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Unborn babies practise the faces they'll need out in the big bad world!

Fiona Macrae - Daily Mail

The world can be a tough place. So it’s perhaps little surprise that unborn babies do their best to prepare. These remarkable images show a baby scrunching up its face as if in pain while still in the womb. In all, eight girls and seven boys were caught on film lowering their eyebrows, wrinkling their noses and stretching their mouths. The British researchers don’t think the babies were grimacing in distress.

Charities & NFP

Big Issue charity magazine goes digital

Big Pond News

A popular charity magazine is adding websites to its street sites, as The Big Issue launches a digital edition. It's hoped the move online will boost sales as more people choose to read magazines on the web, The Big Issue CEO Steven Persson said.

Children & Family

Adopted daughter searching for dad David McLeod

Kristin Shorten - News Ltd

He's a 'dead ringer' which makes Erica Freeman sure that this man is her biological dad. But all she knows about David McLeod is gleaned from a 1969 newspaper clipping. "I look exactly like him. We have the same hair and features. You've just got to see the picture and you'll know. It's just so bloody obvious," she said.


No sex on the bus please, says ad watchdog

Amy Kellow - Ad News

No sex on the bus, please: people don't like it; the watchdog doesn't like it. The ASB has upheld a complaint about a bus ad for herbal tea brand Vigor, which claimed to boost sex lives and featured a topless man and woman. Touching each other. Tea for two? Tea far too much, it appears.

Drugs & Alcohol

Two-dollar drug kills Sydney schoolboy

Vincent Morello - Brisbane Times

A Sydney schoolboy who spent two dollars to experiment with a legal LSD-like hallucinogen leaped to his death in front of his family. Police say Henry Kwan, 17, believed he was invincible when he broke free from the grip of his mother and sister, and jumped from the third-floor balcony of their Killara apartment on Wednesday.

Teen dies in balcony fall after taking 'synthetic drug'


A 17-year-old boy has fallen to his death from a third-floor balcony at his home in Killara, on Sydney's north shore. Police say the boy took a drug that was sold to him as LSD and was acting out of character.

Simon Cramp was 'minutes from death'


A man savagely beaten in central Sydney on the weekend would have died if he'd arrived at hospital just minutes later, according to the neurosurgeon who treated him. Simon Cramp, 26, is recovering in St Vincent's Hospital from severe head wounds sustained when he was king hit on George Street in the early hours of Sunday morning.


Climate NGO quits Australia as clean energy politics turn sour

Giles Parkinson - New Economy

The Climate Group, one of the world’s biggest NGOs working in the climate space, is withdrawing from Australia, citing the “unfavourable” policy environment. The Climate Group, which has offices in the US, China, Europe and India, founded its Australian offices in 2005. It has been heavily involved with federal and state governments in the development of policies on climate change and clean energy, including energy efficiency and electric vehicles, and hosted Queensland’s first climate summit.


US casinos ban Google Glasses

Big Pond News

Casinos in several US states are forbidding gamblers from wearing Google Glass, the tiny eyeglasses-mounted device capable of shooting photos, filming video and surfing the internet.


Stephen Fry tried to commit suicide last year with a 'huge a number of pills and vodka'

Simon Cable - Daily Mail

Stephen Fry has admitted he tried to commit suicide by overdosing on a cocktail of vodka and pills, and was only saved by a producer who discovered him unconscious. The actor and presenter, 55, who has a history of depression and suffers from bipolar disorder, revealed he was in a hotel room abroad last year when he tried to take his own life.

Human Rights

PNG judge launches inquiry into reports police slashed ankles of men

Liam Fox - ABC

A judge in Papua New Guinea has launched a human rights inquiry into a shocking report of police brutality against more than 70 men on the outskirts of Port Moresby. Just over a week ago, 74 men from the 6-Mile settlement were walking home after being involved in a fight that had been broken up by police.

Despite legal moves, PNG’s terrifying witchcraft killings look set to continue

Ian Lloyd Neubauer - Time

One step forward and several giant steps back. That’s how the U.N.’s human-rights office described the reintroduction last week of the death penalty in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the concurrent repealing by parliament of the country’s bizarre 1971 Sorcery Act.

CBD bashing victim's mother hits out at 'disgusting' Gallen

Nick Ralston - The Herald

The mother of a man who was nearly killed by a punch to the head has branded Paul Gallen's violence in last night's State of Origin game as "disgusting", saying such thuggery "should not be applauded". Simon Cramp was left fighting for his life on Sunday morning after being king hit on a night out in the Rocks.


MPs to vote on recognising gay marriage


A bill to have overseas same-sex marriages recognised in Australia will be put to the vote in the Senate by the Australian Greens before the end of June. Greens senator Sarah Hanson-Young says Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had blocked a Greens bill to recognise same-sex marriage in Australia.

'I'm having a lesbian' billboard launched for gay marriage campaign

Natasha Bita -

A pregnant woman who is "having a lesbian" stars in a provocative new billboard to promote gay marriage. Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays spokeswoman Shelley Argent said the campaign was designed to garner support from mainstream families for gay marriage, on the grounds that gay children were "born that way".

Greens-Labor at odds over failed marriage vote

Benjamin Riley - Star Observer

It now seems likely that there will be no vote on marriage equality in the House of Representatives before the next Federal election, following a decision last Thursday by the Parliamentary Selection Committee to allocate time for four more speakers on the bill rather than refer it to a vote.


Since Bob Brown’s departure, the nasty underbelly of the Greensparty is on display

Christian Lyons · VexNews

Recently filed litigation from one-time Greensparty high-flyer Rose Iser reveals a deep and abiding nastiness operating in that party that puts the majors to shame.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Sex workers, like other employees, deserve protection at work

Grace Bellavue - Herald Sun

I am a small business owner in Adelaide and I ensure the safety of myself, my staff and my clients. My business, which provides sexual services to adult consumers, is criminalised.

Sexualisation of Society

Tyler, the Creator’s Sydney in-store appearance shut down by police

Al Newstead - Tone Deaf

Following on from this morning’s news that a Liberal MP wants the “misogynistic” rapper out of the country and his tour cancelled, Tyler, The Creator’s Australian EarlWolf Tour, with Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All Associate Earl Sweatshirt, has been marred by further controversy.


Brotherly 'love' outed as revenue scam

Steve Butcher - The Age

The bond had been strong, but Bill and Jim Karras' once brotherly love definitely went no deeper than that. Despite the embrace and the blond wigs, their depiction as unmarried ''domestic partners'' living as a couple was a lie.