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Children & Family

Sisters ordered back to Italy

Amy Remeikis - Brisbane Times

A Family Court judge has ordered four sisters involved in an international custody dispute be returned to Italy "as soon as practicable". Justice Colin Forrest took six days to consider his judgment, having previously told the concerned parties he was conscious of the court's obligations under the Hague Convention to make decisions promptly.

A bushfire brigade is disbanded as volunteers go

Roxanne Taylor - ABC

The Kudardup volunteer bushfire brigade near Augusta has been disbanded despite the need for firefighters as the summer bushfire season approaches. The volunteers are willing but many are fly-in fly-out workers in the mining industry and their rosters result in them being away for weeks at a time.

Drugs & Alcohol

The Kings Cross Injecting Room

Drug Free Australia

The $2.5 milliion per year currently being spent on the injecting room would fund 109 drug rehabilitation beds or supply more than 700 dependent heroin users with life-saving Naltrexone implants. This would represent many lives saved from heroin and heroin overdose. If Australia has successfully reduced its tobacco addiction problem via anti-smoking campaigns, it can also reduce its drug addiction problem via clear anti-drug messages on TV, radio and through Public Health.

Highly potent moonshine being supplied to Port Augusta's teenagers

Bryan Littley - Adelaide Now

Highly potent homemade alcohol being sold or given to young people in Port Augusta has emerged as the latest threat. Authorities working to curb a deadly booze culture in the region, including the city's Alcohol Management Group, have reported concerns to Port Augusta Council.


Indigenous mayors back alcohol ban review

Patrick Caruana - Herald Sun

Indigenous mayors have welcomed the Queensland government's review of alcohol bans in remote communities. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and Multicultural Affairs Minister Glenn Elmes has started his review of the alcohol management plans (AMPs) in place in 19 indigenous communities.


Legalising gay unions is prelude to 'group marriage'

Michelle Grattan - SMH

Federal opposition spokesman on families Kevin Andrews has warned that legalising same-sex marriage could lead to an acceptance of group marriage. In his book Maybe 'I do': Modern marriage and the pursuit of happiness, out today, Mr Andrews also says that the assertion that redefining marriage will not affect other marriages is misplaced. He writes that if same-sex unions are recognised by civil law, ''other arrangements can also be recognised. Once the state can no longer insist that marriage involves a commitment to a member of the opposite sex, there is no ground (other than superstition) for insisting that marriage be limited to one person rather than several.''

Liberal MP Kevin Andrews' book says marriage best for you and the kids

Elissa Doherty - Herald Sun

Marriage may help prevent cancer, is the best chance of fulfillment in life and divorcing parents should get better assistance to reconcile, says the MP who could become Australia's next Families Minister. Senior Liberal MP Kevin Andrews has rated the breakdown of marriage and the family a greater threat to the Western world than climate change, the financial crisis and radical Islam.

Modern wedding vows included no online flirting

Sophie Elsworth - News Limited Network

"I do" is becoming something more like "I might", as one in three lovebirds refuses to vow "til death do us part" at the altar. According to a survey of 1200 Australians by InsuranceLine, couples also believe a vow to avoid flirting online should be a matrimonial promise alongside the more traditional "to love, honour and cherish".


'Partisan' intervention by Labor criticised

Nicola Berkovic - The Australian

The High Court has issued a stinging rebuke to Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten for his "partisan" intervention in litigation, at taxpayers' expense, on behalf of the Australian Education Union.

Peter Slipper to face his accuser, James Ashby

Daily Telegraph

The Federal Court has expressed its disappointment that Speaker Peter Slipper was able to avoid waiting media crews by using the judicial car park without permission. A Federal Court spokesman has released a statement saying "I wish to point out that Mr Slipper did not seek, nor obtain, permission from the court to access the building via the private secure car park."

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Study critical of support for trafficked women

Samantha Donovan - ABC

A new study is critical of the level of support available to women who are trafficked into the Australian sex industry. The researchers from the universities of Queensland and Sydney say as many as 2,000 women are trafficked to Australia each year, mainly from Asia.