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Victorian late term abortion figures

Real Choices Australia

The 2009 Annual Report of the Consultative Council on Obstetric and Paediatric Mortality and Morbidity was released last month and details the growing numbers of late term abortions being undertaken in Victoria. From a total of 410 post 20 week abortions, 210 were performed on physically healthy babies, with 10 of these undertaken after 28 weeks, a time when these babies could have been safely delivered alive and the psychosocial concerns of their mothers addressed.

New prenatal test will bring eugenics back to Germany

Joannes Bucher - LifeNews

A new controversial prenatal blood test for Down syndrome, developed by biotech company LifeCodexx, launched this month in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Lichtenstein. It seems that we are in for another life protection scandal in Europe, and possibly for the return of mainstream eugenics to German-speaking Europe.

Bioethics & Health

Gillard's $4 billion dental fix

Mark Metherell - SMH

The federal government will pour $4 billion into a dental package to provide millions of children and millions of adults on low incomes or in rural areas access to government-subsidised dental care. Health Minister Tanya Plibersek this morning announced that more than 3 million children would be eligible for the scheme, which will begin in 2014.

Children & Family

Where are the parents demanding a nanny state?

Tory Maguire - The Punch

Every time a primary school bans cartwheels or a sporting body declares there’s no winners and no losers or report cards switch from A-F to a range between “Genius” and “almost genius” we all throw our hands up in the air and yell “back in my day!” The whole community immediately embarks on a “nanny state” binge, about how we spent our childhoods swinging from rusty monkey-bars, not wearing seat belts, playing British Bulldog and drinking red cordial and “I turned out fine”.

Drugs & Alcohol

Study looks at the dangers of 50-cent cask wine

Sue Dunlevy - News Limited Network

It is possible to exceed the healthy drinking limit of two drinks per day by spending just 50 on cask wine, according to a new study which calls for an end to the discount tax rate on wine. The move would triple the price of cask wine and earn the Government $1.5 billion a year.


Tassie govt confirms forestry overhaul

David Beniuk - Herald Sun

The Tasmanian government has confirmed its once-powerful logging business will be stripped to its core in a desperate attempt to stem huge losses. The major restructure, recommended by independent consultant URS, was leaked in a Forestry Tasmania (FT) email on Tuesday and confirmed by the minister responsible, Bryan Green, a day later. Under the plan, FT's non-commercial operations, such as the management of forest reserves, will be taken over by government departments.

Super-trawler bound for South Australia

David Beniuk - AAP

Controversial super-trawler the Margiris will arrive at South Australia's Port Lincoln on Thursday morning amid tight security. The 142m vessel, claimed to be the world's second-largest trawler, will be met by police and will berth behind an electronic security gate. Police have contacted South Australia's Flinders Ports to alert them to possible protest action.


Footy betting tipped to soar to $3.3b

Richard Willingham - SMH

Betting on Australia's two largest football codes is set to double over the next five years to $3.3 billion, driven by strong growth in online gambling on sports, a Deloitte report says. The report, commissioned by online bookmaker, found annual betting on the AFL had reached $900 million, with $750 million wagered on the NRL. This is forecast to rise to $1.8 billion (AFL) and $1.5 billion (NRL) in five years. Deloitte found total turnover on sports betting has grown more than 13 per cent a year, driven by strong growth in online sports wagering of 28 per cent.


Child Protection Inquiry told poverty is key cause for over-representation of indigenous children in state care

Michael Madigan - The Courier-Mail

Ongoing trauma experienced by the stolen generation is a key driver of why Indigenous children continue to be placed into state care in such high numbers, an inquiry had heard. Speaking at the Child Protection Inquiry, William Hayward, from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service, said the removal of Aboriginal people from their home in the '70s had a direct impact on ongoing removals today. Of the around 70,000 Queensland Aboriginal children, about 4000 are in some form of state care.


Gay Marriage and the growth of State intervention

Gerard Calilhanna - Quadrant

In her defence against fellow members of the Liberal Party for her vote in favour of homosexual marriage, New South Wales MLC Catherine Cusak said: I don’t see it actually as being about gay people, I just actually see it as being the state shouldn’t be defining our relationships … It’s a very philosophical view and it’s one that’s reasonably widespread within the Liberal Party. It is for the reason of state involvement, precisely, that she voted the wrong way.


Christian forum snubs Greens

Lisa Cox - Canberra Times

Chief Minister Katy Gallagher and Opposition Leader Zed Seselja will face off on issues including euthanasia, gay marriage and religion in schools at the Australian Christian Lobby's (ACL) ACT election forum tonight. But ACT Greens leader Meredith Hunter has been excluded from the event because the lobby group said it was too ''cumbersome'' to host a forum with the three party leaders.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Premier Barry O'Farrell takes a broom to brothels across NSW

Andrew Clennell - The Daily Telegraph

The state government will take over the licensing of brothels from councils and establish a new authority to oversee the entire sex industry in a bid to rein in corruption and threats to workers. A new squad will clamp down on the running of brothels by organised crime groups, shut down illegal brothels and prevent the exploitation of workers as sex slaves in NSW.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Wonder where hostility to Christianity is surging?

Bob Unruh - WND

Christian company owners have been ordered by Barack Obama to fund abortions for employees, the federal government has insisted it has a right to set qualifications for ministers churches hire, and eliminating any public references to faith appears to be a national priority. What has happened in America since John Adams said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”?

Pakistani girl accused of blasphemy is minor; her case may be heard in Juvenile Court

Stacy L. Harp - Persecution Blog

A few days ago we shared with you this horrible story coming out of Pakistan concerning a young Down Syndrome girl, Rimsha Masih, who was accused of blasphemy and put in jail. Today, it is being reported by Voice of America that Rimsha is in fact a minor and instead of being tried as an adult. As a result of this age confirmation, her case may be heard in juvenile court.


Searchers find bodies in water after asylum boat distress call


Bodies have been seen in the waters off Indonesia a day after a distress signal was sent from a vessel carrying asylum seekers to Australia. Two merchant vessels are searching for survivors after the mayday call said the boat sank southwest of the Indonesian island of Java.

Choppers find no sign of sinking asylum boat

George Roberts - ABC

The search for a sinking asylum seeker boat has been called off after Indonesian rescue helicopters failed to find any sign of the boat or survivors. Australian authorities received a distress call early this morning, saying a boat with 150 people on board was sinking in Indonesia's Sunda Strait.

Sexualisation of Society

Exposing children to sex on screen makes them lose virginity earlier, study reveals

Daniel Martin - Herald Sun

Children who watch films with a high sexual content tend to lose their virginity earlier and have more partners, a study has found. Not only are they more promiscuous, they are also more likely to engage in risky sex by not using condoms. The six-year study of more than 1200 teens refers to sexual content in films but campaigners against online porn say it could equally apply to videos on the internet.