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A Nobel Prize for ethics?

Michael Cook - Mercator Net

This year's Nobel Prize for Medicine was shared by a Briton and a Japanese who respects the dignity of the human embryo. Two stem cell researchers have shared the Nobel Prize in Medicine for 2012, an elderly Briton, Sir John B. Gurdon, and a younger Japanese, Shinya Yamanaka. By a serendipitous coincidence, Sir John made his discovery in 1962 -- the year of Yamanaka's birth.

Children & Family

Maybe ‘I do’

Kevin Andrews - Mercator Net

Unless we celebrate marriage as the best environment for raising children, many of them will face a lifetime of poverty. The Brookings Institution economist Isabel Sawhill wrote this year that if individuals do just three things – finish high school, work full-time and marry before they have children - their chances of being poor drop from 15 percent to two percent. The respected scholar of child poverty went on the say that “unless the media, parents and other influential leaders celebrate marriage as the best environment for raising children, the new trend – bringing up baby alone – may be irreversible.”


Court orders internet ban on Meagher accused

Mark Russell - The Age

A magistrate today ordered any damaging material about the man accused of raping and murdering Jill Meagher be removed from the internet. Deputy Chief Magistrate Felicity Broughton said because of the internet's unregulated and anarchic environment, there was a view any ban would be a futile gesture but she disagreed.

Drugs & Alcohol

The Government knows how to stop the sucker punches

Daniel Piotrowski - The Punch

We know how to stop this country’s binge on alcohol-fuelled violence. The answers have been sitting in some bureaucrat’s drawer in Canberra since 2009 – when some guy called Rudd was PM. They’re in a technical manual, likely with a dust-coated cover. The manual details the merits of a banquet of measures that could be introduced by the Federal Government to tackle the issue. And it’s time someone picked it out of the drawer and blew the dust away. God knows Dr Anthony Lynham wants someone to.


Internet to replace campuses


Tertiary Education Minister Chris Evans has questioned how much money universities will need to spend on buildings in the future since education is moving on-line.


Quebec government to introduce bill to legalize euthanasia

Alex Schadenberg - National Right To Life

The minority Parti Quebecois’ (separatist) government in Quebec has announced that it plans to introduce a bill to legalize euthanasia. Media reports have quoted Véronique Hiver, the junior minister for social services as stating: “We really feel that it is necessary to put forward such a possibility for people who, at the end of their life, are suffering in an unbearable manner.”


Arcade games ‘groom kids to gamble' and should be banned from Crown - Senator Nick Xenophon

Andy Burns - Herald Sun

Anti-pokies campaigners are outraged by arcade-style games for kids at the Crown casino complex which they say groom children into problem gambling. Senator Nick Xenophon is calling for a review of indoor theme park Galactic Circus within Crown and other gambling venues that feature children's arcades around the country, and will take his fight to the parliamentary committee on gambling.


Super forms of gonorrhoea on way

Amy Corderoy - SMH

The ''clap'' is making a comeback, and experts say it is only a matter of time before superbug strains of the sexually transmitted infection reach Australian shores. Diagnosis of gonorrhoea is up 50 per cent in the past five years, and already about 4 per cent of cases could be resistant to the common antibiotic used to treat it, government figures show.


You don’t build houses with crude political games

Marise Payne - The Punch

In the hours before the recent long weekend, when most people’s thoughts turned to families, holidays and grand finals, Labor’s political spin machine was still running on high rotation. And it appears that even the bipartisan goal to close the gap on indigenous disadvantage by providing clean and safe housing for indigenous Australians is not immune to Labor’s political tactics. On Friday, 28 September, Minister Jenny Macklin wrote to Queensland Housing Minister Bruce Flegg in response to Mr Flegg’s correspondence regarding the National Partnership Agreement on Remote Indigenous Housing; a seemingly routine matter.

Child protection inquiry hears gambling worries

Brad Ryan - ABC

Police say unemployment and boredom is fuelling a gambling problem in an Indigenous community in far north Queensland's Cape York. The State Government is reviewing alcohol management plans (AMPs) that are in place in 19 Indigenous communities. The state's Child Protection Inquiry has travelled to Aurukun on western Cape York.

Koori pathways schools due to close

Damien Hooper - ABC

The state Education Minister, Martin Dixon will announce the closure of Victoria's three remaining Koori Pathways schools later today. Earlier this year, a government review found the schools at Mildura, Swan Hill and Morwell were failing in their goal to reconnect Aboriginal students with mainstream education.


Angela McCaskill placed on administrative leave from Gallaudet

Mike Conneen - WJLA

The Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion at Gallaudet University has been placed on paid administrative leave, after allegedly signing a Maryland referendum petition opposing same sex marriage. Dr. Angela McCaskill became a Deputy to the President and the Associate Provost of Diversity and Inclusion in January 2011.


Deputy Premier's wife gives Oakeshott both barrels for Slipper vote


Rob Oakshott is a veteran of political attacks from his arch rivals the Nationals, but the independent federal MP was clearly unprepared for being berated on Twitter by the wife of the Deputy Premier, Andrew Stoner. Cathy Stoner lashed out at Mr Oakeshott a day after he voted with the government to prevent Parliament from removing the Speaker, Peter Slipper.


UN concerned by Gillard PNG plan

Michael Gordon - SMH

The United Nations refugee agency has detailed five major concerns about the Gillard government's plan to send asylum seekers to Papua New Guinea's Manus Island in the coming weeks. They include PNG's failure to sign international treaties against torture and for the protection of stateless people or to formally withdraw seven reservations it has about the refugee convention.

Asylum seeker boat found with 70 aboard


An asylum seeker boat carrying 70 people has been found off the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. The boat was intercepted by Australian customs vessel Hervey Bay north of the Indian Ocean islands on Wednesday after initially being sighted by a RAAF maritime patrol aircraft, the federal government said on Thursday. It's the fourth boat arrival in two days, taking the total number of people who have been picked up since Tuesday to 334.

Sexualisation of Society

Perrett's saucy stories makes for a novel politician

Lucy Saunders - ABC

Labor MP Graham Perrett's new novel, The Big Fig, is set to raise a few eyebrows. This is one of the reasons that most sensible politicians avoid indulging their creative side.


Greens gay motion fails


A Greens motion to stop the Commonwealth challenging marriage equality laws made by state parliaments has failed in the Senate. Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young's motion calling on the Gillard government to rule out a Commonwealth challenge of any state laws made on gay marriage was defeated 38 votes to 10 on Thursday.