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There's always another choice

Anne Ponton - Mercator Net

With the media full of the horror of Kermit Gosnell’s Philadelphia abortion mill, we might forget how hard parents fight to make sure that their children survive. This is one mother’s story. My story begins in mid-December 2001. I was newly married, healthy, excited and shocked to be carrying twins! All had been going along in the pregnancy just fine until one Saturday morning. I noticed something was not quite right so I called my doctor, hoping he would say, "Don't worry. Everything will be just fine.” I had just been at his office the day before for a routine check-up. He told me that from this point forward, even though I was only 26 weeks along in my pregnancy, to call if I sensed anything out of the ordinary. That’s called precaution, not paranoia, he told me.

Abortion protesters saved my baby's life

Life Network Australia

My name is Nancy and I am the 46 year old mum of my beautiful 18 month old daughter, Ava, who was born in August, 2011. I had two daughters, 10 and 7 years, when I ended my third pregnancy. I was coerced by my partner, who made it clear that he was not committed to me and was not sure about our future together. Unsure of what to do, I was offered counselling at the hospital, but it in no way assisted me to keep my baby. I received no information about the development of my baby and pregnancy and was not offered any other option. The counsellor just sat there listening to me talk about how I didn’t know what to do. Although I was obviously distraught, she did nothing, other than to say that after a termination I would feel better.

Children & Family

Women face separation anxiety

Mark Bouris - Brisbane Times

I have been astonished by the correspondence from women in the past few weeks, and one of the topics that has come up time and time again is how women's retirement plans are derailed when they get divorced.


Parents need game ratings they can trust

Susie O'Brien - Sunday Herald Sun

I was one of the many calling for the R18+ classification because I thought it would make it easier for parents to determine what their kids should and should not be playing. I don't have teenagers yet, but I'd suggest there's a pretty big difference between being 15 and being 18 when it comes to the ability to properly process games that contain killing, torture and violence. We don't need greater censorship, but we do need a ratings system that helps us understand better what our children are doing in the darkened rooms of our houses.

FCC seeks to allow nudity and profanity during "family hour"

Family Reasearch Council

The Federal Communication Commission (“FCC” or “the Commission”) has announced that it is seeking public comment on a proposal that seeks to relax its regulations that enforce the broadcast decency laws enacted by Congress. Under the new proposal and new FCC practices, the Commission would focus its enforcement resources only on “egregious” cases of broadcast indecency. Apparently, the Commission would like to allow “fleeting” uses of the most profane language. It would also like to allow instances of “isolated (non-sexual) nudity.” One can only imagine where this would go.

Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol factor in rise of girls in detention

Natasha Wallace - SMH

There has been a marked increase in the rate of girls jailed or under community-based supervision over the past 10 years in NSW, new national data shows. NSW Justice Minister Greg Smith has blamed drug and alcohol abuse as part of the reason for the 70 per cent spike, revealed in a recent Australian Institute of Health and Welfare report.


The myth of green Australia

John Muscat - On Line Opinion

Having collected the Nobel peace prize in 2007, Al Gore's fortunes as a climate crusader slid into the doldrums. But 8th November 2011 arrived as a ray of sunshine. On that day Australia's parliament passed into law the world's first economy-wide carbon tax. Rushing to his blog, Gore posted a short but rapturous statement, cross-posted in The Huffington Post. His fervent language echoed in progressive circles across the globe. Australians have been held-up as pioneering environmentalists ever since, putting Americans to shame.


Sunday Telegraph investigation reveals punters across Australia lost $4 million on More Joyous

Phil Rothfield - The Daily Telegraph

A Sunday Telegraph investigation into the explosive race inquiry reveals punters across Australia, oblivious to the super mare's pre-race health issues, lost a staggering $4 million on the horse. On April 26, the day before the race, Waterhouse wrote in encouraging terms about the chances of his mother - Gai Waterhouse's - horse. The previous afternoon, on Anzac Day, he told rugby league immortal Andrew Johns that More Joyous was one of three horses he didn't fancy on the final day of the Randwick carnival.


Time to stop keeping kids immune from jab

The Sunday Telegraph

Enough is enough. The Sunday Telegraph and Daily Telegraph have launched a pro-immunisation campaign to protect vulnerable children. Since Sunday, we have been accused of denying human rights, of ostracizing unvaccinated children and unfairly judging parents who make a health choice for their children.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

As more people are arrested for blasphemy in Egypt, a young Christian teacher is jailed

Asia News

Demyana Emad, 23, a primary school teacher in Luxor, is accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in front of her pupils. She claims she is innocent. A group of Islamic extremists stormed into the school, urging pupils to testify against the woman.


Top human rights barrister sparks outrage with call for age of consent to be lowered to 13

Terri Judd - The Independent

Barrister Barbara Hewson was criticised by her own chambers after causing a furore by suggesting that the age of consent should be lowered to 13. In an article for online publication Spiked, Ms Hewson, a specialist in reproductive rights, said it was time to “end the persecution of old men” such broadcaster Stuart Hall, describing the indecent assault of 13 girls, which he admitted, as “low-level misdemeanours”.

Boy, 12, charged with murdering eight-year-old sister in California

News Limited

A Californian boy, 12, has been arrested for the brutal stabbing murder of his eight-year-old sister. The boy, who was not identified, will be charged with homicide, Calaveras County Sheriff Gary Kuntz told reporters. The April 27 attack on Leila Fowler shook the Valley Springs community of about 7400 people and set off a massive manhunt.