of matters including caring for a terminally ill parent in my twenties and work in the health and age care sector. While I believe euthanasia advocates are genuine in their motivations I have seen elder abuse and exploitation in my career. I am worried that vulnerable people may make decisions under pressure or not of their own volution. While I have seen firsthand the marvellous work of palliative care professionals those of us holding concerns about euthanasia must also concede that it is not effective in all circumstances.


Do you support the current federally funded chaplaincy program in schools? 

Affiliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James I will support chaplaincy program in schools provided it does not discriminate against other cultures and/or religious beliefs
Independent  Hans Willink Yes, in fact I support increased resourcing for all those committed to solving the huge behavioural problems that are distracting teachers from teaching.
Liberal Party  James Walker The current program has been in operation for over a decade and I have had no concerns about this program raised with me and see no reason why it should not continue.

Poker machines cause a great deal of social harm to vulnerable Tasmanians with over $15 million being lost on poker machines each month in Tasmania. Problem and moderate-risk gamblers account for around 40% of poker machine loses.

Do you support legislating for $1 bets? 

Affiliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Inclined to - need to talk with all stake holders
Independent  Richard James No I don’t
Independent  Hans Willink Yes
Liberal Party  James Walker No – but I do recognise your concerns in relation to the influence of gambling.

What other measures do you support in curtailing loses from at-risk Tasmanians?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Phased reduction over time in pubs & clubs 
Independent  Richard James It is a much bigger problem that limitation on $1 bets. I believe a better approach is to either to reduce the number of gaming machines in pubs and clubs and/or separate gaming areas from public lounges and eating areas and also limit the hours of operation of gaming areas within pubs and clubs.
Independent  Hans Willink I want poker machines out of Tasmania. They are a cancer on society. That said, I support interim measures including fewer pokies, removal from pubs and clubs, lower intensity machines and mandatory pre-commitment.
Liberal Party  James Walker

As a Liberal, I believe in freedom of choice. Minimising the harm of gambling, particularly protecting those more susceptible to problem gambling, is also important to me. Tasmania has a strong harm minimisation framework, which includes a Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice. In addition to this, the Hodgman Liberal Government has committed to reducing the State-wide cap on electronic gaming machines by 150 machines in 2023, and last year introduced a new Community Interest Test, giving local communities the opportunity to have their opinion taken into account when new applications for EGM venues are assessed by the Liquor and Gaming Commission.


Would you agree to state funding of educational programmes that teach contested gender theory (like the so called Save Schools Coalition Programme)? 

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman No 
Independent  Richard James I need to know and understand a lot more about the Programme before I agree to this.
Independent  Hans Willink I do not have a view on this, but trust Education authorities to ensure that inappropriate material is not funded or distributed
Liberal Party  James Walker No, but I do believe that all students and staff at our schools should be able to work and learn in safe and supportive learning environments. That’s why I think the Hodgman Liberal Government’s $3 million Combatting Bullying Initiative is an important program to make sure that all students feel safe and valued in their school community.

If elected, Labor policy is to decriminalise small volume use and possession of illicit drugs (State Conference, 2017)

Would you support legislation to enable this?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman No 
Independent  Richard James It seems too wide open to abuse in my opinion. The use and possession of illicit drugs should only be used and administered under strict medical conditions for patients when conventional methods have failed to produce results.
Independent  Hans Willink It actually makes sense and is supported by Police Commissioners around the country. This is why. http://www.tasmaniantimes.com/index.php/article/decriminalise-the-use-of-small-amounts-of-illicit-drugs-
Liberal Party  James Walker No. There is no safe level for illicit drug use.

Sexualisation of children is a significant problem facing our society. Our outdoor spaces should be safe for all families and children to enjoy and yet very often everyone is bombarded with sexualised messages.

Would you support a move in Tasmania to restrict all outdoor advertising to the equivalent of a G rating? 

Affiliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James I believe this may be going too far on restrictions for all outside advertising. There may be other ways to do this and that may by making advertising companies to accept responsibility and not promote sexualised messages to the public at large.
Independent  Hans Willink Yes
Liberal Party  James Walker There have been some particularly inappropriate bill boards on display that as a parent I have found very confronting. Another example is the Wicked Campers vans with their disgraceful messages. Unlike the TV you can’t just switch off or change the channel. I am not sure of the merits of a “G verse PG” approach etc but happy to discuss further

According to a 2013 Galaxy poll, the majority of Tasmanians oppose late term abortions except in cases of severe disability. Despite this, Tasmania’s abortion law continues to allow abortion up until birth.

Would you support an amendment to legislation to repeal the provision of late term (post-24 weeks) abortions except when a mother’s life is in danger? 

Affiliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James Not until all circumstances and the mother’s state of mind are known. I believe some very young women (teenagers) may be influenced to have a change of mind or experience peer group pressure to term abortions post 24 weeks. I think counselling measures outlining options and the mother’s circumstances have to be taken into consideration before an amendment to legislation..
Independent  Hans Willink In principle, yes
Liberal Party  James Walker As on other matters I would consider any proposed legislation very carefully, and consult very closely with my constituents in Pembroke before making any decision about any proposed amendments.

Prostitution degrades women by objectifying them as commodities for men’s sexual gratification. Internationally there has been significant improvements for women caught in prostitution through the implementation of the commonly called ‘Nordic Approach’, which criminalising the buyer of sex, not the provider, and provides viable pathways for those wishing to exit prostitution.

Would you support an inquiry into the suitability of the Nordic approach in Tasmania to help vulnerable women? 

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James I would support an inquiry on the basis it follows processes via Nordic approach.
Independent  Hans Willink I support an inquiry into the whole issue of prostitution in Tasmania, not just the Nordic model. I do not believe we have the settings right.
Liberal Party  James Walker

I am concerned by international trafficking of women and girls into prostitution and I find the involvement of organised crime deeply troubling. If elected I would be willing to further discuss alternative approaches including the Nordic Model, prior to supporting or opposing any inquiry.


Freedom of Speech is a fundamental part of a healthy democracy. The ‘offense to offend’ type provisions of Section 17 of the Tasmanian Anti-Discrimination Act have long been criticised for their low threshold of complaint which many believe leads to a stifling of free speech.

Do you support lifting the threshold in removing ‘offensive to offend’ provisions? 

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman Yes 
Independent  Richard James I am a believer in freedom of speech. I think Section 17 does stifle free speech. The terms ‘offensive to offend’ in my opinion are too broad and subject to interpretation by some determining to stifle personal opinion or viewpoint.
Independent  Hans Willink Yes  
Liberal Party  James Walker

Yes, I absolutely support free speech. While I believe current provisions were drafted with the best of intentions in recent times they have been abused in attempts to intimidate and stifle debate.


Whilst legislation dealing with Marriage is a federal issue, the implications of redefining the current marriage law have consequences that affect Tasmania.

What are your views on same-sex marriage?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman I think the word "marriage" should retain its traditional meaning 
Independent  Richard James I voted no in the Marriage Postal Survey.
Independent  Hans Willink I support it. 
Liberal Party  James Walker I believe in religious freedom. My personal views on same-sex marriage align with my faith and I am on the public record in support.

If Australia votes Yes in the Marriage Postal Survey will you support faith-based organisations’ current right to, if they so choose, only employ or enrol those who share their ethos?

Affilliation Candidate Answer
Independent Doug Chipman People should be employed on their capacity to do the job conscientiously
Independent  Richard James I will support faith based organisations to employ or enrol those who share their ethos.
Independent  Hans Willink I’m not sure. Think about it. Surely it’s the role of religious schools to enrol anyone in the hope that one day they will come to share that ethos? Isn’t that what missionaries do?  I do not have a problem with Christian schools employing only Christians to be teachers, but for administrative and ancillary staff, being of another faith shouldn’t matter.
Liberal Party  James Walker It also follows that my support of religious freedom means that I don’t believe there should be changes to current employment rights of faith-based organisations..