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Hep C infection doctor appeals sentence

Nine News

A Melbourne doctor sentenced to a minimum 10 years' jail for infecting 55 women with hepatitis C at an abortion clinic is seeking to appeal his sentence. James Latham Peters, 63, was sentenced to 14 years' jail in the Victorian Supreme Court last month after pleading guilty to 55 counts of negligently causing serious injury. But he has lodged an application seeking leave to appeal against his sentence, a court spokeswoman confirmed on Monday.

Pro-choice rally keeps children at bay


Children were told not to hold placards at a Hobart rally in support of changes to abortion laws. Hundreds of people took part in the rally yesterday in support of plans to remove abortion provisions from the criminal code. It follows a recent anti-abortion rally which included children as young as nine holding placards.

Rally urges MPs to back abortion bill

The Examiner

Pro-choice advocates have used a rally to urge supporters to lobby MPs, who are being flooded with confronting anti-abortion material ahead of what is expected to be an emotional debate in State Parliament this week. About 250 men and women rallied outside Parliament in Hobart yesterday in favour of proposed legislation to decriminalise terminations.


Engineering our way to a eugenic future

Philippa Taylor - MercatorNet

The UK fertility regulator has proposed a "minor" procedure with momentous consequences which is legal nowhere else in the world. You may consider the following headline from a leading US newspaper blog last week to be rather extreme: "The British Embryo Authority and the Chamber of Eugenics". But when it is followed a week later by a news report in a British newspaper saying: "Lord Robert Winston warning over child ‘eugenics’", should we then take more notice?

Drugs & Alcohol

Mums hurt babies with alcohol: study

Clifford Fram - AAP

Women are catching up to men in the way they abuse drugs and alcohol and are increasingly endangering their unborn babies. An Australian study says that women who have been hospitalised with mental or behavioural disorders related to drugs or alcohol are up to four times more likely to have a low-birthweight baby. Researchers explored data on 1107 first-time mothers and found increased risk even if hospitalisation took place 12 months before conception.

'Bankers' cocaine use got us into this mess': former UK government drugs adviser

News Limited Network

David Nutt, a controversial former UK Government drugs adviser, has said that the banking crisis was caused by too many workers taking cocaine. Referring to the substance as a "more" drug, he said bankers who took cocaine were "overconfident", leading to them taking more risks, the London Telegraph reports. He drew a connection between this behaviour and the current economic crisis, as well as the collapse in 1995 of Barings bank. "Bankers use cocaine and got us into this terrible mess," says Professor Nutt.


Julia Gillard aims to pass Gonski reform plan before September election

Ben Packham - The Australian

Julia Gillard has vowed to have her Gonski school reform package legislated before the election, despite state government hostility towards the plan in Western Australia and Queensland. The Prime Minister today rebuffed suggestions she had left her school funding reforms too late, declaring “yes, we will” enact the package before the September 14 poll. “It's not about the fight, it's about the outcome,” Ms Gillard told the Nine Network.

Premier Campbell Newman dismisses Federal Government's Gonski funding scheme, saying state can't afford it

Robyn Ironside - The Courier-Mail

Prime Minister Julia Gillard says it's time Queensland's government made some tough choices to put the state's school children first. Ms Gillard has announced a $14.5 billion boost to school funding over the next six years. The states will have to pay about a third of that amount. Queensland Premier Campbell Newman claims the state doesn't have enough money to fund the reforms.


Amateur competitions feel bet threat

Lee Gaskin - The Canberra Times

Online sports betting agencies are offering live odds on amateur competitions in Canberra, raising the prospect of match-fixing in grassroots sport. However, sporting organisations and the ACT government are helpless to stop it. Canberra's soccer league, fearful of its integrity being breached, has watched helplessly as a Northern Territory firm offered odds on its top-tier competition.

Homelessness & Poverty

More support needed for disabled, homeless


Indigenous and homeless people need extra support to access the new disability care system, an advocacy group says. The health care scheme - now known as DisabilityCare Australia after a name change from the National Disability Insurance Scheme - will be trialled in regions including the NSW Hunter from July. It is expected to cover 410,000 Australians with disabilities and cost upwards of $15 billion a year.


Breathtaking conformity

Brendan O'Neill - Mercator Net

Anyone who values diversity of thought and tolerance of dissent should find the sweeping consensus on gay marriage terrifying. I have been doing or writing about political stuff for 20 years, since I was 18 years old, during which time I have got behind some pretty unpopular campaigns and kicked against some stifling consensuses. But I have never encountered an issue like gay marriage, an issue in which the space for dissent has shrunk so rapidly, and in which the consensus is not only stifling but choking.


Even their own true believers have lost faith in the ALP

Dennis Shannahan - The Australian

Labor, the "party of superannuation", the party that introduced compulsory employer-funded superannuation contributions for workers and the party going to the election defending superannuation funds for low-income earners, is not "trusted" on superannuation. Only one in four voters thinks the ALP is the "best to handle superannuation" and one in four does not trust the party on this historic, core policy.


More asylum-seeker boats have been intercepted in Australian waters after other refugee vessels capsize

Patrick Lion - News Limited Network

Two more asylum-seeker boats have been intercepted in Australian waters amid confusion over the over the fate of almost 100 refugees on board up to two vessels that capsized last week. Australia distanced itself from search and rescue efforts on the basis the one capsized boat it was able to confirm was in Indonesian waters. But the family of an Afghan man thought to be on a boat that sunk on Friday reportedly called for Australia to help search for his relative.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Muslim execute a 20 years old Christian boy in Punjab

Pakistan Christian Post

“It is a pity that in the country of over 180 Million people, Christians are living their lives in fear and under the shadows of death. Our fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters including the children are living like cattle. Nobody knows when his time is coming up for being slaughtered/murdered. Law enforcing agencies and police are looking for such incidents so that they can make money as a bribe from the offender, making this appalling confrontation a catastrophe” Said the Voice Chief Aneeqa Maria Advocate.

Sexualisation of Society

Fans walk out on Tracy Morgan's comedy show

Sally Bennett - Herald Sun

Tracy Morgan's act at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival caused outrage among audience members and has sparked debate among comics. Disgusted comedy fans stormed out of Hamer Hall when the visiting American comedian let fly with a sexist rant on stage at the weekend. An outpouring of anger hit social media after Morgan's two sold-out shows on Saturday night, with guests urging others to boycott future performances citing extreme misogyny and lack of humour.