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I spent two years working as an abortion nurse, but I know I am forgiven by Jesus

Editors - LifeSite News

I grew up the oldest of four in a loving family in the midwest. My father is a retired MD, my mother was an RN. I grew up feeling loved, regularly attending the Presbyterian Church, collecting pets and plants. Loved living things and the outdoors. Fascinated with science. Became an RN myself, and started my career in the ICU. Later I was a traveling nurse, so I could see some of the world. Settled for a time in Florida, had a boyfriend. That friendship ended badly, and I decided to get a fresh start in Colorado, where one of my best friends from nursing school lived.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Woman loses Family Court bid for baby to dead partner

Sean Fewster - Herald Sun

A woman cannot fulfil her late partner's final wish and have their child by IVF because the Family Court lacks jurisdiction over his frozen sperm. In a ruling published on the court's website this week, Justice Garry Watts says he has no choice but to refuse the woman's plea because her defacto partner died before giving her written consent to access his genetic material. The judge says he cannot intervene - even with the blessing of the man's sister and executor of his will - because it is not a matrimonial or property matter.


Combet flags fall in carbon tax revenue

Marcus Priest - AFR

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet flagged the federal government may cut revenue forecasts for the carbon tax in this year’s budget as the chairman of its Climate Change Authority, Bernie Fraser, said Treasury’s price projections were out of date and unrealistic. Mr Combet stressed the carbon scheme was a market-based mechanism and any updates would occur in this year’s budget. He was responding to a report in The Australian Financial Review which said the government faces a revenue hole of up to $4 billion in 2015-16 from a collapse in the carbon price, which is now about $5 a tonne. Australia’s carbon price is $23 a tonne and will continue to rise until 2015, when it will float.

Human Rights

Dairy farmers face ruin amid supermarket milk war

Lisa Whitehead - ABC

Dairy farmers say they are struggling to survive as major supermarkets wage a milk war offering prices as low as $1 a litre. With the industry gripped by crisis, 500 dairy farmers and local business people flocked to a meeting in Tongala, in northern Victoria, today to try and work out a way to challenge the huge chains. They came in the hope of finding some answers from politicians and business leaders.


Politicians unite on Indigenous recognition vote

Simon Cullen - ABC

The House of Representatives has passed legislation recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the first inhabitants of Australia. The bill is considered an interim step on the path towards an eventual referendum for constitutional change. Its passage through the Lower House this morning came on the five-year anniversary of former prime minister Kevin Rudd's apology to the Stolen Generations.


French house OKs gay marriage; 1 step remains

Kevin Spak - Newser

Same-sex marriage is now just one step away from being legal in France. The country's lower house of parliament today voted 329 to 229 to approve a controversial bill that would redefine a marriage as a contract between two people, without reference to gender, allowing gay and lesbian couples to both get married and adopt children, France 24 reports. The bill faced fierce opposition from France's Catholics, and from conservative lawmakers, who introduced more than 5,000 amendments to delay its passage.

Gay marriage a feelgood fight for issues-lite elite

Bredan O'Neill - The Australian

Has there ever been a weirder political issue than gay marriage? A cool-headed look back at events in Britain last week, where David Cameron's gay marriage bill was passed in the House of Commons, suggests, no, there hasn't been. Think about it. Here we have politicians who have little commitment to the idea of rights (Cameron's Tories) offering to expand marriage rights to people who have never traditionally wanted to get married (gays), and they have been cheered on by liberal commentators who think marriage is a naff institution ("Marriage is no more than a mystical word," said one fulsomely pro-gay marriage columnist on the day of the Commons vote). And yet all of this political freakiness, this bonkers expansion of marriage by those who don't much care for it to those have never needed it, is treated as perfectly normal by observers.

Same-sex marriage off agenda at Katter party conference

Tim Lester and Damien Bright - The Age

Independent MP Bob Katter says there is ''no way, Jose'' that same-sex marriage will be discussed at the Katter Australian Party's national executive meeting on Friday. The fiery Queenslander threatened to walk out of a Fairfax Media interview after the issue of internal party divisions on same-sex marriage was raised. ''We don't think about it. We don't discuss it. You're preoccupied with it. You have a problem with it. We don't. It's not on our agenda,'' he said. Sources in the Katter Australian Party have told Fairfax Media of anger over Mr Katter's decision to back the party's ACT Senate candidate, Steven Bailey, a supporter of gay marriage. One source has warned the party could ''implode'' over the division.


Rudd puts Gillard and Swan in his sights over the mining tax

Michelle Grattan - The Conversation

Kevin Rudd has elevated the temperature surrounding Labor’s leadership by buying into the row over the government’s controversial mining tax. With Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan under attack about the failure of the tax to yield any significant revenue, Rudd sheeted home the blame for the whole fiasco to them. The tax, it must be remembered, helped destroy his leadership, when the mining industry ran a massive campaign against the original version. He is highly passionate about the whole episode.

2013 WA election - Green prospects and analysis of the Legislative Council

Antony green - ABC

Over the past two years, opinion polls and election results have indicated that support for the Greens has slipped from the high levels it reached between 2008 and 2010. Some of the more rabid opponents of the Greens have lept on this poll downturn, predicting the demise of the party in a repeat of the Australian Democrat's plunge from relevance ten years ago.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

'Double jeopardy' appeal begins for brothel madam

Michael Inman - The Canberra Times

A Kambah woman convicted of slavery has been double-punished, Canberra highest ranking court has heard. Watcharaporn Nantahkhum, 45, last year became the first person convicted of a slavery offence in the ACT. A Supreme Court jury found the brothel madam guilty of possessing a slave, attempting to pervert the course of justice and four offences under the federal Migration Act.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

US: Cross erased boys rewarded atheists ecstatic

Michael F. Haverluck - OneNewsNow

The Freedom From Religion Foundation celebrated its victory in removing all things religious from the football uniforms of a combined Catholic / public school team. Making as little sense to many as removing the "G" from the Green Bay Packers' helmets, a Wisconsin co-op football team composed of the private Catholic Messmer High School and the public Shorewood High School was forced to remove its new team logo last fall. The logo affixed to the team's helmets mixed the images of both schools -- the Shorewood greyhound and Messmer's bishop's hat with a cross.

Christians in Sudan victimized by Islamic government

Christian and other minority groups in Sudan continue to be victimized by a government that has been accused for war crimes by the International Criminal Court. After South Sudan split away from Sudan in 2011, many through the victimization of Christians in Sudan would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Christians and other minority groups remain under attack. Will the international community step up and confront this issue? 

Sexualisation of Society

Is Apple trying to kill porn?

James Manning - SMH

It's a pretty safe assumption these days that the internet is largely taken up by pornography, and that's been proven again with a new service from Twitter. The social network has come under fire for its new video-sharing service, called Vine, which has become something of a haven for porn. Adult content was even featured in the Editor's Pick section of the app for a short while, which understandably sparked outrage from unprepared users.


Papal resignation: quest for the next pope begins in the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation

David Adams - Sight Magazine

While it's been suggested the next Pope could be an African, Melbourne-based academic Professor Desmond Cahill suggests it may be a Canadian or South American who is elected by the papal conclave. While reports have suggested that Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana and Cardinal Francis Arinze of Nigeria are among contenders, Professor Cahill – professor of intercultural studies at RMIT University and Vatican watcher – says he doesn’t think that “at this stage the church would take so bold a step as to have a black African cardinal”.