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Morocco to bar Dutch abortion ship


Morocco's government says the Dutch "abortion boat," due to arrive on Thursday in the first such trip to a Muslim country, is not authorised to act and must be prevented from doing so.

Children & Family

Time with dad good for self-esteem

Carolyn Moynihan - Mercator Net

Kids need a dad and a mum, not just “parents”, because, as a new study shows, dad does different things for the growing child than mum does, at least some of the time. I know this will not impress die-hard gender egalitarians, but most mums and dads will quickly see the point.

Advocacy group backs order to send girls back to Italy


Despite distressing scenes of a mother screaming for her children at Brisbane's international airport on Thursday morning, advocacy groups say the Family Court has made the right decision in sending the girls at the centre of a custody battle back to Italy.


Users vow to desert Facebook amid latest scandal

Alex Mann, Sophie McNeill and Michael Atkin - ABC

Frustrated users say they are convinced Facebook has breached their privacy and are vowing to quit the social network, despite official denials that private messages have been exposed. Over 100 Facebook users have written to triple j's Hack, shocked to find what they claim are private messages appearing on their profiles as publicly visible messages "posted by friends".

On being cyberbullied

Carmel Pilcher - CathBlog

Social media is a marvellous thing, but, as we are constantly told, it is also fraught with danger and destruction. Reputations and sadly also lives are sometimes lost as a result of cyber bullying, and what’s the latest? Trolling? I’ve seen the television documentaries. I’ve also seen disturbing comments amongst my own ‘friends’ following a relationship breakdown or a disagreement.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Who am I? Where do I come from?

Opinion - SMH

Victorians on the whole tend to be compassionate libertarians who embrace freedom and fundamental human rights, who push back government intrusion and ysuppor the protection of the most vulnerable in our community. Within days, the Baillieu government will make a decision that could reinforce all those aspects and mark it, in world terms, as a highly progressive one. What is being considered is law reform that would enshrine the rights of certain people in our community to know exactly who they are. As the law stands, a person conceived before July 1988 through the donation of gametes (sperm, eggs or embryo) has no right to know the identity of their biological parents.

Drugs & Alcohol

More older Australians overdosing


Older Australians are the surprising new victims of an increase in fatal drug overdoses, new figures show. A report by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at the University of NSW found the largest increases in death rates from accidental opioid overdoses were in the 45 to 54-year-old age group.

Drugs hurting WA kids

Aleisha Orr - WA Today

Increased drug use is contributing to a rise in the number of child welfare issues. The number of children in Western Australia whose welfare could be at risk has increased significantly in the past four years. The Department of Child Protection’s annual report for 2011-12 showed that the number of child protection notifications jumped from slightly more than 10,000 in 2008-09 to more than 17,000 last financial year.

Canadians in 52kg drug bust in Sydney


Police have seized 52kg of drugs believed to be the party drug ice and arrested two Canadian men in Sydney and have seized a haul of the drug "ice" estimated to be worth $52 million and arrested two Canadian nationals in Sydney. The Joint Organised Crime Group (JOCG) arrested and charged two men aged 65 and 36 after stopping their car in Rosehill on Wednesday.

Gateway Foundation to raise awareness of synthetic drug use

News Medical Net

In recognition of Red Ribbon Week, October 23-31, 2012, Gateway Foundation Alcohol & Drug Treatment is working to build awareness among communities regarding the dangerous health risks associated with synthetic drug use. Banned by state and federal governments, synthetic drugs like K2 and bath salts have proven to be a threat to public health and safety.


Sex ed plans under attack

Sally Glaetzer - The Mercury

The Tasmanian State Government is unapologetic about plans to "celebrate" sexual diversity through a new school sex education strategy, which has raised the ire of the Australian Christian Lobby. The strategy, launched by Education Minister Nick McKim this week, aims to update and improve the quality of existing sex education in government schools. Sex ed classes will now be required to cover sexuality, gender identity and "respectful relationships" and to support students "who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex".

Education on sex abuse wanted

Loretta Johnston - The Examiner

Sexual and relationships education in schools should not be delivered in isolation from support services, according to Sexual Assault Support Service chief executive Liz Little. "None of these programs ever get delivered in schools or clubs or wherever you deliver them without someone disclosing that they've been sexually abused,'' she said.

Libs attack same-sex education in schools


The Premier and Opposition are clashing over plans to teach students about same-sex relationships. Lara Giddings says she is concerned by the Opposition's conservative views on sex education.

Tasmanian same-sex marriage supporters lost in Parliament, but they win in the schools

Michael Cook - Mercator Net

Tasmania recently escaped from same-sex marriage after a close vote in its upper house. One of the arguments used against its introduction was its radical impact upon the education system. Children would be taught that homosexuality is normal and natural as part of the curriculum.

Howard’s history repeating: curriculum complaints nothing new

Tony Taylor - The Conversation

There is a great deal of derogatory, evidence-free and ill-informed opinion about how history is taught in Australian schools. But these tired arguments are so often repeated that we can actually put them into three broad categories.


Woman jailed over 'sophisticated fraud' to feed gambling habit

Amy Remeikis - Brisbane Times

A woman has been jailed for seven years after stealing more than $500,000 from her employers to feed her poker machine gambling habit. Between September 2005 and July 2010, Bronwyn Ann Fitzgeralds stole $538,000 from a Hemmant-based small glass manufacturing business where she worked as an administration assistant.

Human Rights

ACT Greens announce multicultural election promise


The ACT Greens have pledged more than $700,000 to improve multicultural services ahead of this month's election. The initiatives would include half a million dollars for a cultural understanding grants program to address racial and religious vilification and discrimination.


Who should decide if you can buy alcohol?

Lachlan Mackintosh - ABC

Who should decide if you can buy alcohol? Alcohol Management Plans in 19 Aboriginal communities will be reviewed by the Queensland government. So is it racist to prohibit grog in remote indigenous towns? Or could relaxing alcohol management plans do more damage than good?


Andrews stands by polygamy link

Daniel Fogarty - AAP

Federal opposition families spokesman Kevin Andrews says his view that legalising same-sex marriage could open the way to group marriage is what supporters of current marriage laws have been saying for a long time. If the definition of marriage is changed there will be people who want to redefine it in all sorts of ways, including allowing polygamous marriage, Mr Andrews says.

Maybe ‘I do’

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

Opposition frontbencher Kevin Andrews has written a deeply thoughtful and impeccably researched book on marriage. It is sad that such a defence of marriage needs to be made - but it does, and Andrews makes that case compellingly.


Nats, Libs light the peace pipe over Hume

Phillip Coorey - SMH

Peace has broken out in the NSW Coalition with the Nationals withdrawing their threat to run for the seat of Hume in return for the Liberals backing away from threats to challenge the Nationals in a clutch of other key federal seats.

Government ethically challenged by Thomson support, says Abbott

Phillip Coorey - SMH

The Opposition leader, Tony Abbott, says Julia Gillard must no longer accept the vote of Craig Thomson in the Parliament following the arrest yesterday of the former Health Services Union boss, Michael Williamson.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christian attacks worsen in Israel

John Lyons - The Australian

Israel's police have failed to make any arrests in a growing series of attacks on Christian targets. This week, one of Jerusalem's most famous Christian sites was targeted - the latest in a series of attacks believed to be carried out by Jewish extremists.

Christian sudents executed by Boko Haram in Nigeria; Believers pray for 'change of heart'

Katherine Weber - Christian Post

Multiple sources have confirmed that about 25 to 30 Christian college students were massacred at a university in northeastern Nigeria late Monday night, causing Christians to pray for a "change of heart" among the extremist Islamist group Boko Haram to put a stop to the continued violence.


Government urged to compensate jailed Indonesian minors

Simon Cullen - ABC

The Government should pay compensation to Indonesian minors convicted and jailed in Australia on people smuggling offences, according to the head of a Senate Committee that investigated the issue. Greens Senator Penny Wright also wants the Government to issue an apology to Indonesians who have spent time in Australian jails, only later to be released because of concerns about their age.

Sexualisation of Society

The 'little tramp' paradox: don't blame the kids

Vince Chadwick and Rachel Wells - The Age

Young girls should not be shamed for dressing like "tarts" and "hookers" because this is how society is teaching them to dress, a Melbourne academic will argue today. In an era when 10-year-olds model for Paris Vogue and a Canadian business offers "Little Spinners" pole dancing classes, Dr Michelle Smith says notions of promiscuity and empowerment are more contradictory than ever.

Trapped in the web?

James Norman - The Punch

It’s difficult to feel anything but revulsion when pondering the case of former ABC Collectors host Andy Muirhead’s dramatic and public fall from grace. As Kate Legge noted in her lengthy piece in The Weekend Australian Magazine ‘Child pornography sickens to the core’.


Bishops gather to debate Catholic decline

Jean-Louis de la Vaissiere - AAP

Catholic bishops from around the world are convening for a synod starting on Sunday to debate how to counter rising secularism on the 50th anniversary of the historic but controversial Second Vatican Council. The synod will hear a call from Pope Benedict XVI for a "new evangelisation" drive for the Catholic Church, which is fast losing followers in Europe and feels increasingly discriminated against in many parts of the world.

The Australian Christian Lobby on ABC Lateline

ABC Lateline

The ABC says, "ACL influence questioned. The Australian Christian Lobby could be at risk of losing its influence as critics increasingly depict it as extreme and not representative of moderate Christians."