For decades the Australian Labor Party has granted its MPs a conscience vote on life and death issues.

When it comes to issues like euthanasia and abortion, it is critically important that members of parliament are allowed to vote according to their conscience rather than being forced to tow the party line.

But now the Tasmanian Labor Party platform dictates that MPs and candidates must support legalising euthanasia and not exercise freedom.

This is a dangerous policy that will inevitably lead to some of our most vulnerable citizens feeling pressured to end their life.

Please take a moment, read the petition, and add your signature to implore Labor to give back MPs the freedom to vote with their conscience on such important matters of life.

2,500 signatures needed

To the Tasmanian Labor Party,

For decades the Labor Party has had a proud tradition of granting its MPs a conscience vote on life and death issues like euthanasia and abortion.

It is important that on matters like this, members of parliament are free to vote according to their conscience.

However delegates in recent Labor State Conferences have voted to strip your MPs of this important right.

This means that every Labor MP will be forced to vote for this dangerous policy.

This is despite the fact your party has provided no detailed policy on the issue, produced no draft legislation, and cannot say what ‘safeguards’ may or may not be a part of any euthanasia legislation.

I ask Tasmanian Labor to guarantee that Labor MPs will not be forced to vote for euthanasia or assisted suicide legislation against their conscience.