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Gender bias cannot start in the womb

Melinda Tankard Reist - Herald Sun

When Melbourne sonographer Jane (not her real name) told the young Afghani Muslim bride that she was expecting a girl, she felt she had just handed out a death sentence. "It was the worse scan in my 15 years in the profession," she told me. "My patient came in recently for a routine 20-week obstetric foetal wellbeing scan. She asked the gender of the baby. In the room were family members. "I said the baby looked healthy and most likely a girl. The grandmother spoke aggressively in another language and left the room slamming the door, followed by the uncle and a little boy.

The reality of abortion is exposed

Miranda Devine - The Sunday Telegraph

We've made abortion such a sanitised, abstract subject, guarded by aggressive feminism, that discussion of its realities is off-limits in polite company. Even the word "abortion" is politically incorrect, replaced by the euphemism "choice", or more recently, "reproductive justice". While societal attitudes are becoming more nuanced in the face of technological advances allowing us to see clearly inside the womb and keep premature babies alive earlier than ever, the zeal of abortion enthusiasts to shield women from the truth continues unchecked.

'Gendercide' is abhorrent because every child has right to life

George Pell - The Sunday Telegraph

We are rightly scandalised when an unborn girl is aborted because she is a girl. This is abhorrent. It is yet another reason majority opinion in Australia is uneasy about the huge number of abortions. Unborn baby boys should be safe too. Worldwide, the abortion and infanticide of baby girls has resulted in the elimination of 200 million women. The Archdiocese of Sydney recently hosted the screening of the film It's A Girl, and its tagline claimed these are "the three deadliest words in the world today".


The Age and SMH forced to pulp supplements over Foxtel ad

Nick Leys - The Australian

An advert for a subscription television arts channel has led to the pulping of thousands of copies of a Fairfax Media newspaper supplement. Fairfax has confirmed that copies of The Age's Saturday Life & Style section were pulped at the request of the Foxtel Studio channel at significant cost to the advertiser.

Xbox player, 13, slashed friend's throat with knife after they met online playing ultra-violent game

Graham Grant - Daily Mail

Video games have been accused of fuelling youth violence after a 13-year-old boy slashed a friend’s throat following an online row. Police believe the attack, in Clydebank, Scotland, was influenced by the teenager’s use of violent video games. He had only known his 14-year-old victim for a few months after they met online while playing Xbox game Gears of War 3.

Australian Christian Lobby pushes for support to regulate outdoor advertising

Jasmin Lill - Quest Newspapers

ACL spokeswoman Wendy Francis will hold a conference at Ashgrove, in Brisbane's inner north, on Saturday calling for regulation of the outdoor advertising industry. 'Preserving our Public Spaces' will host several speakers including MPs and campaigners for removing sexualised material from public spaces.


Dark Greens becoming dead wood

Martin Gilmour - The Examiner

They have become a sad and pitiful lot really. Just when there is some glimmer of peace in the forest wars that have plagued a generation of Tasmanians, the old warmongers can't help themselves. Bob Brown, Christine Milne, Peg Putt and Kim Booth are locked in the past. They are forest tragics searching for relevance - how dare the young conservation turks like Vica Bayley, Phil Pullinger and Nick McKim make decisions without the approval of their green elders.

Top cosmetics brands 'lying to customers about animal testing'


A Choice investigation has found that many manufacturers' websites, packaging, and sales staff are failing to inform Australian customers that their beauty products are tested on animals in China. Skin and eye irritation tests must be conducted on animals in order for cosmetic products to be sold in China, which are paid for by manufacturers.


AMA outraged over euthanasia device

ABC Online

The Australian Medical Association has expressed outrage over a product developed by voluntary euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke. Dr Nitschke appeared in Perth on Saturday promoting nitrogen canisters which he says can help people legally end their live.

Pollies need wake-up on euthanasia

The Sunshine Coast Daily

The Australia 21 report "The Right to Choose an Assisted Death: Time for Legislation?" urged state governments to develop legislation now to permit and regulate voluntary euthanasia and assisted suicide in defined and limited circumstances and that the Federal Parliament restore powers that were withdrawn from the Territories so those parliaments may do the same.


Abbott's plan to ban live betting on sports broadcasts 'a smokescreen'


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's plan to ban live betting odds during sports broadcasts has received a mixed response from anti-gambling campaigners in federal parliament. Mr Abbott says if he wins government he will scrap live betting odds from sports broadcasts unless the television industry takes action first.


Rough justice for victims too scared to testify against abusive partners

Natasha Robinson - The Australian

Aboriginal women who are victims of violent domestic clashes have been sentenced to jail in regional NSW after retreating from their claims against their abuser - a trend that has sparked calls for an urgent review of police handling of false accusation cases.


NZ: Legalise multi-partner marriage - group

Kirsty McMurray - Stuff

A group is calling for the Government to consider legalising multi-partner marriages. The group set up a Facebook page just before the Marriage Amendment Bill passed through Parliament last week, legalising gay marriage. A statement on the page described multi-partner - or polyamorous - marriage as "responsible, adult, committed non-monogamy," and said all committed loving relationships between adults regardless of number should be respected and given legal acknowledgement. "Some Australian Greens have now got a lobby group going, there are several MPs around the world coming out as poly and poly-friendly and it seems the time is right to at least bring it to the attention of the New Zealand public and New Zealand parliament," the group said.

Abbott rules out gay unions

Michael Gordon - The Age

Tony Abbott has doused expectations of any change on same-sex unions in the next Parliament, predicting that a significant majority of Coalition MPs will share his strong opposition to gay marriage. Mr Abbott has dismissed speculation that he would facilitate a conscience vote in the Coalition party room after the September election, telling Fairfax Media he did not anticipate ''much enthusiasm'' to revisit the issue.

Christian lobby welcomes Tony Abbott’s “clarity” on marriage definition vote

Australian Conservative

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed reported comments by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott that he did not expect the issue of same-sex marriage to come up in the life of the next Parliament should the Coalition win the election. Fairfax Media reported today that “Mr Abbott has dismissed speculation that he would facilitate a conscience vote in the Coalition party room after the September election.”

Letter to Catholics on the approval of “Same-sex marriage” in Rhode Island

Bishop Tobin - Diocese Pvd

Since the legislative approval of “same-sex marriage” in Rhode Island, a number of people have requested that I offer some guidance on this development. It is for that purpose that I write at this time. In particular I wish to invite members of the Catholic Church in Rhode Island to a moment of prayer and reflection as we respond to this new challenge of the post-Christian era into which, clearly, we have now entered. First, like many others, I am profoundly disappointed that Rhode Island has approved legislation that seeks to legitimize “same-sex marriage.”

Gay marriage obsession - losing momentum?

Ben-Peter Terpstra - Menzies House

Clearly, the world isn’t as pro-gay marriage as Australia’s establishment media. With only 14 of the world’s 195 nation states allowing same-sex partners to marry, your average “gay marriage” state belongs to an experimental minority. We’re talking eccentric social-engineering islands. Together, they make up the seven per cent.


Investigation into Greens candidate's ANU appearance

Tom McIlroy - The Canberra Times

The wife of ACT Greens Senate candidate Simon Sheikh is the subject of a formal investigation by the Australian National University, after allegations the couple used campus lectures to promote his campaign. The ANU student newspaper Woroni reported that the former GetUp! national director had promoted his candidacy and Greens membership during two political science lectures on Thursday, and that his wife Anna Rose had sought to recruit campaign volunteers.

Labor may lose leading donor

Noel Towell - The Canberra Times

The federal Labor Party could lose the support of its largest financial donor for the federal election. The powerful Construction Forestry Energy and Mining Union (CFMEU), which has donated more than $9 million to Labor in the past 12 years, says it has not yet decided if it will contribute cash or support to Julia Gillard's re-election campaign.

It can't get any worse for Labor, polling at just 28pc

Mark Coultan - The Australian

NSW Labor continues to be regarded as toxic by voters, but there's little evidence that the Independent Commission Against Corruption's inquiry i to the last ALP state government is doing any further damage to the party's already moribund standing. The latest Newspoll shows Labor's primary support is stuck below 30 per cent, while the Coalition's support has hit a 12-month high of 48 per cent.

Epic election rout is just the beginning for Labor

Troy Bramston - The Australian

As Labor MPs file into the opposition partyroom after the September 14 federal election, there will be plenty of vacant seats. Just how bad Labor's likely rout will be is impossible to predict precisely this far out. But a range of senior Labor Party officials - those who know the mood in the nation's 150 electorates better than anyone - are in no doubt about the scale of the electoral tsunami that is headed for Labor.

Same-sex marriage hit in Tas election


The chances of Tasmania passing same-sex marriage laws have taken a hit. Same-sex marriage legislation has suffered another setback in Tasmania following elections for the state's upper house. Candidates opposing the reform looked set to win all three Legislative Council seats up for grabs in the poll.

Liberals bouyant (sic) after polls

Brad Markham - ABC

The Tasmanian Liberals are citing the party's strong performance in this weekend's Upper House elections as proof there's a mood for change. [ Video: ACL's Mark Brown at 1:45 ]

Big night for Liberals

Blair Richards - The Mercury

The Liberal party has gained a seat and a long-serving independent has survived a campaign to unseat him in the Legislative Council elections. Tasmanians went to the polls yesterday in the Greater Hobart seats of Nelson and Pembroke and the North-West seat of Montgomery.

Giddings shrugs off Libs' win

David Killick - The Mercury

Premier Lara Giddings has shrugged off a clean sweep by conservative candidates in the weekend's Upper House elections, saying without Labor candidates the vote was not a forecast for next year's state poll. Liberal Vanessa Goodwin won Pembroke, independent Jim Wilkinson was returned in Nelson and Liberal Leonie Hiscutt was elected in Montgomery.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Man kept teen step-daughter as a sex slave

Amy Dale - The Daily Telegraph

It was a chilling note that details the horrific acts a young girl was forced to perform on her step-father as she was "reduced to nothing more than a sex slave". A court yesterday heard of three brutal choices given to the now 15-year-old girl through a handwritten note penned by the 44-year-old abuser, who was sentenced yesterday to 15 years in jail for four charges of repeated and persistent sexual abuse.

Long-grassers: Indigenous women trade sex for food and cigarettes

Paul Toohey - News Limited

The Aboriginal woman, aged about 40, attractive with an easy smile, explains how it was for her when she lived on the streets of Darwin for six years, until she entered public housing last year: she traded sex with white men. "It was every day," she says. She and other women would hang out by the beach, waiting for men to drive by.


Record number of arrivals

Paige Taylor - The Australian

Immigration officials on Christmas Island have begun processing the largest asylum boat of the year - an Indonesian inter-island ferry carrying 186 people. And the detection of a boat near Darwin yesterday pushed the number of arrivals since last Friday to a record 1049 passengers and crew.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Islamic militants have turned Nigeria into a Christian killing field


As reported by CBN News on Friday, Nigeria has quietly become the nation with the highest Christian death toll at the hands of Islamic extremists. In 2012, 900 Christians were killed there. The guilty party? A group of Islamic militants identified as Boko Haram.


Rear admiral vows to continue sharing faith

World Mag

Faith in the military took center stage Thursday at the 62nd observance of the National Day of Prayer in Washington, D.C, as lawmakers and faith leaders gathered on Capitol Hill. After a series of speakers addressed those gathered at the Cannon Office Building, U.S. Coast Guard Rear Adm. William D. Lee, took the microphone to represent Americans serving in the military. Lee told the crowd he had 10 minutes of carefully prepared remarks, but he decided to leave them in his chair and “speak from the heart” instead. Lee, who described himself as “a man of deep abiding faith who happens to wear a uniform,” went on to defy any efforts to stop military personnel from openly sharing their Christian faith—a topic sparking widespread controversy in the media this week.