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IVF parents lose $10m wrongful birth case, hit with legal costs

Paul Bibby - SMH

The parents of a severely disabled NSW boy have lost their $10 million damages case against an IVF specialist who failed to properly warn them of the likelihood their son would inherit a rare blood clotting condition. The couple now face the prospect of having to pay the doctor's legal costs, which will almost certainly run to tens of thousands of dollars.

Children & Family

Tony Abbott faces paid parental leave revolt

Lanai Scarr - News Limited Network

Families Minister Jenny Macklin says successful women earning $150,000 are not "ordinary" and Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme rewards them with cash payments of $75,000 to have a baby. The Opposition Leader said the scheme was a "policy for everyone" as it not just benefited women but helped to keep the economy strong.

Hockey backs Abbott's parental leave scheme

Michael Gordon - The Age

Shadow treasurer Joe Hockey has mounted a passionate defence of Tony Abbott's paid parental leave scheme and branded dissident Liberal backbencher Alex Hawke a lone voice in the Coalition in wanting the commitment scrapped. Declaring that the Coalition was "absolutely committed" to the policy, Mr Hockey said it would boost participation and deliver a "massive benefit" to small business.

Drugs & Alcohol

So we agree we have a problem, so what?

Raffaele Piccolo - On Line Opinion

So we all agree that we have a problem with alcohol in this country, but are we going to do something about it? This is not an easy admission to make, however simply identifying that we have a problem is only half the solution, now we have to commit to rectifying the situation. However if I was to go up to a random person on the streets I am pretty sure that they would not recognise themselves as being one of those people who have a problem with alcohol. This is the major hurdle that must be overcome.


Unis ramp up campaign against cuts

Andrew Trounson - The Australian

Universities have ramped up their campaign against the Gillard government's funding cuts, launching tougher television commercials that seek to hammer home the message that $2.8 billion is being cut from the sector and students.


Gai Waterhouse has branded John Singleton 'a sham' at the Racing NSW inquiry into the More Joyous affair

Christian Nicolussi - The Daily Telegraph

Gai Waterhouse has slammed the "chinese whispers" that were trumped up by "a little jockey who (leaves) people here lifting their eyebrows, a brothel owner and a football player". "That's what our livelihoods are swinging on in front of you today," Waterhouse told today's Racing NSW inquiry into the More Joyous affair.


Call to make NDIS indigenous friendly

Lisa Martin - AAP

Disability groups fear indigenous people may be left behind when the national disability care scheme is rolled out. The First Peoples Disability Network released a 10-point plan to ensure indigenous people with disabilities are catered for under the national scheme at a forum in Canberra on Monday. The network's executive officer Damian Griffis said the concept of disability barely existed in a lot of Aboriginal communities.


Gay marriage backers claim small Tas win


Gay marriage activists say Tasmania's upper house elections have boosted their cause, despite candidates opposed to the reform winning the contests for all three seats. Australian Christian Lobby Tasmanian Director Mark Brown said AME were trying to spin the results their own way. "The facts are self evident - candidates with a more conservative stance on social issues won comfortably in all three electorates," Mr Brown said.

Australians want gay marriage equality, so get it done

Susie O'Brien - Herald Sun

It is time for politicians to say yes to gay marriage. A conscience vote on the matter can be held anytime in Federal Parliament in the lead-up to September's election and could be moved by any individual member. So let's just get on with it. It would be good to see some real leadership from politicians on this important social issue. Recently there has been debate about whether a referendum on gay marriage should be held at the same time as the federal election. It was a good-natured suggestion by independent Tony Windsor, who admitted he would probably change his vote and support gay marriage.

Gay lobby wedded to backers in Coalition

Patricia Kervelas - The Australian

The national gay marriage campaign will promote Coalition candidates who express support for gay marriage over Labor MPs who do not, in a bid to boost the number of Liberal MPs who can push Tony Abbott for a conscience vote. Australian Marriage Equality's federal election strategy to be funded partly by the corporate sector and through donations -- will mark the first time the gay lobby has promoted Coalition candidates.

Overseas Aid

Australian aid for drought-hit Marshall Islands


The Australian Government has announced it will provide $US100,000 for the emergency supply of desalination units in Marshall Islands as the country struggles with an ongoing severe drought. The Marshallese Government is carrying out an assessment to determine the drought's impact but already agricultural capacity has been severely reduced.


Liberals buoyed by Upper House poll

Brad Markham - ABC

The Tasmanian Liberals believe the party's strong performance in the Legislative Council elections proves there is a "mood for change". It is a trend the Opposition hopes will culminate in the State Government losing the next election.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

Young Christian girls trafficked into forced labor and sex slavery

Corey Bailey - International Christian Concern

More than 140 children have been rescued from Islamic training centers (madrassas) in the last nine months, with a majority of the children targeted because of their Christian faith.  The females, accounting for nearly half of those rescued, report that they were used for forced labor and sex slavery. New information has come to light regarding the treatment of the young girls rescued from madrassas earlier this year. 

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Christians vote for protection in Pakistan


Traumatised Christians in a Lahore slum where angry Muslims torched more than 100 homes say Pakistan's two largest parties offer the only hope of protection at this week's general election. The Pakistan Muslim League-N of Nawaz Sharif, a man accused of being soft on the Taliban but tipped to win Saturday's polls, and the main outgoing Pakistan People's Party both gave affected families $US5,000 ($A4,871) each in compensation.

Child killed, dozens injured in northern Tanzania church attack: witnesses

Global Times

A bomb blast hit a Catholic church on Sunday in Arusha in northern Tanzania, killing one child and injuring more than 30 people, witnesses reported. The dead was among the church followers who were gathering for Sunday prayers. The church located in Arusha's Olasiti suburb was bombed just before a mass in the presence of Bishop Josaphat Louis Lebulu of Arusha Diocese, who was accompanied by a representative of Pope of Vatican.