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The 12 best pro-life statements from 2012

Steven Ertelt - LifeNews

The following are the 12 best statements from 2012, as compiled by pro-life writer and attorney Kristi Burton Brown at the Live Action blog:

Planned Parenthood celebrates 12 adoptions in 7 years

John Sexton - Breibart

There's not a lot to celebrate a Planned Parenthood, at least not when it comes to bringing children into the world. Planned Parenthood of Indiana recently highlighted their success in facilitating adoptions with a statement on their website which read "we’re proud to announce that since 2006...PPIN has paved the way for at least 12 successful adoptions."

Charities & NFP

No more ASIC annual review fees for charities

Christian Today

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) commenced yesterday as the specialist regulator for charities operating in Australia. The introduction of the ACNC will affect the way charities interact with other regulatory bodies, including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). The ACNC and ASIC have been working together to ensure a smooth transition to the ACNC for charities that are registered with ASIC as companies or registered bodies.

Children & Family

The doom and gloom infecting our young people

Toby Hall (Mission Australia’s CEO) - The Punch

It’s easy to write off young people as immature and ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of adulthood, when you’re bombarded with images of them partying and drinking. But scratch a little deeper and you soon realise that judging young people by the mostly harmless antics of a few is deeply unfair. Mission Australia’s 11th annual national Youth Survey – which this year tested the views of 15,000 people aged 15-19 from across the country – found, that in terms of their priorities and values, young Australians most definitely have good heads on their shoulders.

Drugs & Alcohol

Dealers shed light on dark internet's drug trade

Conor Duffy - ABC

Users of the dark internet have shed light on their illegal trades on a growing online black market, which is helping more and more Australians to buy drugs and weapons. A number of sites compete for the drug dollar online, selling drugs and sending them through the post to customers across the globe. Customs spokesman Matt Wardell says the illegal trade has been linked to a spike in drug and weapons seizures at Australian mail centres. "Certainly over the past 12 months, last financial year for example, we noticed a jump of more than 40 per cent in the number of small seizures made at mail centres across the country," he told 7.30.

Teenager Nick Mitchell's LSD overdose - death, delusions and despair

Clementine Cuneo and Richard Noone - The Daily Telegraph

Nick, 15, died after he and a mate experimented with a substance police believe to be LSD. The drug caused respiratory problems and heart complications for Nick, who could not be revived after his 11-year-old brother found him unconscious in his bedroom. It had a different effect on his friend, also 15, who, in a psychotic state, ran naked into traffic on a busy road and was hit by a car, leaving him with serious injuries. He is in hospital.

Murder revealed 'explosive violence' of drugs

Christiana Jones - The West Australian

A Perth judge has asked what more was needed to highlight the "explosive violence" associated with drugs as he heard details of the horrific murder of a 24-year-old man at a friend's family home. Supreme Court Justice Eric Heenan commented as he set a sentencing date for Sam Jacob Walker and Jonathan Robert Lee over the violent death of David Houston at a South Fremantle home on May 12.


Anti-homophobia campaign seeks gay youth

Star Observer

Same-sex attracted under 25-year-olds are currently being recruited to train as speakers for Same Difference, a high impact anti-homophobia education program. Run by Family Planning NSW, it will be aimed at high school students, teachers and other professionals that work with young people.


Australia’s scrambled egg of government: who has the environmental power?

Chris McGrath - The Conversation

Logical minds like to think of the different levels of government like a neatly layered cake, but the reality is more like scrambled eggs. Nowhere is that more true than in relation to protecting and managing the environment. The release of the final Murray-Darling Basin Plan is a good example of how working out which level of government in Australia is responsible for the environment is often downright confusing. Aren’t rivers controlled by the states? Why is the Commonwealth involved?


Judge blocks ban on gay 'conversion' therapy

LA Times

A federal judge on Monday blocked California from enforcing its new ban on therapy that seeks to change the sexual orientation of minors from gay to straight. U.S. District Judge William Shubb ruled that the new law, SB 1172, signed by Gov. Jerry Brown earlier this year, may inhibit the 1st Amendment rights of therapists who oppose homosexuality. The judge signed a temporary injunction that prohibits the state from enforcing the ban, the first of its kind in the nation, against the three plaintiffs in the suit pending trial.

Homelessness & Poverty

Costly investments in long term homeless people show results

Eleanor Hall - ABC

A new world first study of homelessness in Australia has shown that expensive and intensive interventions are the only way to break the cycle of homelessness. The study found that intensive access to a range of services did a better job of getting people not only into long term accommodation but healthier and better employed.


Same-sex marriage debate a 'distraction': MP

Sam Hall - Illawarra Mercury

The federal opposition's families spokesman Kevin Andrews has warned that attempts to legalise same-sex marriage, including a recent bill from Throsby MP Stephen Jones, risk becoming a distraction from more pressing marital issues. In the region yesterday to promote his new book, Maybe 'I do': Modern marriage and the pursuit of happiness, Mr Andrews said Australians needed to help address why so many marriages were failing, as well as the subsequent follow-on effects that arose from break-ups.

I won't support gay marriage, says PM

Matt Young -

Dear Prime Minister, It was with excitement that I read the subject line, “Ministerial Correspondence” in my inbox this morning. No doubt it was a reply to my open letter to you, Dear Julia, follow Obama and let me marry the man I love, dated November 8.


Time to return power to ALP branch members: Rudd

Judith Ireland - SMH

Labor needs to ''get real'' about party reforms, says former prime minister Kevin Rudd. In a lengthy interview with Fairfax Radio in Brisbane on Wednesday, Mr Rudd backed his colleague John Faulkner's criticism of the party and call to urgently return integrity and accountability to politics. Yesterday, Senator Faulkner chided Labor for being reluctant to implement national measures concerning corruption and accountability.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Paying for sex: Women's groups call for EU-wide ban


More than 200 women's rights groups are calling for laws to make paying for sex a crime across the European Union. Campaigners presented key policy recommendations for legislation to MEPs in Brussels on Wednesday. "Prostitution is a form of violence, an obstacle to gender equality and an open door for organised crime to develop," a campaign spokeswoman told the BBC.

Strip club vision not shared by Launceston's mayor

Patrick Billings - The Examiner

Glenn Millhouse was standing on the banks of the North Esk when he apparently had a "vision" for the Hub: a 1930s themed gentlemen's club in the vein of German cabaret and Moulin Rouge. But that vision for the Tamar Street venue is not shared by everyone, including Launceston mayor Albert van Zetten. Alderman van Zetten said he could not see what a strip club would add to the city. "I don't think it's something we need and I'm not sure what good could come out of it," he said.

Brothel raid sees customers bolt for door

Nine MSN

Customers scurried out of an inner-Sydney brothel owned by controversial gambling identity Eddie Hayson as police raided the bordello over alleged links to drugs and money laundering. At least a dozen NSW Police and Australian Federal Police detectives from Operation Polaris descended on the Stiletto brothel in Camperdown at about 10am (AEST) on Wednesday. "The operation conducted is in relation to a drug and money laundering syndicate," a NSW police spokeswoman told AAP.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Unhappy Egyptians given 2 weeks to consider divisive Constitution that elevates Shari’a

Patrick Goodenough - CNS News

Given just two weeks to consider the merits of a draft national constitution that will affect their lives for the foreseeable future, Egyptians were taking to the streets in large numbers on Tuesday to protest the latest development in their country’s chaotic political transition. Drafted by Islamists over the concerns of many non-Muslims and secularist-minded Egyptians, the draft text will be put to a national referendum on December 15, President Mohammed Morsi announced late last week.


Affirmative action is sexism and misandry

Babette Francis - Online Opinion

Affirmative action on behalf of women is a form of misandry. I know this comment will provoke shrieks of outrage from the sisterhood, and I am not sure what the current definition of misandry is in the Macquarie Dictionary. However, although Wikipedia defines misandry as the hatred or dislike of men or boys, I am confident the Macquarie Dictionary can define it down as "indifference to the plight of men and boys", which is the sense in which I am using the word.

Police have 'lost the battle' with internet scams, says Internet Fraud Watchdog

Sarah Michael -

Police have "lost the battle" with internet fraud and the cyber scam investigation system needs to be overhauled, the Internet Fraud Watchdog (IFW) says. IFW executive chairman Ken Gamble said Australian police could not keep up with the number of internet scams and are "years behind".

Diversity and charity reflected on TV this Christmas Day

Karen Mudge - Eternity Newspaper

The experience of Christmas in Australia is diverse as those who experience it. This year, Channel 9 will air the program My Christmas, a half hour program which will show Christmas through the eyes of individuals who benefit from charitable work, and others who volunteer with various charities. The program looks at the good work charities and “good Samaritans” do to help people have a better Christmas. It will showcase the work of Australian charities and not-for-profit organisations, some of whom have a Christian basis.

Supporting Islam and Australia

Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph

The Muslim activists behind the controversial billboards proclaiming Jesus was a "prophet of Islam" have launched a TV campaign to show the world their religion is about "peace and respect". Called "I'm Muslim and proud", the $30,000 commercials - airing on Foxtel and SBS - aim to repair the religion's image in Australia.