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Voice of John: Nurse tells story of baby born after failed abortion

Kristi Burton Brown - LifeNews

On November 4 of this year, a new pro-life documentary – The Voice of John – will be released. Produced by River Song Productions, this film will discuss the reality of babies born alive after abortions as well as evidence of atrocities that occur with far too much regularity in the abortion industry. In The Voice of John, the humanity of the unborn will be made real in yet one more way for the world to see, as “one small voice will speak for millions.”


Negotiating Catholic healthcare moral dilemmas

Frank Brennan - Eureka Street

On 8 August, Tanya Plibersek, the Commonwealth Minister for Health, assisted with turning the first sod for the construction of the Midland Health Campus on the outskirts of Perth. It will include a 307 bed public hospital and a 60 bed private hospital to be run by St John of God Health which has a proud tradition of running first rate Catholic private hospitals. This, their first public hospital venture, 'will help meet the rapidly growing need for additional health and hospital services in eastern Perth', said Plibersek. Not everyone was overjoyed.

Children & Family

Teen girl charged with attempting to poison other children

Sean Parnell - The Australian

A teenage girl has been charged with attempting to poison two other children, one of whom she allegedly wanted to murder. Police will allege the 14-year-old girl tried to poison two other children in Richlands, a suburb in Brisbane's south, yesterday, the last day of Queensland's school holidays. A spokesman for the Queensland Police Service this morning said the teenager had been charged with attempted murder, administer poison with attempt to harm, and two counts of acts intended to maim.

Drugs & Alcohol

Teen has stomach removed after drinking liquid nitrogen cocktail

A teenager nearly died and had her stomach removed in hospital after drinking a cocktail containing liquid nitrogen. Gaby Scanlan, from Heysham in the UK, drank the cocktail during a night out celebrating her 18th birthday in Lancaster last Thursday, the Lancaster Guardian reported.


Anti-euthanasia battle stepping up


Independent MLC Paul Harriss believes the Premier has become captive to the Greens' agenda over legalising euthanasia. The issue of gay marriage has only just been dismissed from the Tasmanian Parliament but already Christian groups are preparing for the next moral battle. A discussion paper on legalising voluntary euthanasia is due out in the next few months.


What happens when we redefine marriage?

Mercator Net

If same-sex marriage becomes law in Britain, the law will demand that it be respected in word and in deed. Peter Smith considers where the same-sex marriage debate lies in Britain today. There are foreseen consequences of redefinition: the severe hindrance of the freedom of expression and the reasonable manifestation of religious belief, and a profound effect on the provision of fundamental public services.


Labor still struggling with the fallout

Michelle Grattan - The Age

The carbon tax probably peaked as an issue before the price started - indeed, its first three months have been an anti-climax. But Labor will continue to struggle with the political damage it has done since the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, started dancing with the Greens after the election.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

How Hookers for Jesus founder turned away from sex trade to serving God

Anugrah Kumar - Christian Post

Annie Lobert worked for 16 years in the sex industry, battled cancer and got into drugs. But when she called out to Jesus from death's door, she found her Savior and the vision to comfort thousands of other victims of sex trade.

Sex trafficking now an ‘epidemic’

Chuck Neubauer - The Washington Times

Six months ago, Barbara Amaya said she was watching a story on television about teenage girls being trafficked for sex in her Northern Virginia neighborhood when she realized that she, too, had been the victim of sex trafficking — four decades earlier. “I didn’t know I had been trafficked,” she told an audience during a panel discussion on human trafficking sponsored by the Universal Peace Federation and the Women's Federation for World Peace at The Washington Times. Ms. Amaya writes a column called Telling It Like It Is for the Communities section of The Washington Times website. “I viewed myself as a prostitute.”


Australia must set-up new migrants and refugees to succeed

Teresa Gambaro - On Line Opinion

Australia is arguably the world's most successful immigration nation. But, if we are to build on that proud heritage, we need to ensure our settlement services set new migrants and refugees up to succeed not to fail. Since WWII, immigration has transformed Australia from a nation of some seven million to one of more than 22 million people with more than 260 different cultural backgrounds. In that time, immigration has seen more than seven million people settle here, including almost 750,000 refugees.


God's way smarter than Sinatra's, says Jensen

Nick Ralston - SMH

The popularity of I Did It My Way as a funeral song shows a ''vulgar egotism'' exists in society, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Peter Jensen, says. In his last presidential speech before retirement, Dr Jensen said society's shift towards ''deadly individualism'' had been driven by material wealth and technological mastery.