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Charities & NFP

Sting in the tail of Gillard charities red tape reduction

Paul O'Callaghan - Eureka Street

Almost every Australian has been involved with, or affected by, a charitable agency at some stage of their lives. Possibly as a recipient of services, or as a donor, volunteer or staff member. Not many Australians know that one in eleven Australians is employed in the charitable and non-for-profit sector and that this sector contributes more than $40 billion to GDP every year.

Children & Family

A controversial gay parenting study revisited

Walter R. Schumm - Mercator Net

In the July issue of the scholarly journal Social Science Research, Professor Mark Regnerus published an article detailing initial results from his New Family Structures Study. His results suggested that adult children who had been raised, for at least a brief time, in families with a gay, lesbian, or bisexual parent were more likely to report dysfunctional adult outcomes than those who had been raised in other family structures, especially families with continuously married heterosexual parents.

How do you Live-Strong when you have been Father-Wronged?

Ed Tandy McGlasson - ASSIST News Service

My heart broke as I watched Lance Armstrong being stripped of his seven Tour de France titles and banned from cycling. It wasn’t that his actions didn’t deserve the penalty, but underneath the fame, Lance is just another broken orphan boy struggling from the wound of his father. It breaks my heart.

Drugs & Alcohol

Protect your unborn child ... or else

Alicia Wood - The Daily Telegraph

Pregnant women who endanger their unborn child through drug or alcohol abuse could be forced to change their behaviour or have their baby taken away. The state government will consider introducing new laws to crack down on deadbeat parents, with Minister for Family and Community Services Pru Goward warning that the community will not tolerate parents who do not protect their children. A discussion paper detailing sweeping changes to child protection laws will be released next week, and will go to community consultation.


The smokescreen putting young men’s health at risk

Thomas Coy - Mercator Net

How much worse do the risks of gay sex have to be before it rates the same public health warnings as smoking? It is not politically correct to talk about these statistics with reference to the behavior behind the statistics. They reflect both a health crisis and a cultural crisis. If America can actively promote non-smoking because of the health risks of smoking, shouldn’t America have programs to guide sexually confused male adolescents into heterosexuality?


A detox is not going to drain the indigenous grog bog

Andrew Laming - The Punch

Last week’s announcement of new minimum standards for alcohol in remote Indigenous Australia show that Jenny Macklin simply doesn’t get the grog battle which rages in our nation’s centre. Her ideas, as reported last Thursday in The Australian, are neither tough nor new. For decades, state licensing authorities have had “tough processes” including public interest assessments and lodging of objections. In NSW and Queensland, community impact statements assess the health and social impact of approving or varying a liquor license. But however tough the language, problems arise when processes become a “tick and flick” or conditions laid down fall upon the local copper for enforcement. Minister Macklin’s standards are no less prone to a similar fate.


UK: Armed Forces chaplains face sack over gay marriage

Christian Today

Military chaplains who oppose gay marriage could be disciplined or sacked, says former defence minister Gerald Howarth. He raised concerns in a letter to defence secretary Philip Hammond in which he said that chaplains could encounter problems if they continue to uphold a traditional view of marriage after the Government has pushed through its redefinition of marriage to include gay couples.


Obeids used inside info to buy farms: ICAC

Sam McKeith - AAP

The Obeid family used "inside information" that coal mining would start in NSW's Bylong Valley to snap up farms sitting on lucrative coal deposits, a corruption inquiry has heard. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) is investigating former Labor minister Ian Macdonald's decision in 2008 to open the Bylong Valley to coal mining and how it benefited another ex-minister, Eddie Obeid.

Crisis for Campbell Newman as minister Bruce Flegg departs

Michael McKenna - The Australian

Campbell Newman lost his second minister yesterday when former state Liberal leader Bruce Flegg quit, intensifying the row over nepotism and accountability that has plagued Queensland's eight-month-old LNP government. Dr Flegg resigned as Housing and Public Works minister amid allegations of undisclosed dealings with his lobbyist son, as Science Minister Ros Bates was forced to correct the lobbyist register after failing to declare contacts, including several meetings with former Liberal senator and now lobbyist Santo Santoro.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

The great anti-Catholic witch-hunt

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

Julia Gillard announces a royal commission into child sex abuse in institutions: “This is a royal commission that would be looking across religious organisations, as well as state-based care and into the not-for-profit sector,” she said. ”So this is not a royal commission targeted at any one church.” Maybe not. But it’s been the excuse for a great onslaught of hate in the media directed at the Catholic church - its traditions, its practices and its most effective advocate in this country.


Will child abuse inquiry ask the right questions?

Ros Phillips - Family Voice

“We welcome PM Julia Gillard’s announcement of a Royal Commission on child sexual abuse in institutions,” FamilyVoice national research officer Ros Phillips said today. “But will it ask all the right questions? “Some community leaders say new protocols will detect paedophiles in or applying for positions in churches, schools and other groups so they no longer have the opportunity to do the great damage done in past years,” Mrs Phillips said.