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Texas House tentatively passes bill to ban late-term abortions after 20 weeks

Steven Ertelt - Life News

After a full day of debate and pro-life votes to defeat almost two dozen pro-abortion amendments to weaken the bill, Texas legislators successfully approved on second reading a bill that will ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

National newspapers refuse pro-life ad

Heroic Media - World Mag

The Chicago Tribune, USA Today, and the Los Angeles Times, refused to run a pro-life ad from Heroic Media last week, calling it “too controversial.” The ad featured an adult hand holding a medically accurate fetal model of a 20-to-24-week-old baby with the quote, “This child has no voice, which is why it depends on yours. Speak Up.”

Children & Family

Child abuse victims suffer greater long term health costs: study

Alexia Atwood - The Conversation

Adults who were abused in childhood suffer from more chronic health conditions and put far greater pressure on the health system than those who were not abused, according to new research from the University of Technology, Sydney.

Caseworkers are being hired to work with the state's most vulnerable children as Tanilla's death brings department into focus

Janet Fife-Yeomans - Daily Telegraph

More frontline caseworkers are being hired to work with the state's most vulnerable children, Family and Community Services Minister Pru Goward has announced today.


Independent schools sign up to Better Schools plan in $1bn deal

Bridie Jabour - Guardian

Independent schools have signed on to the Better Schools plan – formerly known as the Gonski reforms – in a deal worth $1bn to the sector over the next six years. The Australian government and Independent Schools Council of Australia signed an agreement a day after the government announced Tasmania had agreed to the reforms.

Extra year for schools plan: WA Premier


West Australian Premier Colin Barnett wants a 12-month extension to the deadline for signing up to the federal government's school funding scheme.

Dropping dollar is good for unis

Brisbane Times

The dropping dollar is being seen as a boost to Australia's international education industry. Universities Australia says with international competition for tertiary students becoming more intense, the cost of going to university is playing a strong part in deciding whether to come to Australia or head to the US or UK.


When it comes to gambling, competition is not always good

Elizabeth Knight - SMH

James Packer's Crown was victorious in the battle to win a second casino licence in NSW, but the rationale employed by the expert panel that advised Premier Barry O'Farrell does not sit so neatly with the wealth of opinion available from bodies like the National Competition Council and the Productivity Commission.


Rudd wants indigenous recognition in Australian constitution


The debate over Indigenous recognition in Australia's Constitution has been revived today. .. at a ceremony marking the 50th anniversary of the Yirrkala Bark petitions.... which paved the way for the land rights movement. In the Northern Territory for the occasion, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he wants a referendum in the next term of parliament.


The devaluation of marriage is costing society

Claire Lehmann - SMH

There is a disconnect in our national discussion about marriage. On the one hand we have had a very strong movement for same-sex marriage rights but on the other hand, there exists a general silence on the value and function of marriage in society.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) sues Pennsylvania over ban on gay marriage

Mark Makela - The New York Times

The Supreme Court returned the battle over same-sex marriage to the states two weeks ago, and Deb and Susan Whitewood are among the first to pick up the fight. A couple for 22 years with two teenage daughters, the Whitewoods filed suit on Tuesday to overturn Pennsylvania’s ban on gay marriage, one of the first of an expected outpouring of cases around the country to cite the court’s majority opinion that same-sex couples are denied a “status of immense import” and their children deprived of “the integrity and closeness of their own family.”


The 42 people who control the NSW ALP

Andrew Clennell - The Daily Telegraph

These are the 42 "faceless men and women" who control NSW Labor through its powerful administrative committee and whose power Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has promised to thwart as he moves towards a popular election system for federal Labor leader. But the policy Mr Rudd will take to caucus on July 22 - to have Labor members help elect their leader in a US-style primary - has one small fault.

What will it take to save the Australian Greens?

Tad Tietze - Guardian

The Greens have suffered from their association with the Gillard government. They need serious strategic rethinking to get themselves out of this bind. After this month's leadership change made Labor look competitive for the first time in years, you might think the left of politics would be united in enthusiasm that Tony Abbott can be stopped. In the case of The Australian Greens, you’d be thinking wrong.

Why Fraser should not go Green

Syd Hickman - On Line Opinion

Long ago, around the time Malcolm Fraser was in power, the Greens made a useful contribution to political debate. They raised awareness of the environment as a critical issue to be taken into account in all aspects of social and economic reality. Fraser held them in contempt. Now he is campaigning for them. Most of us have come to accept the Greens original position, while debating the specifics. But the Greens themselves have degenerated into the party of 'moral frivolity'.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Slain bikie Tyrone Lee Slemnick was due to be sentenced next week over extortion related charges

Mark Morri - The Daily Telegraph

Murdered bikie Tyrone Lee Slemnick was a stand-over man who had attempted to extort $2500 from a inner-city brothel owner. Slemnick, 37, was to be sentenced in the Downing Centre local court next week for demanding money with menaces from a Lucy Wong, the owner of the Fallen Angel Brothel in Newtown in the early hours of the morning in October last year.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Is Christianity nearing extinction in the Middle East?

World Watch Monitor

Middle Eastern Christians are experiencing one of the most significant periods in their history, according to religious and political leaders meeting in London last week. Regime changes in Egypt and Iran, and sectarian violence in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, have presented an opportunity for the Christian minority to speak out, or for international bodies to advocate on their behalf.

Sexualisation of Society

Dark undercurrents of teenage girls' selfies

Olympia Nelson - The Age

If social media only caused narcissism, it wouldn't be the worst thing. Instagram and Facebook are social networks that not only breed narcissistic tendencies but transform relations into a sexual rat race. On these ubiquitous portals, the popularity of girls is hotly contested over one big deal: how sexy can I appear and bring it off with everyone's admiration?


UK Christian B&B owner loses appeal over denying gay couple

Tyler O'Neil - Christian Post

A Christian Bed and Breakfast owner in the United Kingdom lost her appeal Tuesday against a ruling that she discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to give them a double room in 2010. Her case joins that of another Christian couple who also denied a double room to a gay couple in their guesthouse in 2008. Both cases will be heard by the U.K. Supreme Court on October 9.