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Pro-lifers raise new barriers to abortion

Nick O'Malley - SMH

The stay of execution came through late last Sunday evening. A district court judge issued an injunction that kept Mississippi's last abortion clinic open, at least until a hearing set down for the coming Wednesday. You can imagine the disappointment of the Governor, Phil Bryant, who has often talked of his wish to see the state ''abortion-free'', whatever the view of the Supreme Court of the United States in its 1973 Roe versus Wade decision.

Children & Family

Home owners facing loan repayment disaster

Marika Dobbin - The Age

Many people who bought houses on Melbourne's fringes in recent years could be facing financial ruin after a slump in prices has left them owing more to the bank than their homes are worth, experts have warned.


How Julia Gillard bet the House on pokies porkie to independent Andrew Wilkie

Linda Silmalis - The Sunday Telegraph

The federal government secretly aborted an $800,000 anti-pokies strategy in mid-2011, tender documents show. The revelation has prompted furious independent Andrew Wilkie to accuse Julia Gillard of deliberately "playing dead" on her deal with him. The government pretended for a further seven months that it would honour its power-sharing deal with Mr Wilkie, before finally dumping him in January 2012 -- once it had wooed rogue Liberal Peter Slipper to defect.


Responding to Turnbull, who is not serious

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

Malcolm Turnbull has responded to my own response this morning to his speech defending same sex marriage. In it, he finally starts to address the more substantial secular arguments against same sex marriage that he somehow overlooked. Let’s go through his responses.

Bill Gates Supports Gay Marriage With $100K Gift

Paul Stanley - Christian Post

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has waded into the same-sex marriage debate in Washington State with a $100,000 contribution to help defeat a referendum that would ban same-sex marriage. Gates, along with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, both made the same six-figure contribution said Zach Silk, campaign manager for Washington United for Marriage, the group leading the charge for gay activists.

Overseas Aid

Sometimes it's not easy to decide the best ways to help societies in need

Tim Costello – The Australian

My first shocking encounter with extreme poverty was speaking to a mother in The Philippines who could not afford to both feed her children and buy medicine for one of them who had fallen sick.


NSW Labor right fires up Greens

Andrea Hayward - AAP

The NSW Labor right faction has incensed the Australian Greens, pitting Greens leader Christine Milne against the party she helped form minority government in federal parliament. NSW Labor secretary Sam Dastyari, convenor of the right Centre Unity faction, has described the Greens as "extremists not unlike One Nation".

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Iranian Pastor Nadarkhani new trial date set

Lillian Kwon - Christian Post

A new trial date has reportedly been set for Youcef Nadarkhani, the Iranian pastor on death row, for Sept. 8.

According to Present Truth Ministries, which has been closely monitoring the pastor's case, Nadarkhani will presumably be tried for crimes against security. "We assume by implication that this means the charges of apostasy have been dropped since the new charges have been issued, but we have no confirmation of that," the ministry said Thursday.

Sexualisation of Society

Porn is the new sex education, writes Mia Freedman

Mia Freedman - The Sunday Telegraph

Think very carefully before you invite me over for dinner. "Today kids see porn before they've had sex or even their first kiss. The average age of first exposure to porn is 11 and most kids have seen it by age 15" Because if there's a lull in the conversation, I may say something like this: "Porn is the new sex education doesn't that freak you out?" It's a rhetorical question because of course it freaks you out and if it doesn't, you're an ostrich. Lately I've had many dinner party conversations with ostriches about porn and they're staggeringly predictable. The women at the table are usually silent while the men are dismissive.

Learn about the new, tasteless trend sweeping through the UK

Julian Kimble - Complex City Guide

So there's a fad that's hit the UK recently: tweeting pictures of your sleeping, unaware one-night stand. The trend was sparked by Gaz, a character to say the least on Geordie Shore, the UK's obvious answer to Jersey Shore. A week ago, Gaz tweeted "How many people r doing the walk of shame hahahaha #wakeupwitharandom #awkwardtaxihome" to his over 500,000 followers. The response was overwhelming, and thus, #BedOfShame was born.


Rift forms in movement as belief in gay ‘cure’ is renounced

NY Times

For more than three decades, Exodus International has been the leading force in the so-called ex-gay movement, which holds that homosexuals can be “cured” through Christian prayer and psychotherapy.

Chance of a second life as US-based Cryonics Institute plans to establish a deep-freeze facility in Australia by 2014

Staff Writer - The Sunday Telegraph

Don't fancy the idea of eternal death? The US-based Cryonics Institute plans to establish a deep-freeze facility in Australia by 2014. The facility will be able to preserve up to 400 corpses - at a cost of $200,000 each - to be brought back to life in the future, when they believe medical science will restore them to "good health".

Advocates urge rethink on HIV tests

Ewa Kretowicz - The Canberra Times

Over-the-counter HIV tests that are as easy to use as a pregnancy test and cost about $20 will be available in United States pharmacies from October. The tests' approval for sale to over 17s has reignited debate about allowing rapid testing for the infection in Australia.