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Three signs we are winning the abortion battle

Steve Skojec - Catholic Vote

I wonder if the editorial staff at the Huffington Post regrets the site’s recent poll on abortion? Because it certainly doesn’t support the narrative that sees the Gosnells of the world as an aberration. Apparently, the American people don’t like late term abortion by a pretty overwhelming amount, despite what the radical fringe on the left would have you believe.

Children & Family

The sins of our fathers may be less than our own on Struggle Street

Nick Cater - The Australian

For the past 500 years in England, and latterly in Australia, a combination of social stigma and an absence of welfare kept the illegitimacy rate at about 5 per cent. With the spread of permissive attitudes in the 60s, the rate began to creep up. By the time Whitlam came to power, almost 10 per cent of births occurred outside of marriage… In 1973, the Whitlam government introduced sole parents benefit, making it possible for single women to keep their babies and survive. Today more than a third of births in Australia are ex-nuptial. The demographic profile of the single mother makes uncomfortable reading, and indeed it is almost always a mother; fewer than one in five single parents are male.

Why parents need to put down their smartphones

Joanne Orlando - SMH

I was out with my children last week and couldn't help but smile as the voice of a toddler on a swing called out "higher, higher". Normally a scene like this would conjure images of a mother and child laughing and bonding together but, as we live in the internet age, it wasn't so idealistic. As it turned out, Mum was so engrossed with an online conversation on her mobile phone that she didn't even notice her young son calling out for attention. He ended up playing on the slide where he didn't need his mum to have fun.

Donor Conception & IVF

The No-Frills’ IVF for just $250

Nicole M. King - Mercator Net

A new development in IVF technology may make this normally costly treatment much more affordable to infertile couples worldwide. The United Kingdom’s Daily Mail reports that researchers in Belgium have developed an embryo culture method that costs around £170 (about $255) and so far appears to be just as effective as traditional IVF methods.


Aged care crisis

Margot O'Neill - Lateline ABC

A critical lack of staff and training in some nursing homes means that many elderly people are being left to die unnecessarily or are in great pain without proper palliative care.

Shortages in aged care have existed for far too long

Emma Alberici - Lateline ABC

The Minister for Aged Care, Jacinta Collins, discusses the crisis in aged care and says the Labor Government has a 10-year plan to improve the supply of aged care services.

Homelessness & Poverty

Two-thirds of university students living below the poverty line: report


New research shows two-thirds of Australian university students live below the poverty line and financial stress is on the rise. Universities Australia surveyed close to 12,000 full-time undergraduate and postgraduate students.


UK: Gay marriage clears the House of Lords

John Bingham - Telegraph

Gay marriage is set to become law after clearing the House of Lords.

Overseas Aid

Australia unveils plans to send police to PNG a day after armed soldiers ransack Port Moresby hospital


Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced that 50 Australian police will be sent to Papua New Guinea to help tackle crime, a day after armed soldiers attacked people at a hospital. The attack at the Port Moresby General Hospital happened just hours before Mr Rudd arrived in the capital for talks with his PNG counterpart Peter O'Neill.


Newspoll shows SA Labor's support is continuing to sink ahead of election

Katrine Stokes - The Advertiser

Labor seems headed for defeat in South Australia's March election with a new poll revealing that support for the party is continuing to sink. The latest Newspoll, reported in today's The Australian newspaper, shows Labor's primary vote in SA slipping to 32 per cent, down one per cent from a March poll.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Brothel madam pleads guilty to bribes for tip-offs on raids

Shannon Deery - Herald Sun

A brothel madam who has been accused of being one of the key figures in Melbourne's illegal sex industry paid thousands of dollars in bribes to a top-ranking council official. Xue "Jenny" Yan made the payments while running three illegal brothels in inner Melbourne as a way to get advance warning of raids in the area and cover up the illegal activity.

Aussie on child sex charges in Philippines


An Australian man has been arrested in the northern Philippines province of Cebu after allegedly using a 14-year-old to recruit other minors for sex. The 45-year-old, who has told authorities that he was a professor in Australia, was arrested at a resort on Friday evening at a beach resort in Compostela town, north Cebu, as part of a police operation.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Pakistan Christian man gets life term for sending blasphemous SMSs

Times of India

A Christian man in Pakistan's Punjab province has been sentenced to life imprisonment for sending blasphemous mobile phone text messages to some Muslim clerics.

Pakistan: Violations against Christians soar

Mohshin Habib - Gatestone Institute

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is now one of the most dangerous places for Christians to live.

Archbishops pledge ‘committed solidarity’ with Christian leaders in Egypt

Archbishop Cranmer blog

The Archbishops of Canterbury and York have joined the call for prayers for unity, reconciliation and an end to violence in Egypt. Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby and Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu wrote to the Coptic and Anglican leaders in Egypt pledging their 'committed solidarity' amid the recent turmoil in the country.

Sexualisation of Society

The sexual selfie

Sarah Berry - SMH

Reading the incredibly eloquent op-ed of teenager Olympia Nelson last week, it struck me how much the sexual expression of teenagers has shifted in a relatively short time. Much like teenagers of today, we explored our sexuality and pushed boundaries. For my group of friends that generally meant dressing inappropriately and sneaking into town to try and get into Good Bar, or somewhere like it, on Oxford St.


The big business of Christian music

Sarah McVeigh, Tom Tilley - The Hack

Hillsong's band United are third on the ARIA charts this week. But that's no fluke. Fronted by Joel Houston, the son of Hillsong's founders,the band have enjoyed success here and abroad for years - selling out stadiums in places including the USA. He says their success is down to God. "It's hard to explain it outside the scandalous nature of God's grace," says Houston.

The making of a champion starts in the home

Julie Tilberg - Mercator Net

A 19-year-old Aussie with a big smile clocked up 98 runs in his debut Test against England. Where did all that talent come from?

God's message the greatest love letter

Claire Van Ryn - The Examiner

You walk to your letterbox, open it, and find the usual fistful of mail. A few catalogues. A letter from a hopeful politician wanting your vote in the looming election. A brochure for pest control. What looks like a car registration bill. And a pale blue envelope with your name in sloping letters.