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Drugs & Alcohol

Want another beer? Scientists say cut back even further on alcohol consumption

Wine lovers thinking of reaching for another glass better think again before taking another swig. Experts are recommending we forget the couple of glasses a day rule and cut back our alcohol consumption even further - to no more than three small glasses of wine a week. Or in other words, they reckon half a unit a day, the equivalent of just a couple of swigs of beer, is now a safer level to prevent chronic health problems and death.


Using Building the Education Revolution lessons for the future


An academic will analyse the costs of Labor's schools halls stimulus program, but won't be looking for ways it could have been improved. The Gillard government has given a $3 million grant to University of NSW academic Sidney Newton to develop a cost analysis model using Building the Education Revolution data, a Senate committee has heard. The $16.2 billion BER, designed to combat an expected economic downturn due to the 2008 global financial crisis, delivered more than 23,670 construction projects to schools across Australia. It came under fire for being too costly, although an inquiry after the program's completion found the rollout was successful overall.


Abbott comes out against online gambling

The Australian

The Federal Coalition has declared it will oppose any moves to open up online gambling. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott says he's not against gambling overall, but he is against more online gambling options, particularly those that might target young people. "If it goes ahead, every computer is a casino," he said in Canberra today as he joined independent senator Nick Xenophon to discuss the issue. "That's not on as far as the Coalition is concerned."

ACT pokies trial may be delayed to 2014

Lisa Martin - SMH

Poker machine manufacturers have warned a planned federal government trial of mandatory pre-commitment gaming technology in the ACT could be delayed by a year and a national rollout may be at least a decade away. Gaming Technologies Association chief executive Ross Ferrar told AAP there was no chance the machines will be ready in time for the federal government's February 2013 trial start date.

AFL completes gambling investigation but decides against penalising

Sam Landsberger - Herald Sun

It was revealed earlier this season the league was looking into 11 cases from the 2011 season with the offenders including club and AFL officials. They have all been handed a slap on the wrist for the low-level breaches. "Eleven people detected with low-level breaches of AFL’s gambling rules but none with any capacity to influence match results," AFL spokesman Patrick Keane tweeted today.

Human Rights

Carr defends Government's handling of Assange


Foreign Minister Bob Carr has defended the amount of help the Government has given to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Mr Assange's lawyers have been given two weeks to consider their next move after his appeal against extradition to Sweden was rejected by Britain's Supreme Court yesterday. Mr Assange is wanted for questioning in Sweden over sexual assault allegations.


My Dad, Eddie Mabo

Louise Maher - ABC

Twenty years on, Eddie Mabo's life is being commemorated in Parliament, on film, and through the memories of his family. When the historic High Court Mabo decision was handed down twenty years ago, Gail Mabo was at a hospital breast-feeding her baby. Her son had been born six months earlier, the day before her father was buried. Gail was with her mother-in-law, when she heard the news on ABC Radio.


China eyes wide open spaces

Lauren Quaintance - SMH

China would invest billions of dollars to transform vast tracts of undeveloped land in northern Australia for farming, under a plan confirmed yesterday by the federal government. But opponents said an ''Asia food bowl'' would come at the expense of giving Australians access to affordable, good-quality food.


Gay marriage motion passes in NSW upper house

The Daily Telegraph

The NSW upper house has passed a motion calling on the federal government to allow gay marriage, despite a Liberal MP saying that change could lead to polygamy. Greens MP Cate Faehrmann's private members' motion passed 22 votes to 16 in the Legislative Council, with both major parties allowing a conscience vote. The Australian Christian Lobby's NSW director David Hutt said it was disappointing the NSW Parliament had allowed itself to be "co-opted into an activist campaign'' to change the federal Marriage Act.

Two dads and a surrogate create legal landmark

Amy Dale - The Daily Telegraph

Two men have become the first same-sex couple in NSW to be declared the parents of a baby that was born through a surrogate, with a court ruling it was in the child's "best interests". In transferring the guardianship of the child to the two men, a Supreme Court judge was satisfied the pregnancy wasn't the result of an illegal commercial agreement and that the woman who carried the baby wasn't paid to do so.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Slipping moral standards bring out the worst in us

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

It's surprisingly rare for newspapers to remind you we have an underclass, living lives frighteningly ugly and vicious. We journalists are said to trade in schlock, but we know too much turns you off. So it will come as news from a foreign country to suddenly read newspaper stories like this one, from southwest Sydney last week, about two sisters - the older just 22. "The sisters allegedly preyed on the homeless girls and introduced some of them to illegal drugs before prostituting them to middle-aged men.

Transgender prostitute awarded $46,000 after sex attack

Emily Moulton - PerthNow

A former transgender sex worker who was raped by a client has been awarded more than $40,000 criminal injuries compensation. The woman, who can not be identified, was attacked by a man who she agreed to meet for sex at a Perth hotel in June 2007. Jason Juma was convicted of three counts of sexual penetration without consent and one count of attempted sexual penetration without consent in the District Court on September 19, 2008. He was sentenced to five years in prison.