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Could it be … Satan? Not in the news coverage

Joe Carter - Get Religion

When abortion rights supporters showed up at the Texas state capitol to protest, the AP considers it worthy of a 800-plus word feature. The headline on Monday was “Crowd Of Thousands Packs Texas Capitol To Protest Abortion Bill.” The AP makes a point of noting the religious activity of the counter-demonstrators (prayed, clutched crosses, sang hymns, the usual stuff), but why do they not mention the religious activity of the demonstrators? For example, what about those who were chanting, “Hail Satan”?

Charities & NFP

Salvation Army reviews how much food it gives battlers after IGA pulls donations

Adam Hegarty - Herald Sun

The Salvation Army may cut back on the amount of emergency food it gives struggling clients after losing donation support from a major supermarket chain. It is now dipping into its own cash reserves to buy food to support individuals and families seeking aid.

Children & Family

False abuse claims are the new court weapon, retiring judge says

Harriet Alexander - SMH

Allegations of child sexual abuse are being increasingly invented by mothers to stop fathers from seeing their children, says a retiring Family Court judge.


Censorship and the games people play

John Bailey - The Age

Last week, a small, pivotal moment in the history of Australian censorship made itself known. The classification board announced the first video game to be refused classification under the new R18+ laws brought into effect on January 1, and the decision left the Australian gaming industry and its fans in a curious bind. On one hand, say experts, it exposed a process of review that is flawed, unenforceable and based on outmoded standards. On the other: no one wants to be the champion who stood up for the right to bear weaponised extra-terrestrial sex toys. As gaming website Kotaku's editor, Mark Serrels, puts it: ''There's not a politician alive who would be brave enough to go up against the Australian Christian Lobby to preserve the sanctity of the purple dildo.''

YouTube video Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Official Teaser slammed by critics as 'sexploitation'

Malcolm Holland - The Daily Telegraph

The Roxy Pro Biarritz 2013 Official teaser ad is in hot water for being too sexual. IT shows the sport of surfing in a new and sexy light but an online advertisement for a leading surfwear brand has attracted criticism for its "sexploitation" of women. In the video, a young woman is shown half-naked on a bed.

Drugs & Alcohol

Synthetic drugs scourge spreads

Geg Bearup - The Australian

They call themselves "psychonauts" and synthetic drugs are their newest fixation. These "boutique" drug users are testing, taking and ordering drugs from around the world, measuring the effects and sharing them online with their peers in forums that are already revolutionising the traditional illicit drug distribution model.


Schools defend right to expel gays

Josephine Tovey - SMH

A bid to overturn controversial laws allowing private schools to expel students simply because they are gay has been rejected by some faith-based schools as a threat to their religious freedom.

Human Rights

80 Sexual assaults in one day during Egypt protests


Sexual assaults have been rampant during the events taking place in Egypt after and during the demonstrations to celebrate former President Morsi’s departure from power. The Guardian is reporting that 80 instances of sexual assault took place on Wednesday while crowds celebrated the toppling of Morsi’s regime. The incidents include sexual assaults, harassment, and rape. In Tahrir Square since Sunday, when protests against Morsi first began, there have been at least 169 counts of sexual mob crime.


Popes have no faith in gay marriage


The Vatican has issued an unprecedented religious text co-written by Pope Francis and his predecessor Benedict XVI in which the two popes said faith should serve the "common good" but restated their opposition to gay marriage.

Costa Rica 'accidentally' OKs civil unions


Conservative Costa Rican MPs are mortified that they may have accidentally approved language making same-sex unions legal when they passed a piece of legislation this week.

Overseas Aid

Médecins Sans Frontières opens Papua New Guinea clinic for abuse victims

The Guardian

The first frontline clinic to offer treatment for both medical and psychological injuries of victims of physical and sexual abuse has opened in Papua New Guinea, a country that researchers say is potentially the worst place in the world for gender violence. The Médecins Sans Frontières project, named the 9 Mile clinic, which opened in the capital city Port Moresby on 10 May, has already treated 43 victims of family and sexual violence, the level of which is unmatched by anything seen in the career of project head Paul Brockmann.


Tony Burke approves release of 18 asylum seeker children from detention


New Immigration Minister Tony Burke has signed off on the release of 18 young asylum seekers, just hours after visiting their Tasmanian detention centre. After a visit to the Pontville facility near Hobart on Friday, Tony Burke declared he did not want any young person permanently held in detention. He has since approved the release of 18 young detainees, who will be released into community detention around the country.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Coptic priest shot dead in Egypt attack: sources


Gunmen shot dead a Coptic Christian priest in Egypt's lawless Northern Sinai on Saturday in what could be the first sectarian attack since the military overthrow of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi, security sources said.

Are Egypts Coptic Christians a shrinking minority?

Institutional Investor

They've long played a large role in Egypt's economy, but today Copts are feeling threatened — and it's unclear whether Morsi's ouster will reassure them or unleash fresh chaos.

Christians in Syria: Separating grim reality from Islamist propaganda

Enza Ferperi - Front Page Mag

A recently released video of an interview with a Syrian rebel — and would-be-martyr – gives extraordinary insight into the mentality of the Syrian opposition. Believing that he’s speaking to European jihadist volunteers, the rebel says that Christians must be killed to impose a Sharia state in Syria, after which they will be given the classic choice: pay the jizya, convert or die.