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Director of Christian Defense Coalition warns Ireland over abortion law: avoid America's mistakes


American pro-life campaigners staged a rally outside the Irish embassy in Washington demanding that Ireland remain ‘abortion free.' As the Irish government considers a new law that would weaken the current ban on abortion, Rev. Patrick Mahoney, director of the Christian Defense Coalition, is warning his Irish colleagues to avoid the mistakes made in America. "When I was over there and spoke at large rallies, we said, 'Do not make the mistake that America made - 40 years down the road, over 55 million innocent children, '" Rev. Mahoney told

Drugs & Alcohol

Smokers cost employers $3000 a year each

Rachel Wells - The Age

Employees who smoke are costing companies more than $3000 a year each through smoking breaks alone, a study has found. The US research published in the Tobacco Control journal found smokers cost employers a total of $6000 a year compared to someone who never smoked.

National ban on synthetic drugs

Gabrielle Knowles - The West Australian

The Federal Government is imposing an interim national ban on 19 synthetic drugs after Sydney teenager Henry Kwan took an LSD-like drug and fell to his death from the balcony of his family's home. Sale and supply of the drugs will be banned for 120 days to give State and Territory governments time to update their legislation and outlaw synthetic drugs.

Website to help parents talk about drugs

Sky News

When parents decide to have 'the talk' with their kids, it's often about the birds and bees. But the Australian Drug Foundation wants families to start having a different, but equally tricky conversation. The foundation has launched a website aimed at arming parents with the information about alcohol and drug abuse.


Parents give up on public education as the exodus to private educators gathers pace

Bruce McDougall - The Daily Telegraph

Thousands of families are deserting public education when their children reach high school because they believe Catholic and independent colleges have more to offer. Government secondary schools are battling to limit the flow of students into private education despite the popularity of public primary schools bursting with new entrants.

What's causing social segregation in our schools?

Paul Duane - On Line Opinion

According to the Australian Education Union, research shows that over the past 25 years students from low income families have become increasingly concentrated in Australia's public schools, especially at the secondary level, while those from high income families have become increasingly concentrated in private schools.

Human Rights

Commission missing in action when it comes to human rights

Sev Ozdowski - The Australian

In 2007 human rights activists welcomed the return of a Labor government that promised to legislate for an Australian Bill of Rights, remove the evils of mandatory detention for asylum-seekers, enhance the role of the Australian Human Rights Commission and introduce new measures to advance our freedoms. Labor has clearly failed to deliver on this agenda.


Shorten's wife locks in behind Gillard

Daniel Hurst - Canberra Times

Key minister Bill Shorten's wife has agreed to lead the Women for Gillard group - as Mr Shorten faces pressure to defect to the Kevin Rudd camp. Chloe Bryce's leadership of the new group, set up to campaign for Prime Minister Julia Gillard, would put Mr Shorten in a precarious position if he bowed to public calls for him to support a return to the former prime minister. Ms Bryce, also the daughter of Governor-General Quentin Bryce, is president of the board of Women for Gillard - modelled after the Women for Obama group that campaigned for Barack Obama in last year's US presidential election.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Why Christian persecution is worrisome in Sri Lanka

World Evangelical Alliance

Four years after its military victory over Tamil Tigers, Sri Lanka appears to be seeking to establish social and political supremacy of the Sinhala Buddhist majority within a unitary state, instead of bringing about reconciliation. And this post-war resurgence of nationalism no longer threatens only the Tamil ethnic minority, but also religious minorities, particularly Christians and Muslims.

Syrian archbishops ‘most likely dead’

The Tablet

Speakers at a conference in Oxford last week gave strong indications that the two Orthodox archbishops kidnapped near the Syrian city of Aleppo on 22 April had been killed. A senior regional source said he thought Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Gregorios Yohanna Ibrahim and Greek Orthodox Archbishop Paul Yazigi had been murdered on the day that they were kidnapped. The pair were intercepted while on a humanitarian mission in Syria to negotiate the release of two abducted priests. Their driver, a deacon, was shot dead at the scene.

Sexualisation of Society

Google creates database in child internet pornography crack down

Katie Hamann - The World Today ABC

Google is creating an image database to better control the traffic of offensive images and remove child pornography from the web. In the past month the internet giant has been heaped with criticism from British MPs, for what they view as the company's reluctance to crack down on child internet pornography.


Gay activism encouraged in Australia's armed services

Hal G.P. Colebatch - News Weekly

An Australian Defence Force officer, Squadron-Leader Vince Chong, has received a decoration — a gold commendation — from the Vice Chief of the Defence Force, Air Marshal Mark Binskin AO, on May 22, for his leadership in a homosexual activist political organisation, the Australian Defence Gay and Lesbian Information Service. This organisation has succeeded in having homosexual servicemen march as formed bodies in uniform — Navy, Army and Air Force — in the 2013 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Will Congress save troop's Christianity


Religious freedom in the military is a hot topic following a controversial meeting between Pentagon officials and an anti-Christian activist seeking to remove God from the military, and now Congress is on the verge of preserving those freedoms through the annual National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA. The furor over the rights of service members to share their faith peaked in April and May after Mikey Weinstein of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation held a meeting with Pentagon leaders and reportedly received assurances that members of the military found sharing their faith would be prosecuted. The Pentagon tried to tamp down criticism of those stories by saying expressing one’s faith is fine but proselytizing is not.

PNG teenager beheaded father after he repeatedly raped her: reports


A teenage girl has beheaded her father with a bush knife after he raped her at their home in Papua New Guinea, according to a local media report. The Post-Courier newspaper reported that community leaders are protecting the girl, saying the man deserved to die. The paper said the 18-year-old chopped her father's head off after he repeatedly raped her last Tuesday night in their village in the Western Highlands. The report cited a pastor as saying the father, in his mid-40s, had three other children and raped his daughter when they were alone in the house after the mother and the other siblings visited relatives.