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Children & Family

Parents told to solve problems for son to have sporting chance

Harriet Alexander - SMH

The parents of a top junior alpine athlete asked a court to intervene in the management of his sporting career in the absence of a functional relationship between them. The case highlights the struggle by parents of junior athletes to balance their children's training commitments with their education and psychological well-being.


Cereal giant Kellogg's ordered to withdraw more television ads

Amy Bainbridge - ABC

Cereal giant Kellogg's has again been told to withdraw two television advertisements because they are deemed to be marketing unhealthy food to children.


Assisted suicide poses risk to vulnerable, says senior doctor

The Christian Institute

Legalising assisted suicide would put immense pressure on vulnerable people to end their lives, according to a consultant physician in palliative medicine.


Live-odds advertising ban to apply in South Australia from August 1


A ban on live-odds advertising will take effect from the start of next month in South Australia. Premier Jay Weatherill said South Australians would no longer be bombarded with live-odds advertising on commercial television, radio or at sporting grounds.

Homelessness & Poverty

Homelessness in Regional Queensland

Christopher Welsh - ABC

As you think about what you're going to have for dinner tonight...spare a thought for those who might not have that luxury of choosing...or of even sleeping with a roof over the heads. The cause for homelessness is obviously multi-faceted - but from the recent Four Corners report it looks like money or the lack of it is the key.


SA has the power on marriage laws: expert


South Australia does have the power to pass same-sex marriage laws, a constitutional law expert says. However, University of Adelaide dean of law John Williams says any new provisions may still fall foul of federal legislation in the event of a High Court challenge.

Wong rejects gay marriage plebiscite

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Finance Minister Penny Wong has warned against a referendum on gay marriage after Kevin Rudd last week canvassed the option, or a plebiscite, if Tony Abbott failed to grant his MPs a free vote on the issue.


Party reform needs to be comprehensive

Michelle Grattan - The Conversation

Kevin Rudd has moved to try to neutralise the big negative that NSW Labor corruption is expected to be in that state at the federal election. His message to voters appalled by what’s come out at the Independent Commission Against Corruption – which reports soon – is that he shares their disgust, and will make sure the NSW ALP cleans up its rules.

Catholic Bishops issue statement on Australian elections

Vatican Radio

Australians are preparing for elections later this year, and the country’s Catholic bishops are urging the electorate to “vote for the common good.” Earlier this week, the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference issued its Election Statement for 2013. The Statement read :”The principles of social teaching cross party political boundaries and Catholics may, in good conscience, form different opinions on the candidates and parties standing for election.”


Refugee intake should give greater weight to vulnerable minorities

Katherine Spackman - International

The Australian Christian Lobby has renewed calls for Australia’s humanitarian intake to give greater weighting to vulnerable minorities, particularly those displaced by the conflict in Syria and the wider Middle East.

Sri Lankan asylum-seeker claims wrong

Paul Maley and Ben Packham - The Australian

Afghan asylum-seekers outnumbered Sri Lankans by two to one in 2009, casting doubt on Labor's claim that its failure to toughen immigration policy after Sri Lanka's civil war was pivotal in the revival of the smuggling trade.

Remaining child asylum seekers leave Manus Island bound for Christmas Island


The Federal Government has removed the last remaining asylum seeker children from Manus Island. The 12 children are among 42 people who have been transferred to Christmas Island.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Revenge: Coptic church set aflame for Morsi

Raymond Ibrahim - Raymond Ibrahim blog

True to their vows, pro-Morsi Muslims are attacking Egypt’s Christians for participating in the anti-Morsi protests. The St. George Coptic Christian Church in a village in al-Minya, Egypt, has just been set on fire by “pro-Morsi” forces. Copts are reported to be in a state of “fear and panic.” Days earlier, a letter was circulated in al-Minya, which has a very large Coptic population, calling on Copts not to join the protests, otherwise their “businesses, cars, homes, schools, and churches” might “catch fire.”

Egypt's Christians welcome military coup against Muslim Brotherhood

Archbishop Cranmer blog

There is nothing simple about the religio-political dynamics of Egypt, and it would be foolish to frame this most recent revolution - the second in a year - in transitory Manichæan terms, perched somewhere between evil and holiness. The fact is that President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood were democratically elected but did not rule with any regard to the rights and liberties of minorities or those who opposed the new Islamic/ist constitution. You simply cannot foist democracy on a divided nation: parliament is an expression of pre-existing national unity. And so millions of liberal Egyptians welcome the suspension of democracy by military intervention. The democratic Brotherhood aren't going to go away, but neither are the undemocratic liberals.

Rape and atrocities on a young Christian in Qusair, Syria


Mariam was a 15-year-old Christian from Qusair, a city of the governorate in Homs, 35 km south of the capital. The city, which had become a stronghold of the Syrian rebels, was reconquered by the troops of the regular army at the beginning of June. Mariam’s story - thanks to the report of two Catholic priests - is a sign of the brutality of the conflict and the extreme vulnerability of religious minorities.