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Babies born alive after abortions: First-hand accounts

Sarah Terzo - Life News

On April 12, Live Action posted an article on nurses in neonatal care units who were forced to stand helplessly by and watch while babies born alive after abortions died without medical care. On April 11, Live Action had published another article quoting abortion clinic workers discussing similar cases where the baby never made it out of the clinic. It had a number of quotes from a clinic worker who was interviewed by pro-choice author Magda Denes.

Drugs & Alcohol

23 arrested as King St police drugs crackdown nets GHB, Ice, ecstasy

James Dowling - Herald Sun

Police have cracked down on GHB and ecstasy dealers operating near King St nightspots after a spate of drug overdoses in the city. Detectives and officers flooded the notorious city strip and nearby carparks, bagging hauls of party drugs ecstasy, ice and GHB. Police arrested 23 people during the weekend operation. Police launched the drug blitz after six overdoses were reported last weekend.

Cosgrove defends controversial Anzac Day ad campaign

Lily Partland - ABC

The former chief of Australia's defence forces Peter Cosgrove is fronting a campaign to get people to dawn services on Anzac Day. The Raise A Glass campaign encourages people to organise a wake-up call from the retired general and is run by Australia's largest brewery.


Remote schools falling behind national standards

Sonja Heydeman - ABC

State and federal governments failed to reach an agreement when the proposed $14.5 billion dollar package to fund the Gonski recommendations was discussed at COAG on Friday. NT chief minister Adam Giles cited funding concerns as an impediment to signing on. "The Northern Territory Government is committed to improving the standard of education offered to Territory students, however Territory Labor's debt means at this point we aren't able to accept the offer." Indigenous education campaigner June Mills says remote students are suffering and government support is needed.


Senator Xenophon labels Free TV Aus proposal 'half-hearted'


A proposal by Free TV Australia to ban the promotion of live betting odds during sports broadcasts is weak and a "slap in the face" for Australian sporting fans, anti-gambling campaigner Senator Nick Xenophon says. Under proposed amendments to the commercial television code of practice, released on Monday, "commentators" would be banned from spruiking live odds at any time during a sports broadcast, including 30 minutes before and after play.

Live odds ban ineffective, senator says

Lucy Battersby - SMH

A new code banning bookmakers from promoting live odds during sports play will not see any practical changes to the way betting is promoted during sports broadcasts. While the new code will be formalised later this year, it has already been in effect this season. This means the advertising that already occurs during each sports broadcast would be allowed to continue. "Absolutely nothing will change under this code,'' Greens senator Richard Di Natale said this afternoon."The constant bombardment of betting odds will continue. Tom Waterhouse will continue to behave as a commentator as well as a bookmaker. The only change we get is that rather than having a Channel Nine logo on his microphone, he will have the Tom Waterhouse logo instead."


I have malaria (or thought I did)

Katy Causey - Compassion International

My body ached. It felt like I was rolling around in a pit of broken glass. I came home from Ghana with severe chills, headache and a fever. I’d been in Africa two weeks, and these symptoms alarmed me. I recalled seeing the pesky little mosquitoes in my hotel room. Could I be infected with malaria?


Funds for Aboriginal body are safe: Libs

Sid Maher - The Australian

Tony Abbott has declared government funding for the Australian Indigenous Education Foundation will be safe if the Coalition wins the next election. The Opposition Leader made the pledge after he demoted his former policy director Mark Roberts over a late-night incident at a Qantas function last Thursday, where Dr Roberts was overheard threatening the organisation's chief, Andrew Penfold, with a public funding cut. Mr Abbott said yesterday: "We've got no intention of cutting their funding.


'New Zealand!' is not an argument for same-sex marriage

Blaise Joseph - On Line Opinion

New Zealand has done it! The sun will still rise! It's inevitable! These are not arguments. This should be obvious, but the aftermath of the New Zealand vote to redefine marriage has once again shown how the same-sex marriage lobby tends to ignore reason and arguments in favour of meaningless platitudes.

Protesters launch final bid to stop gay marriage


Thousands of opponents of a proposed gay marriage bill have thronged the streets of Paris in a last-ditch bid to block the legislation, under the watchful eye of police after recent violence. The demonstration came after days of sometimes vicious protests and several homophobic assaults in France, as parliament prepares to vote on - and likely pass - the bill on Tuesday, making France the 14th country to legalise same-sex marriage.

NSW Premier wrong to support gay marriage, says Council of Churches

NSW Council of Churches

“The NSW Council of Churches today expressed strong disappointment at a decision by Premier Barry O’Farrell to support same sex marriage in NSW amid concerns over the constitutionality of such law reform. “We call on Premier O’Farrell not to support parliamentary action on same sex marriage laws in NSW as there is legal confusion on the issue. It is far from clear whether the States have the power to pass same sex marriage laws, given that marriage is a federal matter,” President of the NSW Council of Churches, the Reverend Dr Ross Clifford, said.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Plan to nab kerb crawlers

Yolanda Zaw and Tayissa Barone - The West Australian

The City of Vincent is considering a high-tech surveillance system that captures images of vehicles and stores licence plate information to help track kerb crawlers looking for sex on residential Highgate streets. The council is considering the strategy after a police blitz in the area resulted in four arrests, nine summons and 50 move-on orders. Police spent 71 hours on patrol in Highgate over seven days to April 14, as part of a reignited operation targeting street prostitution in the area.


Minister considering reopening Curtin detention centre to families

Bianca Hall - SMH

No decision has been made on reopening Curtin detention centre to children and their families, Immigration Minister Brendan O'Connor has said. Reports on Monday suggested the immigration department was preparing to open a section of the centre to children, with West Kimberley shire president Elsia Archer telling News Ltd the department had called her "a couple of weeks ago and said they were going to bring families".

Religious Freedom & Persecution

The siege of Egypt's St. Mark Cathedral

Raymond Ibrahim - Gatestone Institute

What really happened on Sunday, April 7, 2013, during the St. Mark Cathedral attack in Cairo, where two Christians were killed and dozens wounded by Egyptian forces? As usual, different reports gave different versions, but now that the smoke has settled, the facts as first asserted during the attack by Coptic activists have been confirmed. Back during the conflict, when the military was actually besieging the St. Mark cathedral—the most sacred building for millions of Coptic Christians and the only apostolic see in the entire continent of Africa—Amir Ramzi, a Copt who managed to escape the compound where hundreds of other Christians were trapped all night, was interviewed by phone on the popular Egyptian show, Cairo Today.

Sexualisation of Society

We commend the Iceland government’s determination to confront the harms of pornography

Melinda Tankard Reist blog

We are writing to express our support for current efforts in Iceland to develop and implement legal limits on violent Internet pornography. As scholars, medical and public health professionals, social service providers, and community activists, we commend your government’s determination to confront the harms of pornography. As part of a comprehensive approach to violence prevention, sex education, and public health, legally limiting Internet pornography will reduce the power of this multi-billion dollar global industry to distort and diminish the lives, opportunities, and relationships of Icelandic citizens.


Middle school anti-bullying lesson includes lesbian role play

Todd Starnes - Fox News

Young girls at a New York middle school were instructed to ask one another for a lesbian kiss and boys were given guidance on how to tell if women are sluts during an anti-bullying presentation on gender identity and sexual orientation, angry parents allege.