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Already begun

Not Born Yet

Long before our first steps, first haircut and first heartache, The Journey’s Already Begun in the womb.


The body snatchers

ABC Four Corners

Organ donation and the use of human body tissue to save and improve lives is a massive industry. But is it properly regulated and does it rely too heavily on the profit motive?

Children & Family

One in four Qld kids 'will be reported'

Petrina Berry - AAP

Almost one-quarter of Queensland's children will be known to child safety authorities by the end of the year, an inquiry has been told. Queensland's child protection inquiry heard evidence from a senior bureaucrat on Monday that the startling rise in cases reported to authorities would continue. Child Safety Services are predicting almost a quarter, or 24 per cent, of the state's children will be known to child safety authorities this financial year, compared with 14 per cent four years ago.

Drugs & Alcohol

Extra police testing crucial as deadly drivers ignore ad campaigns

Michelle Ainsworth - Herald Sun

More police road tests - not ad campaigns - are needed to stamp out deadly drink- and drug-driving. New research has shown expensive advertising campaigns fail to deter drug takers and drunks getting behind the wheel, with regular testing the only way to stamp out the behaviour.

The world of crystal meth


The world of crystal meth explores the wave of crystal methamphetamine use in the gay population. Through the reflections of current and past users, this documentary explores the allure of the drug known to many as Tina. It features scenes of actual drug use and provides an unflinching look at the devastating effects of addiction.


Secret audit reveals Victoria's rundown schools

Andrew Lund and Kelvin Bissett - NineMSN

A secret audit of the physical condition of Victorian government schools reveals many to be in a disgraceful condition, requiring a staggering $159.8 million worth of repairs to leaking roofs, broken windows and peeling paint and other maintenance faults. Nine News has obtained the latest available report on the condition of about a third of the state’s government schools, prepared for the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development by independent auditors, showing the results of a survey of 595 schools.


Rough night raises awareness

Manning River Times

A sleep-out in Greater Taree City Council car park has been rated a huge success. “It was a great evening and we raised thousands of dollars for homelessness,” Sarah Wilkinson, organiser on the council side of the event, said. The council staff contingent was led by general manager Gerard José and included in the 40 participants were council staffers Ron Posselt, Margie Wallis, Brett Currie, Jeremy Miller, Jane Ree, David Hopper and Daniel Lawton. There were even staff and kind participants tucked away in their sleeping bags too as the news cameras arrived around 6am.


Bullying American business over gay marriage views

Babette Francis - On line Opinion

There has been much discussion in the media about bullying in schools, in the workplace and on social media via emails and Twitter. Well guess who is doing much of the bullying - it is not only the maladjusted schoolboy who has grown too big for his boots or the immature schoolgirl venting her insecurities on Facebook - it is homosexual lobbyists, left-wing politicians who aim to restrict freedom of the press, and anti-religious civil libertarians.

Marriage, essentially

Richard Fitzgibbons - Mercator Net

I have been an active debater on blogs in which the topic of same-sex “marriage” is discussed and contested. Recently I received a comment that might benefit from a reply that is sent far and wide, beyond the one blog. The issue raised is common and the answer clarifies in a philosophical sense why same-sex “marriage” should never be defended. Good-hearted people with no philosophical training are being taken in by the rhetoric that homosexuals have a “right” to marriage. The intent of this essay is to show unambiguously that not only is this untrue but also the granting of that supposed right will logically lead to harm to children and to social chaos.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Vic brothels targeted in fair pay blitz

Up to 100 brothels will be targeted in a fair pay blitz across Victoria. Fair Work Australia will audit the brothels in the next four months to ensure managers and receptionists are being paid correct wages, penalty and leave entitlements. Acting Fair Work Ombudsman Mark Scully says there are concerns clerical workers in the sex industry are reluctant to complain about their wages and entitlements.

Police back brothel legislation

MattSmith - The Mercury

Tasmanian police police want to see the legalisation of brothels because current laws for the sex industry are too difficult to enforce. In a submission sent to the Justice Department, the Department of Police and Emergency Management said current laws to deal with the sex industry contained deficiencies.


ACL welcomes expert panel’s recommendations on asylum-seekers

Katherine Spackman - International News

The Australian Christian Lobby has welcomed the Independent expert panel’s recommendations on asylum seekers, as reported in Angus Houston’s briefing to the press. The ACL’s Managing Director Jim Wallace said the recommendations striked the right balance between compassion and the need to end the people smuggler’s trade.

Labor caves on asylum seekers

Phillip Coorey - Sydney Morning Herald

The policy deadlock over asylum seekers is on the verge of being broken after an expert committee gave the government the green light to put its controversial Malaysia plan on the backburner and push ahead with a harsher version of the Howard government's ''Pacific solution''. In a win for the opposition and a loss of face for the government, legislation will be introduced today enabling the establishment of detention centres on Nauru and Papua New Guinea's Manus Island with no guarantee the Malaysia plan will ever be implemented.

The Houston panel has rolled the Greens on boats

Malcolm Farr - The Punch

The Houston report today gave Labor and the Liberals a joint starting point from which to roll the Greens, the only party totally opposed to off-shore processing of asylum seekers. Voters want an end to the parliamentary trench warfare on asylum seeker management. They want something done about the increasing number of boat arrivals.

Sexualisation of Society

Sadistic Romance

Gail Dines - Melinda Tankard Reist Blog

The porn industry must be throwing a fit right now. The adult book Fifty Shades of Grey has sold over twenty million copies in record time, and sales are still going strong. How did E.L. James, a first-time author who was a television executive, manage to pull off a feat that has eluded the porn industry—getting women to see sexual cruelty as hot sex? In my interviews with them, porn producers regularly bemoan the fact that they just can’t seem to make porn that appeals to the majority of women.

Storm over Target's 'trampy' fashion sense

Rachel Wells - The Age

An outraged Port Macquarie mother has created a social media nightmare for discount department store Target after she used its Facebook page to call on the retail giant to sell girls' clothing that doesn't make them look like ''tramps''. In an open post on the retailer's Facebook page over the weekend, primary school teacher Ana Amini wrote: ''Dear Target, Could you possibly make a range of clothing for girls 7-14 years that doesn't make them look like tramps … You have lost me as a customer when buying apparel for my daughter as I don't want her thinking shorts up her backside are the norm or fashionable.''


Dicing with death on railway tracks

Yahoo!7 News

Police have warned they are cracking down on people involved in near misses with trains in South Australia. The latest statistics show the number of near misses between trains and pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles doubled in SA last month, from 12 in June to 24 in July. Chief Inspector Ashley Gordon from the Transport Services Branch told 7News: “The message is simple – keep off the tracks, you don’t get a second chance.”