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Game on over sex and violence

Stephen Cauchi - SMH

Conservative groups have urged the federal government to ensure the sex and violence allowed in the new R18+ category for computer games is no greater than that for the current MA15+ level. The federal government announced last week that a R18+ category for video games would be introduced on January 1, bringing Australia into line with the rest of the world.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Christian lobbyist weathers barrage of abuse

Bridie Jabour - Brisbane Times

The Australian Christian Lobby’s state director Wendy Francis says she was subject to a barrage of abusive emails and calls to her mobile phone after the LNP announced changes to surrogacy laws. Mrs Francis started receiving the phone calls on Friday morning and estimated they were coming in every five to six minutes and she was also sent emails with pornographic images attached.

Changes to gay laws don't make a Joh of Newman

Amy Remeikis - SMH

The Twitter feeds of followers of Queensland politics exploded late on Thursday night as the State Parliament debated changes to the civil union legislation and announced amendments to surrogacy laws. Changes to the civil partnership legislation, pushed through in the final days of the previous Labor government, had been flagged by the Premier, Campbell Newman, who had previously announced the state-sanctioned declaration ceremonies, attached to the law, would be scrapped.

Drugs & Alcohol

Federal Government giving leading sporting organisations funding to shun alcohol sponsorship

Alicia Wood - The Courier-Mail

Twelve of the country's leading sporting organisations have agreed to shun alcohol sponsorship after accepting Federal Government funding instead. The Federal Government is giving the organisations, which include Swimming Australia, Football Federation Australia and Netball Australia, money to encourage them to ditch promoting alcohol.

Drug lab uncovered after shooting outside Sydney home

Leigh van den Broeke -The Daily Telegraph

Police uncovered a drug lab inside a south west Sydney home when investigating a number of shots fired into the residence last night. Two bullet holes were found in the front of the house and two more in its garage on Catherine St, Punchbowl about 10.45pm.


States refuse to buckle amid calls to ban cane

Rosanne Barrett - The Australian

Corporal punishment can still be enforced in some independent schools because of a legal loophole in three states. Conservative governments in Queensland and Western Australia and the Labor South Australian government do not intend to make legal changes to ban corporal punishment or remove legal defences for it, as have occurred in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania.


ACT housing shortage may see refugees on the street

Larissa Nicholson - The Canberra Times

Community leaders fear asylum seekers will face homelessness in Canberra due to an acute shortage of affordable housing and an inadequate period of supported accommodation. Asylum seekers who have been security cleared and released from detention while they wait for their refugee status to be determined are granted up to six weeks of supported housing but often face a wait of several months before they know if they will be allowed to stay in Australia.


Grog-fuelled violence swamping police

Michael Owen and Rebecca Puddy - The Australian

Police say they are on the frontline of the battle against Aboriginal disadvantage in central Australia, facing a "maelstrom" of alcohol and violence so relentless that policing it becomes soul-destroying. In a powerful submission into the death in custody of Aboriginal man Kwementyaye Briscoe, 27, the Northern Territory Police Association has said the force is dealing with the consequences of decades of government policy failure that are so entrenched they have become "a stain on the whole community of the Northern Territory".


Nationals' vote on gay marriage is narrowly defeated

Anna Patty - SMH

Nationals delegates yesterday defeated a motion to give federal MPs a conscience vote on gay marriage. The motion, put by the Young Nationals, was lost 68 votes to 79. The Young Nationals said it was important for the party to open itself to debate on marriage equality and to stop ''toeing the ideological line of the Liberal Party'' because the issue was locking out some prospective new members.


Political storm brews over asylum boat tragedy


The asylum seeker debate is likely to dominate when federal Parliament resumes this week in the wake of the deadly boat capsize off Christmas Island. Investigations are now underway after a boat carrying 200 asylum seekers overturned north of Christmas Island on Thursday, sparking a three-day search and recovery mission.

Where is the morality in our asylum seeker policy?

John Hewson - The Drum ABC

The situation with asylum seekers who arrive by boat is a national disgrace. We have seen our nation's enviable humanitarian record in refugee settlement, built up over many decades, squandered for short-term political opportunism and perceived populism, over just the last couple of years. The politics has been played out, in its most terrifying and base form, as a race to the bottom, with our political leaders exploiting the issue to score cheap political points on each other, rather than working constructively to achieve an effective solution.

Asylum tragedies: the time for talking is over

Scott Morrison - The Australian

Another tragedy at sea has moved from rescue to the recovery phase. Once again Australians serving on our borders have distinguished themselves with courage, compassion and professionalism. Once again our nation has expressed sympathy and grief for the lost and their families, whose lives are no less precious than our own. Once again our nation is expressing frustration and anger at how we got here and, more importantly, what should be done now. The message is simple: enough is enough.

Sexualisation of Society

Sexting craze draws in kids at age 10

Katherine Danks - The Daily Telegraph

Children as young as 10 are experimenting with sexting and should be educated about its dangers, a leading charity has warned. BoysTown, which runs the Kids Helpline counselling service, said sexting-related awareness and education campaigns should target children and young people aged 10-18.


Hopes dashed for course on religion

Barney Zwartz - SMH

Hopes have been crushed that state schools will include a serious secular course about religion as part of the planned national curriculum, according to religious educators. Advocates for a multi-faith general religious education course hoped that it could be included in the civics and citizenship segment of the planned national curriculum, but religion is so low on the priorities list for that course that it will disappear, they say.