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Let’s end the stigma of the truth

Mishka Gora - Mercator Net

Euphemisms and sophistry cloud the realities of abortion. It's time for straight thinking.

The language of dehumanization

Thomas Clark - Mercator Net

The words we heard in the Gosnell trial resembled some of the horrific slang of the Vietnam War.

Children & Family

No longer Christian? The cost of going secular

Leslie Fain - WND

As European churches sell off properties to resort spas and mosques, and Christians approach minority status in England, one prominent theorist says the same fate could befall the U.S., and not for reasons people might think. Mary Eberstadt, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, who spent five years researching and writing her latest book, “Why the West Really Lost God: A New Theory of Secularization,” said it can happen in America if the nation doesn’t get its demographic and theological houses in order. She argues that family decline is a big part of why Christianity is receding in the West.

New gay parenting study queried

Ros Phillips - Family Voice

“An interim report on a new research led by Dr Simon Crouch of Melbourne University, purporting to show benefits from gay parenting, raises more questions than answers,” FamilyVoice research officer Ros Phillips said today. “Does Dr Crouch have an agenda?” Ros Phillips asked. “His interim report is extremely brief, but his obvious conflict of interest should have been declared.

Not so fast!

Walter R. Schumm - Mercator Net

A one-page report on the success of same-sex parenting was reported around the world this week. How reliable is it?

Drugs & Alcohol

'Legal high' shops mull $200m campaign

Rachel Olding - SMH

Synthetic drug sellers have offered to foot a $200 million bill to test the legality of their products in a bid to keep selling them to Australians. Following the death of north shore student Henry Kwan, who jumped off a third-floor balcony on Wednesday after taking a synthetic LSD tablet, the association representing sellers of so-called ''legal highs'' will launch a major offensive against proposed new laws to ban synthetic drugs.


Bullied students threaten self-harm to escape tormentors

Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph

School children suffering from bullying and mental health problems are self-harming or threatening to injure themselves at a rate of more than two per week. Disturbed students have been talked down from school roofs, have made threats to stab themselves, swallowed substances and run in front of cars during serious incidents reported by schools.


Indigenous campaign pushes republicans away

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

The leaders of the indigenous recognition campaign have declared they don't want any link with the reignited campaign for a republic, arguing that aligning themselves with the divisive push to dump the monarchy would hurt their cause.

Trampled by adversity, stockmen fear future

Sue Neales - The Australian

One of Australia's most successful Aboriginal-owned businesses and legendary outback stations is in danger of going broke, under the stress of the Queensland cattle crisis.


The two faces of marriage

Christopher Akehurst - Quadrant

Something that has largely been overlooked in the same-sex marriage debate is that the concept of marriage in our society has already undergone a change. There are now two views of marriage abroad in the community.

Defacing of sign slammed

Australian Marriage Equality

Those speaking out for marriage equality were disappointed yesterday to hear an anti-marriage equality sign erected in Wynyard Tasmania had been vandalised. Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Rodney Croome said the vandalism did nothing for the marriage equality cause. “I strongly condemn this vandalism because the way to achieve marriage equality is to build bridges within the community, not further polarise it,” Mr Croome said.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Special report save our sisters

In so many countries, women are at great risk for harassment, attacks, trafficking, abduction and forced conversion, especially Christian women, due to their gender and religious standing. What's worse, perpetrators are not brought to justice, so the abuse continues even when uncovered.


Bodies of drowned asylum seekers to be left in water by authorities

Bridie Jabour - The Guardian

Spokeswoman says attempts to recover bodies of up to 60 asylum seekers drowned off Christmas Island are not a priority.

Policy failure creating a monstrous problem

Greg Sheridan - The Australian

The arrival of almost 45,000 boatpeople in Australia's north since Labor unwound John Howard's border protection policies in late 2008 represents the most comprehensive policy failure since World War II. But whereas most policy failures have a complex set of causes, and involve many uncoordinated actors pushing events beyond Canberra's control, this failure is entirely Canberra's own.

Death toll rises as smugglers lift tempo

Lauren Wilson - The Australian

Navy and merchant vessels, along with Customs and air force aircraft, were deployed yesterday to help stricken asylum-seekers, amid a surge of maritime emergencies between Indonesia and Christmas Island, in which 17 people have been killed, dozens more are feared drowned and about 350 had to be rescued. Australian rescue authorities last night abandoned the search for 38 missing asylum-seekers whose boat appears to have sunk late last week.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Five church schools in Gaza face closure after Hamas order

Judith Sudilovsky - Catholic Herald

Five schools in Gaza – two Catholic and three Christian – face closure if the Hamas government follows through on an order forbidding co-educational institutions, according to the director general of Latin Patriarchate Schools in Palestine and Israel.

Sexualisation of Society

Tyler the Creator shouldn't be allowed to verbally abuse me

Talitha Stone - Guardian

I have found out what happens you decide to take on one of the biggest rap artists in the world. The Australian grassroots movement of which I am a part of, Collective Shout, is currently in a dispute with music artist Tyler the Creator. We believe his lyrics – which often mention raping women – are inciting hatred, and we have been calling on immigration minister Brendan O’Connor to revoke his visa.

Tyler the Creator accused of verbally abusing woman at Enmore theatre gig

Karl Walter - ABC

The Department of Immigration and Citizenship and the police have received complaints from an Australian woman who says she was verbally abused by US rapper Tyler the Creator at a Sydney show. Police are investigating claims that Tyler unleashed an expletive-laden tirade on 24-year-old feminist campaigner Talitha Stone at Newtown's Enmore Theatre on Thursday night.


Evangelical Christians gain political clout in Catholic Brazil

Anthony Boadle - Reuters

When televangelist Silas Malafaia gathered 40,000 followers outside Brazil’s Congress this week, it wasn’t just to raise their arms to the sky and praise the Lord. The rally was a show of support for lawmakers who oppose abortion and same-sex marriage and a message to other politicians that they should not ignore Brazil’s fast-growing evangelical churches if they want to stay in office.

Teacher publicly tortured, beheaded for witchcraft in Papua New Guinea

Jessica Chasmar - The Washington Times

A female teacher was publicly tortured and beheaded by a mob of villagers in Papua New Guinea after she was accused of using sorcery against a neighbor, the Associated Press reported Monday. The villagers — wielding guns, machetes and axes — pulled Helen Rumbali out of her house, along with her sister and two nieces. They then burned down the house, the AP reported.