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Abortion clinics arrange illegal sex-selection abortions

Steven Ertelt - Life News

A third video in a series devoted to exposing how the abortion industry is willing to arrange sex-selection abortions for women who seek them shows two National Abortion Federation-affiliated clinics in Arizona agreeing to break state law and perform an illegal sex-selective abortion. Live Action has released the third video in the series after two other videos exposed how staff at Planned Parenthood abortion centers agreed to facilitate sex-selection abortions.

Children & Family

Study claims kids do better with straight parents

Susie O'Brien - Herald Sun

Children with straight parents are wealthier, healthier and happier than those with gay parents, a major study has found. The finding runs counter to years of study that says there is no difference between the offspring of gay parents and married couples. The American study assessed 3000 young adults aged 18-39, including 175 children of lesbians and 73 children of gay men.

Studies challenge widely held assumptions about same-sex parenting

Lois M. Collins - Deseret News

In our opinion: Family structure counts. The oft-cited assertion that there are "no differences" in outcomes between children of same-sex parent households and those of intact biological families may not be accurate, according to a new study published Sunday in the journal Social Science Research. Adult children of parents who have been in same-sex relationships are different than children raised in intact biological families on a number of social, emotional and relationship measures, according to research from the University of Texas at Austin.

Donor Conception & Surrogacy

Ethics panel backs three-parent IVF treatment


A medical ethics panel in Britain says treatments known as three-parent IVF would be ethical and should go ahead as long as research shows they are likely to be safe and effective. The treatments are so-called because the children have genes from a mother, father and from a female donor. Three-parent IVF is designed to prevent some incurable, inherited diseases and conditions.

LNP split looms on same-sex surrogacy

The Courier-Mail

The LNP Government faces an internal battle over same-sex surrogacy laws after it wound back civil union laws yesterday. In a controversial move, state-sanctioned ceremonies for same-sex couples have been dumped but the right to formally register their union, meaning their legal rights are left intact, has been retained. Couples denied a ceremony still can legally have surrogate children.


Gonski review 'must be taken seriously'

Simon Cullen - ABC

Former Australian of the Year Simon McKeon will tell the Prime Minister's economic forum Australia needs to take the Gonski review of school funding "seriously", and dramatically boost the amount of money spent on education and training. Julia Gillard has invited business and community leaders, union representatives and senior Government figures to the forum in Brisbane, to consider the "hard questions" facing the economy.


Supertrawler brings global problem to Australian waters

Andrew Darby - SMH

Say hello to our fishing future. It's called Margiris. If ever Australians needed convincing that the global appetite for fish is our problem too, this supertrawler is it. Twice the size of the previous largest vessel ever to fish our Commonwealth waters, it measures 142 metres in length and weighs 9600 tonnes.


Gambling revenue sale mulled to help house win


The state government is considering raising as much as $1 billion from the sale of part of the revenues received annually from NSW Lotteries, as it looks for fresh sources of funds to boost infrastructure spending.


Civil unions to be amended: Newman

Daniel Hurst - Brisbane Times

Premier Campbell Newman says Queensland's same-sex civil unions laws will not be scrapped, but will be amended to bring the legislation into line with other states. Under the proposed changes, same-sex couples would still be able to register their relationship with the government, but would no longer be able to have a state-sanctioned declaration ceremony.

PM's marriage stance hurtful: activists

Hearld Sun

Same-sex couples would find Prime Minister Julia Gillard's comment that a committed relationship doesn't require a marriage certificate hurtful, a marriage equality group said today. Prime Minister Julia Gillard drew on her own relationship to defend her opposition to same-sex marriage on ABC TV last night.

Love is all you need: PM to gay marriage supporter

Philip Coorey - Illawarra Mercury

Julia Gillard last night cited her own relationship to show people who loved each other could live together without a marriage certificate as she again found herself defending her opposition to same-sex marriage. Under fire on the ABC's Q&A program from Geoff Thomas, a Vietnam veteran who has a gay son, the Prime Minister – who has allowed her party a conscience vote on the issue – said, however, a "large number" of ALP MPs will not vote the same way as her when the issue comes before parliament.

Standard or double shot of ideology with that?

Tory Maguire - The Punch

You can say what you like about their brew, but you know things have reached boiling point when our two biggest mass-produced coffee chains go to war over something other than jumbo caramel low fat lattes. Gloria Jean’s Coffee, which has 460 Australian stores in its portfolio, is in a bit of hot water over a $30,000 donation it made to the Australian Christian Lobby, which is fighting an increasingly bitter fight against the possibility of legalising gay marriage.

Church of England objects to gay marriage


The Church of England has objected to the UK government's proposal to permit gay marriages. The Church says in a document that its historic understanding of marriage is that it is a union of a man and a woman. The document, released today, argued that gay couples in the UK could already enjoy many of the legal benefits of marriage through civil partnerships, which were introduced in 2005.

Newman says 'I do' to civil union laws


MATT WORDSWORTH: Wendy Francis, from the Australian Christian Lobby, is happy with the outcome.

WENDY FRANCIS: What Campbell Newman has done, I think, has pulled us into line with the other states. We now have what is equal to a relationship register. So the paths of this legislation that have been mimicking marriage have been removed and for that I'm very grateful.


WA Liberals rocked by Porter's fed move


Federal Liberal politicians have welcomed Christian Porter's planned move from WA parliament to the federal arena, but it might be a setback for the state. Western Australia's youngest ever attorney-general Christian Porter has rocked the Liberal Party with his resignation from state parliament to pursue a career in federal politics. Mr Porter, who was also treasurer, on Tuesday announced his plan to seek preselection as the Liberal candidate for the federal seat of Pearce.

Prostitution & Sex Trafficking

'It's shocking': girls, 15, arrested for human trafficking


Two 15-year-old girls have been arrested for human trafficking in Ottawa and another 17-year-old girl is being sought for her alleged role in forcing teens into prostitution, Canadian police say. "It's shocking," police spokesman Staff Sergeant John McGetrick said of the pimping case. Ottawa police said they found three female victims, aged 13 to 17, who had been lured to a residence in a middle class neighbourhood of the city, abducted and delivered up to adult clients.

Religious Freedom & Persecution

Attacks against Nigerian Christians -- third week in a row

MNN Online

Reports indicate this time at least four people were killed in two separate attacks. These attacks hit the cities of Biu and Jos. In the first attack, gunmen sprayed bullets as Christians attended church on Sunday in Biu. Four people died while more than 40 others were injured. The second act of violence was a car bombing outside a church in Jos. While nobody died in that attack; dozens were injured.

Indonesia: Twenty churches face demolition


Twenty churches in Indonesia's Aceh province have been closed down and are likely to be demolished by the local administration. A lower house lawmaker Eva K. Sundari said her human rights commission received complaints about the forced closure of 20 churches from the United North Sumatra Alliance on Monday. The core of the problem is the contradictory regulations between the 2007 gubernatorial decree on the guidance of the construction of houses of worship and the 2006 joint ministerial decree governing the construction of houses of worship.

After 32 years of speculation, it's finally official: a dingo took Azaria

Malcolm Brown - SMH

It is now official: Azaria Chamberlain not quite 10 weeks old, was snatched from a bassinet at Uluru (then known as Ayers Rock) on August 17, 1980, killed and probably devoured by a dingo. This morning, the Northern Territory Deputy Coroner, Elizabeth Morris, ended 32 years of speculation and innuendo by putting what appears to be the final seal on the case.

Needy will suffer from NSW cutbacks: Labor

The Age

The most vulnerable people in NSW will suffer under the state government's latest budget, which includes unspecified spending cuts, Labor and the Greens say. Treasurer Mike Baird's second budget forecasts a return to surplus in 2013/14. But this includes $1.24 billion in spending cuts which are yet to be detailed.