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Minister lauds cheap abortion pill moves


Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek has congratulated a family planning group for its efforts to put a controversial abortion drug on a list of taxpayer-subsidised medicines. But she stressed on Thursday she would not interfere with Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC) deliberations over whether to add Mifepristone Linepharma and GyMiso (Misoprostol) to the list of subsidised drugs.

Reporters who watch abortions tell of their brutal reality

Sarah Terzo - LifeNews

Sometimes authors of magazines are allowed to witness abortions in the course of writing articles. Sometimes medical students who never had an opinion on abortion come to grips with the procedure after viewing one. People who observe abortion procedures or abortion remains usually come away with little doubt that abortion is killing a human being.

Children & Family

UK: Divorce after a child turns seven 'could hit their GCSE results' and make them more likely to behave badly

Laura Ckark - Daily Mail

Children whose parents split after they turn seven are more likely to do poorly in exams and behave badly, a Government-funded study has found. The research revealed the impact of dozens of family factors on children’s achievement and behaviour. It shows that children with several siblings do worse at school but are not more likely to be poorly-behaved, while youngsters who watch TV for too long have weaker verbal skills.


Kids' mag criticised for adult games content


A British magazine distributed by a joint venture of Conde Nast and Hearst Corporation and aimed at primary school children has been featuring images of adult-rated video games. The most recent issue of Cool Kidz, which is published by privately-owned LCD Publishing, contained images of five games that carried age ratings of 18 years under the European gaming industry's PEGI rating scheme.

Drugs & Alcohol

Taxes go up in smokes - and alcohol

Phillip Hudson - Herald Sun

Smokers will cough up 28c more tax for a packet of cigarettes from today and the Federal Government will take an extra 24c for every slab of full-strength beer sold. The slug in the so-called "sin taxes'' for smokers and drinkers will also mean the tax on a bottle of spirits reaches $20. The changes are part of the automatic rise in indexation introduced 30 years ago by Bob Hawke and are expected to pour millions of dollars extra into the fragile federal Budget.

Police swoop on drug ring in three states


Police in three states have arrested 34 people they say were involved in a major drug trafficking ring after raids on homes and businesses. Eighty properties have been raided across South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland, with police seizing more than 30 kilograms of dried cannabis, 177 plants and more than $450,000 in cash.

Targeting the tipsy: the new face of online shopping?

Michael Baker - SMH

Shopping 'til you drop is taking on new meaning, with a late-night tipple loosening the purse strings of a growing number of online shoppers. While alcohol has a way of insinuating itself into every social and recreational occasion in Australia, shopping was once spared, thanks to opening hours that tended not to overlap too much with beer o'clock. But with e-commerce in full stride, that's no longer the case.


Abbott flags axing of student bonus

Daniel Hurst and Judith Ireland - SMH

Tony Abbott has confirmed plans to axe the Schoolkids Bonus, with the Opposition Leader including the decision in a set speech against the advice of a senior staffer. The $1.23 billion Gillard government scheme provides families with $410 for each child in primary school and $820 for each child in high school, a program it argues helps with education costs. Mr Abbott's address to the National Press Club on Thursday followed the leaking of an internal email trail showing his interest in being seen as a ''good bloke''.


Oregon assisted suicide deaths hit record high in 2012

Alex Schadenberg - LifeNews

The number of assisted suicide prescriptions and deaths have, once again, increased in the State of Oregon in 2012. The number assisted suicide deaths were: 77 in 2012, 71 in 2011, 65 in 2010 and 59 in 2009. There has been a 30% increase in the number of assisted suicide deaths in Oregon since 2009. The number of prescriptions for assisted suicide were 115 in 2012, 114 in 2011, 97 in 2010 and 95 in 2009. There has been a 21% increase in the number of prescriptions for assisted suicide in Oregon since 2009. The Oregon assisted suicide law does not prevent elder abuse. Margaret Dore, the President of Choice is an Illusion and a lawyer from Seattle noted that the Oregon assisted suicide statistics are consistent with elder abuse.


Independent MPs want election betting ban


Gambling on elections is an invitation for corruption, say two independent MPs who want it banned ahead of the September 14 poll. Senator Nick Xenophon will introduce legislation to ban gambling on the outcome of state or federal elections, after one betting agency took out a full-page advertisement to promote its markets for this year's vote.

Human Rights

The draft Bill that can’t be cured

Simon Breheny - Institute of Public Affairs

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon’s back down is a welcome development in the debate over the government’s anti-discrimination proposal. But it falls well short of what is needed – the complete abandonment of this ill-conceived consolidation project. Roxon has announced that the phrase “offends, insults or intimidates” may be removed from the definition of discrimination under the exposure draft Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Bill 2012. But these changes don’t come close to going far enough. Merely taking out a few words from a fundamentally flawed proposal will not cure the deep deficiencies contained in the draft Bill.


Pope says lack of faith can hurt marriage

Carol Glatz - Catholic Leader

A lack of faith in God can damage marriage, even to the point of affecting its validity, Pope Benedict XVI said. "Faith in God, sustained by divine grace, is therefore a very important element for living in mutual dedication and conjugal fidelity," he said. The pope said he was not suggesting there was a simple, automatic link "between the lack of faith and the invalidity of marriage."

Don't mention the M-word

Jeremy Sammut - ABC Unleashed

Australian academics have allowed their staunch advocacy for family diversity to get in the way of reasoned analysis on how to best raise children, writes Jeremy Sammut. There has been much recent discussion of how Australian governments can best help single-mothers and their children. But noticeably absent from this discussion has been any mention of the M-word - marriage. This is very different to the situation in the United States, where the debate about single motherhood and the family is increasingly focusing on how important marriage is to the welfare of children.


Isobel Redmond quits as leader of the South Australian Liberal Party

Adelaide Now

Deputy Liberal leader Steven Marshall will reveal tomorrow whether he will contest Monday's ballot for the leadership following the shock resignation of Isobel Redmond. Mr Marshall said her decision to step aside as leader because of party disunity had taken the party by surprise. The vote at 9am on Monday will be a secret ballot.

Thomson arrest rocks Labor

Mark Kenny - SMH

The surprise arrest of beleaguered former Labor MP Craig Thomson has sent shockwaves through a government that was just coming to terms with its brave new world of a hyper-extended election campaign. Mr Thomson's case, which has been a running sore for Labor, has now entered a critical phase just as Prime Minister Julia Gillard had seized the initiative with her September 14 election announcement.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Sex industry overhaul delays


The Tasmanian Government appears to have gone quiet on plans to overhaul Tasmania's sex industry.


Blow to asylum battle as intelligence links Sri Lankan official to smugglers

Cameron Stewart - The Australian

A senior Sri Lankan government official is suspected by Australian authorities of being personally "complicit" in the people-smuggling trade, directly undermining Canberra's attempts to stop the surge in asylum-seeker boats. The Australian can reveal that Australia's intelligence agencies have identified the official, who has a high profile and is known to be close to President Mahinda Rajapaksa. The agencies believe he is responsible for authorising numerous boats in the past 10 months, fuelling the surge of asylum-seekers from Sri Lanka that has threatened to overwhelm Australia's detention system.

Lessons from the largest refugee camp in the world

Richard Marles - The Punch

Last week I visited the largest refugee camp in the world, Dadaab in northern Kenya, home to almost 450,000 Somali refugees. I also visited the Yida refugee camp in northern South Sudan which has 60,000 Sudanese inhabitants fleeing from the conflict in South Kordofan, Sudan.

Sexualisation of Society

Revenge Porn: Women stalked, bullied, lost jobs, forced to relocate, change their name and died

Jane Hollier - Melinda Tankard Reist blog

A revenge porn website can be described as a platform for scorned lovers to post non-consensual nude photographs of their exes online, and get away with it. A more accurate description is that it is a hidey hole for spineless trolls who get a thrill out of actively exploiting the vulnerable. The consequences of revenge porn have been catastrophic for the victims who, predictably, are mostly female. Women have been stalked, bullied, humiliated, isolated, lost their jobs, forced to relocate and change their surname. Some have even committed suicide.


Leaving homosexuality: The real power of my testim ny

Matt Moore - Christian Post

I used to think that the power of my testimony was in my conversion experience, so over the past few years whenever I have had the opportunity to talk or write about my testimony, I have had a tendency to go back to 2010 and relive the details of how bad I was and how deep in sin I was--- in order to demonstrate how shocking it was that I was brought out of all those activities so suddenly. Surely, God did glorify Himself in yanking me out of the depths of my depraved behavior.