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Charities & NFP

Elderly being hounded by charities

Sally Rope - ABC

When Sue Lappeman moved closer to her mum recently, she discovered her mum had a secret life. She was receiving calls from people Sue had never heard of, and sometimes they would turn up at the door too. You're probably thinking dating scam, or door-to-door sales, but Sue's mums new friends were from charities.


Media regulation in the brave new digital world

Jonathan Holmes - ABC

There are significant question marks over Stephen Conroy's attempt to regulate the Australian media, but in any case, there's no controlling the flood of news and commentary from overseas, writes Jonathan Holmes. The elephant that labours mightily to bring forth a mouse springs to mind.

Australian Federal Police takes cyber safety to the people

Hamish Barwick - Computerworld

A multi-faceted approach covering law enforcement, education and user vigilance is vital for cyber safety in Australia to succeed according to the Australian Federal Police (AFP). The AFP made a submission to the Inquiry into Cyber Safety for Senior Australians in 2012 which stated that it was crucial seniors and young people are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to use information/ communications technologies safely. Speaking before the Joint Select Committee on Cyber Safety in Canberra this week, AFP cyber crime manager Commander Glen McEwen said the law enforcement’s education program called ThinkUKnow was designed to educate Australians in both rural and urban areas.

Drugs & Alcohol

Finks to fight on after High Court loss

Tony Bartlett, Ed Jackson and Christine Flatley - SMH

A High Court decision supporting Queensland's criminal organisation laws proves there is no need for states to hand authority in such matters to Canberra, the state's attorney-general says. The High Court on Thursday upheld a Queensland law allowing the Gold Coast chapter of the Finks motorcycle club to be declared a criminal organisation. Pompano Pty Ltd, a company linked to the chapter, had challenged the state's Criminal Organisation Act, arguing it was unconstitutional and denied procedural fairness.


Queensland schools slipping behind other states on literacy and numeracy tests

Tanya Chilcott, Rob Kidd, Kate McKenna - The Courier-Mail

Many of Queensland's most sought after schools are being significantly outperformed by those interstate on literacy and numeracy tests. Some of the state's top-performing academic high schools were up to 175 points behind similar schools across the border on last year's NAPLAN exams. Department of Education, Training and Employment deputy director-general Jeff Hunt said Queensland had more significant improvements than any other state or territory between the 2011 and 2012 NAPLAN exams. Yet the state also slipped backwards in some test areas, finishing third-last overall nationally.

Do we need emotional intelligence tests for teachers?

Rachel Grieve - The Conversation

With the newly announced federal government reforms to teacher training announced this week, emotional intelligence is now firmly on the agenda for trainee teachers. Under the proposed rules, prospective teachers will need to undergo emotional aptitude tests before they begin their training. The idea has intuitive appeal and testing emotional intelligence remains a “hot topic” in psychology circles. But it is also a slippery construct and can be difficult to test.


Cutting the cruelty from cosmetics

George Seymour - On line Opinion

On 11 March 2013 a full ban on animal testing of cosmetics came into force in the European Union (EU). This means that it is now illegal to import or market cosmetic products within the E.U. if the product contains any ingredients that have been tested on animals anywhere after 11 March 2013. While testing on animals for cosmetics or their ingredients has been banned within the E.U. since 2009, until Monday it was still legal to sell cosmetics that had been tested on animals outside of the E.U. The phasing out of animal testing under the Cosmetic Directive has been subject to a timetable. The E.U. Testing Ban on finished cosmetic products has applied since 11 September 2004, and the Testing Ban on individual ingredients has applied since 11 March 2009.


Euthanasia laws spark debate

Matt Smith - The Mecury

The Tasmanian State Government has been flooded with public submissions arguing both for and against the introduction of voluntary euthanasia. More than 300 submissions have been received by the Government to discuss Premier Lara Giddings' and Tasmanian Greens leader Nick McKim's proposed voluntary assisted dying legislation. The new laws, expected to be debated in Parliament this year, would make Tasmania the first state in Australia to give advanced terminally ill patients the opportunity to take their own lives.


New Pope Francis called homosexual ‘marriage’ a ‘machination of the Father of Lies’

John-Henry Westen - LifeSiteNews

Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis, is known to LifeSiteNews readers as a valiant defender of life and family. In terms of homosexual ‘marriage’, Cardinal Bergoglio fought valiantly to have the law in Argentina continue to protect the traditional family. In July 2009, he called on the priests of the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires to bring the faithful to an upcoming protest against homosexual "marriage."

Group marriage is next, admits Dutch ‘father’ of gay ‘marriage’

Hilary White - LifeSiteNews

Boris Dittrich, the homosexual activist called the “father” of the political movement in favor of Dutch gay “marriage”, has admitted that group marriages of three or more people, is the next, inevitable logical step in the dismantling of the western world’s traditional marriage laws. In a video interview with Yagg, the French online homosexual magazine, Dittrich, a former Dutch MP and homosexualist activist working for Human Rights Watch, related the carefully laid-out plan that established first public acceptance legal civil partnerships, which in turn led inevitably to changing the definition of marriage.

Greens to push gay marriage rights

Mark Kenny - SMH

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott are to be placed under renewed pressure to support gay marriage rights with the Greens intent on making the popular reform a key election issue. The party also wants to test Mr Abbott's assertion during a 60 Minutes interview last Sunday that he separates his Christian faith from his policy decisions. Greens deputy leader Adam Bandt has secured debating time in the House of Representatives next Monday for his bill establishing equal marriage rights for same-sex couples.


Indigenous MPs plotted to install new NT leader Adam Giles

Amos Aikman - The Austrlian

Aboriginal MPs installed Australia's first indigenous head of government Adam Giles in a partyroom coup designed to avert a rival leadership challenge. The Australian has confirmed the four Aboriginal members of the Northern Territory parliament moved against former Chief Minister Terry Mills yesterday in a bid to stop someone else from taking his job. The former Country Liberal Party leader returned to Darwin from Japan on Thursday, after being replaced as chief minister by Mr Giles at a meeting of CLP MPs on Wednesday, while he was away.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

NSW couple charged with grooming girls


A young couple are behind bars after being charged with sexually assaulting a teenage girl and grooming three others on the NSW north coast. A man, 20, and a woman, 19, were arrested earlier this week after police were told that four girls had been groomed via text message and social media. Police allege the four girls, aged between 13 and 15, were known to the couple.


Boat arrivals up 55pc on a year ago

Dan Box - The Australian

The number of asylum-seekers coming to Australia by boat surged in the first 2 1/2 months of this year, with a 55 per cent spike in arrivals compared to the same period last year. Almost 1900 people have arrived in the first 73 days of this year, compared with 1209 for the same period last year, which ultimately saw a record of more than 17,200 people arriving in Australia by boat to claim asylum.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

160 houses and 2 churches burnt in Lahore


The Supreme Court of Pakistan accused the Punjab police of sheltering the criminals involved in the arson attack on the Christian Joseph Colony of Lahore, on last 9th march. At least 160 houses, 18 shops and two churches, one catholic and one Seventh day Adventist, were burnt.


Cross-dressing student sues Baptist university after being expelled for lying about his sex

Kirsten Andersen - LifeSiteNews

A 24-year-old man who has been living as a woman has sued California Baptist University for $500,000 in damages after the school expelled him for lying on his application paperwork. Domaine Javier applied to Cal Baptist’s nursing program in 2011 as a transfer from Riverside City College. When asked to check a box indicating whether he was male or female on the school’s admission application, he marked ‘female’ despite the fact that he is biologically male and only dresses as a woman.

The Islamic Council of Victoria backs Muslim talkfest

Rachel Baxendale - The Australian

The Islamic Council of Victoria has refused to withdraw support for a highly controversial conference scheduled to take place in Melbourne this weekend. The advertised list of speakers to the Australian Islamic Peace Conference has drawn opprobrium from Jewish, Christian and interfaith groups, including the Jewish Christian Muslim Association, of which the council is a member. Spokesman Mohamad Tabbaa said the council officially had declined to be a signatory to a JCMA statement, issued yesterday, condemning the conference's choice of speakers.