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I am a survivor of abortion, Here is my story

Melissa Ohden - LifeNews

“I thought that I was the only one until I found this website.” “Me, too!” “I’ve never told anyone about this, but I felt compelled to share it with you.” “I’m a survivor, too, and I can’t live with the pain anymore.” These are just a few snippets of the profound emails that I’ve received lately from other abortion survivors.

Children & Family

Low-paid get an extra $15.80 a week

Clay Lucas - The Age

The failure of minimum wages to keep up with the pay increases enjoyed by the nation’s better-paid workers over the past decade could threaten Australia’s social cohesion, the head of the national industrial relations commission has warned. The Fair Work Commission this morning ruled that the 1.5 million Australians that rely on awards or the national minimum wage to set their pay rate should receive a pay rise of around $16 a week.


The Professionals in hot water for flasher ad

Amy Kellow - Ad News

Real estate agents. Could they cop any more flack? Apparently, yes - from one person anyway. And the ad watchdog has agreed one real estate bilboard was a bit too flashy. Real estate firm The Professionals came under the hammer for an out-of-home ad which featured an image of a man wearing a cream coat, socks and shoes. He was shown from behind, legs spread and holding the coat open. It featured the tagline "Expose Yourself".

Drugs & Alcohol

Finance Minister Greg Pearce threatened with sack by Barry O'Farrell after leaving parliament drunk

Andrew Clennel - The Daily Telegraph

Premier Barry O'Farrell has threatened Finance Minister Greg Pearce with the sack after The Daily Telegraph went to him with allegations that Mr Pearce was so drunk at parliament he had to be assisted by staffers and sent home. Mr Pearce was given a "pair" by the government and Labor for "feeling unwell" early on Thursday morning.


Campbell Newman puts Libs ahead of kids: Julia Gillard

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Julia Gillard has hit back at Campbell Newman over his virtual rejection of Labor's Gonski education funding changes, accusing the Queensland Premier of putting Liberal political interests ahead of children.

Christian takes helm at Islamic school

Natalie O'Brien - The Herald

It is Australia's largest, oldest, and best-known Muslim school, but for the first time in its 23-year history, Malek Fahd has appointed a Christian to take on the full-time role of headmaster. A career educationist and experienced private school inspector, Ray Barrett is supposed to be in retirement, but he has agreed to take on the top job and help the Greenacre school get back on track. And while the appointment of Dr Barrett was a surprise choice for some, a spokesman for the school board said he was chosen for his qualifications and experience, and his religion didn't come into it.

Euthanasia & Suicide

UK targets disabled for euthanasia as a cost-saving measure

Bobby Schindler - LifeNews

In a chilling story by Rebekah Maxwell, people with disabilities in the UK are being targeted to be euthanized based on what she claims is the almighty dollar.

Zombie game commercial banned in Australia for showing suicide

Luke Plunket - Kotaku

The Advertising Standards Board noted the fantasy content and the stylised nature of the advertisement, and it considered that the issue of suicide is a depiction of violence, which is not justifiable even in the context of an advertisement for a computer game aimed at adults. The issue of suicide is a very significant community concern and considered that the use of images that are strongly suggestive of suicide is not appropriate in the context of a television advertisement for a computer game.

Australia bans Dead Island: Riptide trailer for suicide being "too graphic"

Starategy Informer

The Australian Advertising Standards Bureau has banned the Dead Island: Riptide trailer for "graphical content" and "depiction of suicide." Apparently, some Australians complained that the trailer was "too traumatic": "I think that the ad is too graphic in terms of its depiction of suicide, particularly the final image of the man hanging from a tree. I think that this could be very traumatic for people who have experienced the suicide of a family member by hanging (or any other means)."


Culture perverted 'by urban dwellers'

Patricia Karvelas - The Australian

Aboriginal culture is being "fetishised" and indigenous women, particularly the young, are lambs on the "altar of culture sacrificed to assuage white guilt" according to Aboriginal woman Bess Price and her husband, Dave Price, in a new book. The pair argue that southern indigenous and non-indigenous people have no understanding of the experience of Aborigines in remote Australia.


In defence of the defenceless: Bonhoeffer and same-sex marriage, once again

Lyle Shelton - ABC Religion and Ethics

While it is always difficult to get inside the mind of a historical figure, particularly one as mythologised and revered as Dietrich Bonhoeffer, few would seriously doubt that his was a life commitment to principle, ultimately in the face of martyrdom.

Gay rights group dismisses survey

Manika dadson - The Examiner

The Tasmanian Gay and Lesbian Rights Group has dismissed as flawed and irrelevant a survey that reveals same-sex marriage is one of the least important issues to Tasmanians. The Save Marriage Coalition survey results, released yesterday, show that legalising same-sex marriage and changing abortion laws are the two least important issues out of 12.

Gay marriage bill fails in Illinois; lawmaker vows ‘we will be back’

Cheryl Wetzstein - The Washington Times

Illinois lawmakers failed Friday night to approve a bill to legalize gay marriage, but the bill’s sponsor pledged to bring it back for passage at the end of the year. The 60 votes were not there for the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act, also known as SB 10, so Democrat leaders of the Illinois House of Representatives did not bring it up.


Swan likely to lose seat amid Queensland Labor despair

Josh Gordon - The Age

Deputy Prime Minister Wayne Swan looks set to lose his Brisbane seat of Lilley for a second time, with internal polling suggesting Labor will struggle to retain any Queensland seats north of the Brisbane River at the September 14 federal election. The results are so dire for Labor that a ''worst case'' scenario suggests Kevin Rudd could become Labor's ''last man standing'' in Queensland, with the former prime minister the only Queensland MP who is seen as likely to retain his seat.

Both sides buckled on party funding but voters punished Julia Gillard

Dennis Shanahan - The Australian

Julia Gillard's personal support has dropped to a three-month low and Tony Abbott has extended his lead as the nation's preferred prime minister after public outrage over plans to give the Labor and Liberal parties $10 million each in taxpayer funds for electioneering.

Election wish-lists: What are Australia's powerful pressure groups asking for?

James Glenday - ABC

Interest groups and lobbyists wield a significant amount of power in Canberra. They helped Labor win government in 2007 and played a part in Kevin Rudd's downfall in 2010. So, what should we expect this election year? "I think we will see just as much advertising," says Neil Lawrence, executive creative director at STW group and the man behind the 'Kevin 07' and mining tax campaigns.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Madison Ashton again accused of running a brothel out of residential apartment block

Simon Black - The Daily Telegraph

Australia's most controversial madam could be at it again. Fresh from an eviction at the plush Paramount Apartments in Woolloomooloo, Madison Ashton - the former mistress to billionaire Richard Pratt - is again facing accusations of running a brothel out of a residential apartment block. While Ms Ashton, also known as Christine McQueen, has been running licensed brothel McQueen's Showroom on 93 Crown St, Darlinghurst, residents from the apartment block opposite allege she is using units in their building to offer "in-house" escort services.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Egypt practicing 'legal' discrimination against Christians

MNN Online

Since the Arab Spring in Egypt, things have gotten increasingly worse for Christians. Despite promises of equality, a new draft constitution was adopted without Christian input, and many reports are surfacing of a newer "legal" form of persecution: religious discrimination. According to Open Doors, it's harder than ever to find a job in Egypt, where the unemployment rate has risen to a record 13%. For young Egyptians, the jobless rate is much higher.

Jihad on Egypt's Christian Children

Raymond Ibrahim - Gatestone

"It is part of a 'war of attrition' on the Copts in their own homeland." — Adel Guindy, President, Coptic Solidarity. Attacks on Christian children in Egypt are on the rise.

Cleansing Christians from Syria

Andrew Bolt - Herald Sun

Anglican vicar Dr Mark Durie reports on a prayer walk in Syria by Dutch Christian Martin Janssen in support of Greek Orthodox Archbishop Paul Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim, kidnapped by Syrian rebels: After the prayer walk Janssen had the opportunity to meet with Syrian Christian refugees, who told him how they came to flee their homes and villages. Their village was occupied by rebel forces, who proceeded to announce that they were now under an Islamic emirate, and were subject to sharia law. The Christian residents were offered four choices.

Sexualisation of Society

Immigration: Revoke Tyler the Creator’s Australian visa

Collective Shout Blog

Rapper ‘Tyler the Creator’ is scheduled to arrive in Australia for a series of concerts beginning on Tuesday 4th of June. Tyler is renowned for his songs advocating rape and extreme violence against women, including murder, genital mutilation, stuffing them into car boots, trapping them in his basement, raping their corpses and burying their bodies.

Gender bender TV for kids

Karen Farris - Christian Post

Children are naturally attracted to cartoons and superheroes. Knowing the allure of this, the Hub network (co-owned by Discovery and Hasbro) is debuting the provocative children's show, SheZow, the adventures of a 12-year-old boy named Guy. Using his dead Aunt’s magic ring he transforms himself into a crime-fighting girl. All Guy needs to say are the magic words, “You go girl!” and he becomes a girl, the SheZow superhero. This appears to be a not-so subtle indoctrination attempt by the gay, lesbian and transgender community—this time with impressionable children.


A resurgence of biblical literalism?

Peter Sellick - On Line Opinion

I have been in a bible study in which the major topic of conversation about the story of the Good Samaritan was the location of the town that would have contained an inn on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho to which the victim was taken. This is akin to the search for Noah's ark on mount Ararat. An insistence on historicity is a distraction from the task of listening to Scripture.

Police pushed to the limit as teenage thugs inflict reign of terror with frightening series of armed robberies across city

Aleks Devic - Herald Sun

A violent teenage gang is terrorising Melbourne, with a police specialist armed robbery taskforce admitting the thugs are responsible for 80 per cent of its workload. The gang, called Kill Your Rivals, is the centre of hundreds of investigations after inflicting frightening violence with knives, sawn-off shotguns, machetes, sticks and screwdrivers at service stations, fast-food outlets, bottle shops, milk bars, hotels and supermarkets.

High-speed trading's heavy cost

Gareth Hutchens - SMH

High-speed traders are costing long-term investors and super funds as much as $1.9 billion a year in lost trading opportunities, figures to be revealed on Tuesday show. The Industry Super Network, which represents the nation's industry super funds, will release a report showing high-speed traders do so by sheer force of speed.