The ex-girlfriend of Panthers star Bryce Cartwright is right to question claims of respect and support expressed yesterday by Penrith boss Phil Gould following allegations a ‘fixer’ was brought in to induce the women to have an abortion through a $50,000 payment.

Australian Christian Lobby spokesperson for women, Wendy Francis, said the onus was on Messrs Gould and Cartwright to show that ‘respect’ by apologising for what has been atrocious behaviour.

Responding to the comments from Mr Gould yesterday, the woman known as Miss X, told the Daily Telegraph: ““If Gus Gould is happy with Bryce’s behaviour and actions towards me — I am very concerned. No woman should be treated this way. In no way is this respectful behaviour.”

“Phil Gould is apparently ‘satisfied’ that Bryce ‘acted in a respectful manner and a supportive manner’ and, 'that Bryce did as well as any young man could in the situation’,” Ms Francis said.

“Mr Cartwright cheated on partners, including Miss X. This is not respect.

“They allegedly offered $50,000 to end the life of the baby. That is not ‘as well as any young man could’.

“When he discovered that he had fathered a child with Miss X he allegedly got a “fixer” to broker a deal to abort the child. This is not a “fix”, this is not support.

 “The message the club is sending to the community is that it is okay for men to pay women to abort their baby.  This is demeaning bullying behaviour and should never be accepted as a resolution.

“Any woman who has been pregnant knows that no payment is sufficient to compensate for the loss of a baby,” Ms Francis said.

“The club should be encouraging a culture of respect for women and empowering men to take responsibility for their actions.

“It is not good enough for men to think they can bully women to abort their unborn child.

“If Mr Gould believes that this is the best any young man can do in the situation then we have serious problems with the football culture and he should be removed from his position.”