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Sewer baby's mum couldn't afford abortion

Didi Tang - AAP

The mother of the Chinese newborn trapped in a sewer pipe in a stunning ordeal caught on video had raised the initial alarm and was present for the entire two-hour rescue but didn't admit giving birth until confronted by police, reports said.


Embryonic stem cells made from skin

Sky News

US researchers have reported a breakthrough in stem cell research, describing how they have turned human skin cells into embryonic stem cells for the first time. The method described on Wednesday by Oregon State University scientists in the journal Cell, would not likely be able to create human clones, said Shoukhrat Mitalipov, senior scientist at the Oregon National Primate Research Center. But it is an important step in research because it doesn't require the use of embryos in creating the type of stem cell capable of transforming into any other type of cell in the body.

Charities & NFP

Needy people turned away over lack of resources

Jessica Strutt - ABC

A report has revealed the extent of families and individuals needing emergency help with necessities such as food and shelter. It is the first to examine the delivery of emergency relief services by community organisations in WA and it paints a bleak picture.

Children & Family

Joe Hockey defeated in partyroom over baby bonus issue

Ben Packham - The Australian

Joe Hockey has been rolled by Coalition colleagues who have convinced Tony Abbott to accept a Labor family payment boost to partially replace the baby bonus. The opposition treasury spokesman had publicly warned the Coalition would oppose the $2000 family payment boost to replace the $5000 baby bonus, which has bipartisan support.

Drugs & Alcohol

Vic crime rate rise means success: police

Steve Lillebuen - AAP

Alcohol-fuelled family violence could keep pushing up Victoria's crime rate for years, police say.

WHO urges global ban on tobacco marketing


Governments worldwide must ban all forms of tobacco marketing, not just billboards and TV ads, as companies find new ways to tap the market, the World Health Organization says.


NSW citizens query ‘Proud Schools’ program

Family Voice

A group of citizens led by FamilyVoice national president Dr David Phillips and NSW state officer Graeme Mitchell have presented copies of 3221 signed open letters to state MPs at Sydney’s Parliament House today. “We conveyed to the MPs – from both upper and lower houses – the concerns of many people in this state about the ‘Proud Schools’ program,” Dr Phillips said.

Gillard's classroom gospel

Kevin Donnelly - Quadrant

Gonski and school funding are front and centre as an election issue. Equally important is Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s national crusade in education and her attempts to impose a culturally left, politically correct curriculum on all Australian schools. The most recent example is the national civics and citizenship curriculum, where religion is rarely mentioned and Christianity is airbrushed from the nation’s civic life. It’s no secret that secular critics want to banish religion from the public square and ignore the essential role Christianity plays in the story of Western civilisation. While students are told to study “religious groups to which Australians of Asian heritage belong” there is no such compulsion in relation to European religions like Catholicism or Anglicanism.


Making the world safe for predators

Valerie Yule - On Line Opinion

Do you have birdsong at dawn outside your window in the suburbs? Twenty years ago our Mount Waverley home had plenty. Now it is silent almost always. .Thirty years ago we had blue fairy wrens, tits, humming birds, honey-eater and others, now gone because of cats, rats, foxes, and foolishly-protected Australian crows attracted out of their normal range by people's food litter. Even the wild ducks used to nest in our garden, but were frightened away by the rats. We now have only crows, magpies and mynahs although we are close to a reserve.


Swiss clinic the final destination for sick Australians who aim to end it all

Brigid O'Connell - News Ltd

The euthanasia group headed by "doctor death" Philip Nitschke, is appointing a travel agent to organise trips for Australians planning to end their lives overseas. Twelve Australians have died at the Swiss Digitas euthanasia clinic, but three more - from Melbourne, Hobart and Darwin - are preparing to make the trip.

What would we lose by legalising euthanasia?

Margaret Somerville - ABC Religion and Ethics

Until very recently, all countries prohibited euthanasia, although it has been legally tolerated - not legalised but not prosecuted, provided it complies with various conditions - since the early 1970s in the much studied and cited case of the Netherlands. Many countries are now experiencing an unprecedented rise in calls to legalise euthanasia - some of which from within the medical profession.


Gambling ads as bad as tobacco ads

Michael Vincent - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Public health advocates have called for a ban on all gambling ads because of the harm they cause and because they target teenagers in their attempts to get people hooked.

Human Rights

Cash-strapped Victorian Legal Aid turned over more than 100 staff in last financial year and ran up $3.1 million deficit

Anthony Dowsley - Herald Sun

Cash-strapped Victorian Legal Aid turned over more than 100 staff in the past financial year as it ran up a $3.1 million deficit.


NT plan to lock up drunks 'targets aborigines'

Dan Harrison - SMH

A Northern Territory government plan to lock up problem drunks and force them to undergo rehabilitation could criminalise a health problem, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner Mick Gooda has warned. Under the scheme, which is proposed to start in July, people taken into custody for drunkenness three times in a two month period can, at the recommendation of a tribunal, be placed in a residential treatment program for 12 weeks.


Gay marriage an economic boost? Not so fast.

Jennifer Roback Morse - Mercator Net

An American think-tank claims that same-sex marriage is a windfall for local economies. This is based on badly flawed assumptions, says an economist.


Big parties' election funding deal wobbles as MPs field protest calls

Mark Kenny, Michael Gordon - SMH

The government’s proposals for electoral funding are on the verge of collapse, with the opposition coming under internal pressure to walk away from the deal that will give the major parties $50 million over the next three years in the face of a public backlash. Despite the plans being negotiated over almost two years in meetings involving senior frontbench MPs on both sides, respected Liberals have broken ranks, describing the deal as ‘‘immoral’’.

Ferguson announces retirement from politics

Judith Ireland - SMH

Labor stalwart Martin Ferguson has told parliament that he will retire at the September 14 election. Mr Ferguson, who has held the seat of Batman in Victoria since 1996, addressed the House in his "first and last speech as a backbencher".

Tories are 'more divided than under John Major' most voters claim as Europe and gay marriage rows hit Cameron in the polls

Matt Chorley - Daily Mail

The Tory party under David Cameron is now more divided than when John Major was leader, a devastating new opinion poll reveals today. Mr Cameron’s grip on his party has been weakened in recent weeks after public splits over Europe, gay marriage and public spending. Divided parties rarely prosper in elections and two thirds of voters now believe the Prime Minister lacks the skills needed to win in 2015.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

We cannot abandon Syrian Christians

Jim Wallace- Mercator Net

The hardest test of foreign policy is not its various intersections at the lofty geopolitical level, but where it inevitably impacts ordinary people. For policy makers this is a very difficult place to reach. Even official visits to get the feel on the ground quickly become carefully choreographed events by sponsors determined to give an experience which supports their own agendas. And nowhere is this more the case than in the Middle East.

Armed rebels massacre entire population of Christian village in Syria

Assyrian International News Agency

Armed rebels attacked a village in Syria's Western province of Homs and slaughtered all its Christian residents on Monday. The armed rebels affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef (outskirts of) Homs near the border with Lebanon today and massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children. The Syrian army, however, intervened and killed tens of terrorists during heavy clashes which are still going on in al-Duvair village.

Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Kill Christian Leader in Borno State, Nigeria

Morning Star News

Gunmen believed to be members of the Islamic extremist Boko Haram group yesterday killed the Rev. Faye Pama Musa, secretary of the Borno state chapter of the Christian Association of Nigeria. He was 47. The assailants reportedly dragged the pastor from his home and shot him outside, in front of this daughter, who had followed them out pleading for his life. Pama was the father of three children.

The BBC and its bias to ards pro-immigration lobby: Report accuses 'left-wing Corporation of downplaying violence by Islamists'

Alasdair Glennie - Daily Mail

The BBC gives too much weight to pro-immigration voices and ‘almost totally ignores’ the negative social impact of multiculturalism, a new study has claimed. It was also accused of ‘downplaying’ violence by Islamists while being happy to criticise Christianity and report on the activities of other violent extremists.

Sexualisation of Society

Call to change Vic laws on teen sexting


Children who "sext" should not be charged under child pornography laws, a Victorian parliamentary report says. A teenager who "sexts" a naked photo to her boyfriend can be charged under child pornography laws, yet nothing can be done if an adult shares an intimate photo of their partner and it goes viral.