Media Release: Monday, 5 March, 2007

The Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) today said it was saddened to learn that an email misrepresenting its position on the Stanhope Government’s now lapsed Civil Partnerships Bill is believed to have come from one of the Ministerial offices within the Government itself.

ACL managing director Jim Wallace said the email, purporting to come from ‘Considered Christian’ at a phoney ACL email address, was sent via the lobby’s ‘Make A Stand’ website to the ACT Members for Molonglo. It indicated strong support for the Bill – a position at exact opposites to the ACL’s true position.

“It’s disheartening to see these kinds of tactics being used by someone associated with the Stanhope Government and I hope this will be the end of it,” Mr Wallace said.

“Mr Stanhope needs to explain how this happened, on whose authority, and to assure the public that this incident is not reflective of a deeper problem within the Government. It certainly seems to indicate a cynical disregard for the views and rights of the ACT community by whoever perpetrated it.”

Contact: Glynis Quinlan