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Protesters rally against Texas abortion bill


Thousands of demonstrators descended on the Texas Capitol, the majority expressing their opposition to new abortion restrictions that a Democratic filibuster and raucous protests derailed last week. Lawmakers convened a new special legislative session aimed at reviving the bill that would limit where, when and how women may obtain abortions in the state.


Why the UK should reject three-parent embyros

Peter Saunders - Mercator Net

British stem cell scientists have scored a big win by securing government approval for a scheme to avoid rare diseases. This will do far more harm than good.


Kellogg's rapped by watchdog for LCM ads


Kellogg's has pulled two ads for its LCM snack bars which the Advertising Standards Bureau ruled encouraged poor dietary habits in contravention of industry codes. The ads were designed to promote LCMs new writeable wrappers and app which allowed parents to download facts to write on the wrappers. One consumer told the ad watchdog it was a breach of the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (RCMI) because it was directed primarily to children, didn't represent a healthy dietary choice and didn't promote physical activity.

Family flicks beat R-rated reels at box office

World Mag

What do The Avengers, Wreck-It Ralph, and Les Misérables have in common? All three made the list of top 25 movies last year, and all feature redemptive overtones and family-friendly messages. Together, they brought in no small chunk of change: $961 million.


Greens push to boost renewable energy target to 90%

Tom Arup - The Age

The Greens have launched a pitch to increase Australia's renewable energy target to 90 per cent by 2030 and tip an extra $20 billion into Australia's clean energy finance corporation, but have rejected an earlier move to an emissions trading scheme being considered by cabinet. Speaking on Monday morning, Greens leader Christine Milne said the minor party wanted to see all of Australia's electricity come from renewable energy sources as soon as possible.

Homelessness & Poverty

On the brink

Geoff Thompson and Morag Ramsay - ABC Four Corners

Australia's economy - and unemployment rate - might be the envy of countries around the world, but it doesn't mean poverty and unemployment have been eradicated. Welfare agencies say that many individuals and families are just one or two pay cheques away from financial disaster and homelessness. Worse still, with the mining boom coming off the boil, experts predict more people will find themselves out of work.

Human Rights

Syrian refugees 'blocked from fleeing'


Human Rights Watch says Turkey, Jordan and Iraq must open their borders to thousands of Syrian refugees.


US court rejects same-sex marriage appeal

Herald Sun

The US Supreme Court has rejected an emergency bid to reinstate California's ban on same-sex marriage, The Los Angeles Times reports. Theodore J. Boutrous Jr, one of the lawyers for the gay couples who sued to lift the ban, said he had received word that the justice tasked with handling the petition had denied it, the newspaper said on Sunday.

Next up in America polygamy

Bob Unruh - WND

The movement to legalize multi-partner marriage got a huge boost with this week’s ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court that the federal government must give benefits to same-sex married partners, according to advocates of polygamy. “We polyamorists are grateful to our brothers and sisters for blazing the marriage equality trail,” Anita Wagner Illig told U.S. News and World Report.

US v. Windsor: a pit stop, not the finish line

James S. Cole - Mercator Net

The murky reasoning of the Supreme Court suggests that it is searching for reasons to justify imposing "gay marriage" on states which have not already legalized it.


Rudd rewards backers, Crean departs

Judith Ireland - SMH

Last-minute Rudd backer Bill Shorten has been rewarded in the new look ministry, adding education to his existing workplace relations portfolio. Kevin Rudd unveiled his ministry in Newcastle on Monday as former trade and regional Australia minister Simon Crean - who was tipped to secure a spot in Mr Rudd's new frontbench - announced he was quitting politics at the upcoming election.


Rudd toughens boat stand

David Wroe - The Age

The federal government is exploring ways to send home asylum seekers deemed ''economic migrants'' as Prime Minister Kevin Rudd toughens approval processes in an attempt to harden Labor's credentials on boat arrivals. As Mr Rudd announced his new cabinet, including Tony Burke as a new broom in the politically sensitive Immigration portfolio, the government was believed to be moving quickly on cutting the number of boat arrivals.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Iraq Christians fear more violence after Church attacks, killings

Worthy News

Minority Christians in Iraq feared more violence Saturday, June 29, after several Assyrian Christian shops and one church were attacked, killing two people and injuring a dozen others, church representatives said.

Syrian Priest Francois Murad beheaded by Muslims

Catholic Online

The Vatican is confirming the death by beheading of Franciscan Father, Francois Murad, who was martyred by Syrian jihadists on June 23.


Pawnbrokers thriving as poorest hurt in slowdown


On a sidewalk in Sydney's Bankstown, where unemployment is more than double the national average, Dave Cox pulls the starter cord of an edge trimmer to prove it works as he tries to sell it to pawnbroker Cash Converters.